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6 Things to Do Before A New Hire's First Day #GlobalHunt 4 Ways to Keep Employees From Jumping Ship. AI, the Answer to Diversity Inclusion Success. The Power of Internal Communications. The year 2020 has been a year of transformation, challenges and coping with the best.

The Power of Internal Communications

Every single aspect of personal and professional life has been transformed to cope with the pandemic and its impact. Gaming: A Talent Attraction Strategy. Gaming A Talent Attraction Strategy. The Skills Companies Need Most In 2020. How Recruitment Process Outsourcing Sailed Through Pandemic. Pandemic slowed progress resulting in substantial impact to businesses and workforce.

How Recruitment Process Outsourcing Sailed Through Pandemic

Companies were forced to take serious decisions pertaining to finance, work policies and most importantly employees. Not only hiring, but existing employees had to face the hard truth as well. New hiring was completely stopped during early months of the outbreak but with time the demand for resilient manpower has improved the situation. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) has emerged as an attractive option for companies.

Not just being scalable the process also offer customization which reduces cost per hire and generates potential candidates that are largely aligned with company’s needs. Developing Hiring Strategy. As a recruiting firm you play vital role in providing best hiring strategies to your clients for advising them to hire the best people at the right time.

Developing Hiring Strategy

The businesses look up to executive search firms for understanding market demands, market changes and upcoming skillsets in market. With the Covid-19 pandemic businesses are depending more than ever on search firms to understand the market progress. With the new financial year beginning business are rethinking on their: The Modern Workplace. With the Covid-19 we have seen a transformational change in workplaces of which moving to an agile workplace is the pertinent change.

The Modern Workplace

Many organizations have moved to a hybrid workplace where technological intelligence are fully integrated in business operations. Companies as per their industries and roles are formulating varied policies to manage their workplace. Placement agencies are playing are crucial role are assisting corporates in hunting this diverse workforce which is beyond any demographic boundaries. Hybrid workplace policies are meant to give employees the freedom to choose their workspace and timings.

Speeding Up the Remote Hiring Process. The world has changed so has recruitment.

Speeding Up the Remote Hiring Process

Today the emphasis are largely being done on artificial and robotic process where a recruiter can multitask and at the same time align the best talent as per the hiring needs of the organization. Not only this, the geographical spread of the talent have enhanced, where global HR consultants have expanded their reachability to diverse candidates. Speeding Up the Remote Hiring Process. The Modern Workplace. An AI Workplace For Diversity Candidates. Learning & Developing in the AI way. Advancing Women in Leadership: The COVID Scenario - GlobalHunt. Every four women out of five is not working in India.

Advancing Women in Leadership: The COVID Scenario - GlobalHunt

The rising technological exclusion, changing labour trends and social barriers are declining women’s participation rate. Only 9 countries after India reports poor women participation. Moreover several recent studies give some really thought provoking facts which clearly highlights that women have an important role to play in economics Of the approximately 432 million working-age women in India, about 343 million are not in paid formal work.

About 59% of women believe working for themselves reduces their dependence on a spouse or family, while 46% view it as a means to break through the glass ceiling. Learning & Developing in the AI way. THE BEST CONTENT FOR RECRUITING ON SOCIAL MEDIA IN 2020. Advancing Women in Leadership: The COVID Scenario. THE BEST CONTENT FOR RECRUITING ON SOCIAL MEDIA IN 2020. Why Do The Candidates Go Away. The New Age Recruiter. Getting the Right Structure and Mindset to Thrive in the Digital World. #GlobalHunt assists people to explore their caliber and excel in their industry. #RecruitmentConsultancy #GlobalHunt Visit Here : Attracting the Right Skills. Building Resilience The Next Step of Reskilling.

The Changing Nature of Customer Centric Approach. 20 Things Employees Value. 20 Most Common Hr Metricks. Recruitment Process Outsourcing During Times Of Disruption. The #Job #Interview Preparation Guide. #GlobalHunt. May the blessings of #LordGanesha fill your lives with #Prosperity, #Fortune and #Joy. #HappyGaneshChaturthi #GaneshChaturthi #GlobalHunt. Performance Evaluation : How To Give An Effective Employee Evaluation #GlobalHunt. Happy Independence Day 2020 Visit Here : Workplace Innovation. Top Skills for Recruiters. Stay Focused While work. SKILL DEVELOPMENT A NEED FOR THE FUTURE WORKFORCE. Common Job Search Mistakes. Reasons Why you Your Resume Is Being Rejected. Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Let's nurture the nature so that we can have a better future.

Common Mistakes That Applicants Make While Applying For A Job. What Questions #Recruiters Should Ask In The First Telephonic Conversation With a Candidate. Perfect Your Telephonic Interview. Great Employees vs Average Employees. Improving Work from Home Productivity. Things You Need To Add And Remove In Your Resume. Covid - 19 Redfining Areas of Business Operatios. The 4 Interview Questions- To Test Candidate Truth. Work From Home Checklist. The Future of Retail #GlobalHunt. How to Shine Your Virtual Job Interview? Workout At Home Helps Overcome Anxiety Caused By #COVID 19. PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES FOR OFFICES AMIDST COVID 19. Ensuring and Measuring Productivity. 29 June, 2020 To Get The Most Out Of Your Recruitment Process.

