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Double portrait au fusain - une vidéo Art et Création. Tutoriaux Dessin traditionnel. Hi it’s Rick (JRFortson on stars-portraits) I'm going to show SEVERAL step photos along the way on this one.

Tutoriaux Dessin traditionnel

This is Chef Gordon Ramsey. I chose THIS photo because of it's RICH content, and it's HIGH amount of TONAL VALUES, CONTRAST as well as it being a high resolution file, which believe it or not, are rare to find on the web for some reason?!?!? Finding JUST the right photo is half the battle to a good drawing. NEVER EVER work with a low quality photo!!! FIRST, I start by cropping the photo so that the face is as big as I want it to be when I PRINT the photo. Tutoriel - portrait - Les cheveux. La 2ème qui est aussi la dernière.

Tutoriel - portrait - Les cheveux

Ici, on quitte les gros crayons pour prendre des plus petits, mais toujours aussi foncés (5b,7b,8b) Les explications : Tutorial Hair drawing tutorial.