GlobalHunt RPO - The Winning Game. A Tale of Two Job Seekers Searching Job the Right Way. Executive Search Firm To Handle Overwhelming Pressure To Find Leaders. 5 Crucial Contributors to Decide Pricing of RPO Services. What to Expect From Your Internship Role through Global Placement. How To Know If BPO Recruitment Agencies Is Right For Your Business. Top Best Practices to Drive Your Recruitment and Selection Process. Outplacement Is Way More Than Just a Goodwill Effort in Bad Situation. Basic Terms and Acronyms Buster Dose for Job Consultancy Users. 2019 Market Intelligence Tools Empowering Recruitment Process. More Efficient Organisations: Is Removal Of 'Fixed Titles' The Answer? HR Recruiters. Yes! Employees’ Growth Is The By-Product Of Effective Communication. Communication is the key to any strong relationship.

Yes! Employees’ Growth Is The By-Product Of Effective Communication

This fact remains true not only in our personal lives, but also in our professional lives. RPO services. GlobalHunt: Want To Achieve Easy Success At Work? Follow The Basic Rules. We work hard throughout, study hard, and get good marks in college so that we get a good job.

GlobalHunt: Want To Achieve Easy Success At Work? Follow The Basic Rules

Everyone has a dream when it’s related to their career. Staffing Solutions. Wondering How To Deal With A Difficult Client? Here Is The Solution. Every company’s common motive is to earn the profit.

Wondering How To Deal With A Difficult Client? Here Is The Solution

Earning profit is not an easy task, especially when the world is so competitive. There are many things that add to the profit of the company. One has to work really hard and plan in order to make the company successful. Manpower Consultancy. GlobalHunt India Pvt Ltd has established a niche in the HR domain as one of the leading executive headhunting organization across the globe.

Manpower Consultancy

As a dependable partner for both clients and candidates we believe in delivering potential leaders and competent talent so as to provide solutions in Board Search, Executive Recruitment, Middle Management Hiring, Project Based Hiring and Recruitment Process Outsourcing through its integrated approach. Board Search Functional expertise in Senior Board Management- CEO, CFO, CMO, CIO, CTO etc.

Want to Impress Your Boss? These are the Things You Must Never Say to Him. Hiring and recruitment is not an easy task. It is not only a very hectic task but is also time-taking. It involves shortlisting candidates, screening them and interviewing them. There is a solution to this problem and the solution is manpower consultancy. Such consultancies help companies hire candidates.

HR agency. 1) Save Cost, Space, Time and Effort By outsourcing to reliable and reputed HR recruitment agencies, you will be able to incur huge cost savings. This is because you wouldn't need a full-fledged HR department. Instead, the HR consultants could take care of your requirements at an agreed fee. Because Being A Good Boss Will Help Your Company Grow. One of the most important motives of any kind of company or organization is profit-earning. It’s not easy maintaining an organization. It involves a lot of talent and hard work to handle the various departments of an organization. Hiring has become quite a hectic task these days. Leadership Hiring. Our dedicated team of consultants is liable to follow a planned recruitment and selection process which entails the use of recent technology and strategic approach. Our recruitment and selection process involves detailed research on contemporary trends and skill market, thorough position briefing, capability and skill assessment, exhaustive validation procedure enabling us to refer candidates of highest competence.

We are a trusted brand because of: The Importance Of A Positive Work Culture. Diversity Hiring. Cordial Working Relationships. Executive Search. Actions That Help You Build Your Confidence At Work. We study hard in school, get good grades in college, and apply for internships so that we get the job of our dreams. It is a very obvious fact that we spend the majority time of our day at the workplace. Employees are the ones who add to the profit-earning motive of the company. Companies these days hire executive search firms that help them hire qualified employees .In this competitive job market, it is very important for you to be confident at work. This will help you create a good impression on your boss. Not only your boss, it will also imbibe good vibes among your team members. IT Staffing. Have An Interview? Here’s Things You Must Never Say. IT Staffing. AI The Trending Game Plan Of HR. RPO. Happy Employees Happy Organizations.

Someone has truly said, “You don't build business. You build people and they build the business. " Business Intelligence. Pressure At Work? Here’s How To Deal With It. Recruitment And Selection. A Good Team Leader Can Make A Lot Of Difference. Recruitment and Selection are one of the most important tasks that a company has to perform. These are not easy tasks as it involves a lot of hard work. Innovative Approach: Towards Recruitment. Rememble. Dan (our Flash-guru) has been scanning in his concert-ticket stubs, blasting pics from his mobile, sharing them with his lady, and pulling in his pics from Flickr and his tweets from Twitter like there's no tomorrow.

Nina, our intern, got sick of all the mementos (junk) lying around her flat that she couldn't bear to lose, so she created a Souvenir Shelf timeline and took a picture of everything one-by-one before she threw it out and Remembled them all. Now her flat (and her head) is clear and her junk is virtual! Evernote Viewer. Recruitment Process. Evernote Viewer.