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GlobalHunt India is a leading executive search & selection firm, in terms of services offered, professional team, mandates handled and Industry specializations across Asia-Pacific, Middle East, US and Europe markets.

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Benefits of Internship Programs at Employer End. Outplacement. Role Of HR Consultancy During Termination And Outplacement. Tips To Crack A Job Interview. Recruitment Consultancy. Manpower Consultancy. Measures To Be Taken To Select A Manpower Consultancy. Often experts talk about services provided by manpower consultancies and their importance.

Measures To Be Taken To Select A Manpower Consultancy

In recent times, corporate world has already recognized the importance of HR services provided by a manpower consultancy. The HR services are no more restricted to candidate short listing only. Recruitment Agencies. Managing Your Office Space And Office Desk. There has been a lot of discussion going on regarding the recruitment processes, employment agendas and many other aspects of hiring in recent times.

Managing Your Office Space And Office Desk

Many recruitment agencies and firms are providing important suggesting about handling the selection process but there has been very little discussion regarding the initiatives to be taken after recruitment. One of the important aspects of employment is presentation at the office. The presentation is not only about how an employee looks, it is also about how your work space looks, both physically and technically. So there are certain pointers which can help in maintaining a healthy work space for better productivity. Global Placements. Global Placement Process Becoming The Lifeline For International Firms.

Recruitment Process. The planning phase for us means understanding the client requirements and the utility of such requirements to strengthen our search.

Recruitment Process

On the basis, of the requirements we further work to plan a strategy that would follow to serve the needs. Our work plan strategy is based on the possible challenges, the mechanism to counter such challenges, the ongoing trends in the market, competency levels available, parameters required for the position etc. With the blueprint present we initiate our work on the R&D. In our R&D phase we put our efforts to search for the right competency levels on the parameters of skill, experience, stability and performance. By ranking the candidatures on these parameters we select and share the quality candidatures with our clients.

With the selection of candidatures we are engaged in preliminary screening where we assess them on Key Result Areas (KRA’s), Compensation Package, Job Title, Job Location and other details. Retention Initiatives To Keep An Effective Workforce Intact. The corporate world has undergone many rapid changes in the past couple of years.

Retention Initiatives To Keep An Effective Workforce Intact

The impact of global economy and various other industry trends across various countries have lead to a steady change in the workforce management structure in recent times. The recruitment process, attracting top notch talent and structuring an advanced hiring process have been quite challenging in recent times. But the struggle does not end there. The major task comes after that. HR AGENCY. IT Staffing. GlobalHunt IT Services, offers IT Staffing services to clients, enabling them to extend their staff to our offshore development center in India taking advantage of our qualified and experienced personnel.

IT Staffing

Our services provide clients with a cost effective solution to increase and expand their staff and help organizations to accomplish their special or seasonal projects. 1) IT Staffing Models Committed to achieve maximum customer satisfaction, we offer customized IT Staffing models with the objective of meeting specific requirements of our clients in the most efficient manner. 2) Offshore Development and Testing Centre (ODTC) An Offshore Development and Testing Centre (ODTC) is a model in which a dedicated development or testing team is there for the purpose of software development, testing and support. 3 )Flat Price Project. Executive Recruitment. Our dedicated team of consultants is liable to follow a planned recruitment and selection process which entails the use of recent technology and strategic approach.

Executive Recruitment

Our recruitment and selection process involves detailed research on contemporary trends and skill market, thorough position briefing, capability and skill assessment, exhaustive validation procedure enabling us to refer candidates of highest competence. We are a trusted brand because of: Our expertise to map skill matrix. Our strong R&D. Reference Check As A Crucial Part Of Recruitment. Reference check is defined as the process where an employer contacts an applicant’s previous employers, organizations, academic institutions and such like in order to gain insight regarding the candidate credibility and other achievements.

Reference Check As A Crucial Part Of Recruitment

Reference checks have become an integral part of executive recruitment now days due to frauds related to profiles. Hence it is essential to carry out this process to understand the candidate profile in a proper manner. There are certain measures that need to be undertaken in order to perform an organized and fruitful reference check for an applicant. Reference Check As A Crucial Part Of Recruitment. IT Staffing. Information Technology Becoming an Evitable Part of Business Processes.

Innovation is the new face of corporate environment in current times.

Information Technology Becoming an Evitable Part of Business Processes

Technology is influencing every bit of business processes and adding to the quality and value of the same. Not only in terms of production and execution, technology has been used for finance management, workforce management, customer engagement and so on. It has proven to be effective across various business functionalities and segments across industry domains. Among all, Information technology has bagged major limelight in current years. Some of the business segments wherein IT is being used effectively are as follows. Creating the Right Impression In Front of a Recruiter. Placement Agencies. Market Intelligence. GlobalHunt offers real time integrated information to clients that assist them in taking decisions in respect to their business.

Market Intelligence

With a decade long experience GH combines its technical, business and market skill to deliver information that is relevant and crucial for building business strategies. 1) Industry HR Optimization Survey GlobalHunt provides comprehensive understanding on the business industry positioning and best practices in respect to existing skills scenario, best available talent, level and rate of hiring, remuneration structure, attrition rate, industry competency mapping, and culture & gender diversity study.

This help companies in optimizing their investment in HR effectively. 2) Reputational Assessment GlobalHunt support companies in strengthening their external and internal relations by providing insights based on performance review, competitors analysis, employee satisfaction rate, company’s positioning and head count report etc. 3) Workforce Intelligence Analysis. Choosing the Right Employment Opportunity — A Major Step Towards Career Building. One of the most important tasks for a professional has always been to find the right opportunity to walk towards career growth in lifetime.

Choosing the Right Employment Opportunity — A Major Step Towards Career Building

There have been discussions regarding the initiative to be taken for an interview, presentation, choosing career options and much more regarding the employment opportunities. But when all the stages of the recruitment are completed and a candidate is selected for a particular job role, the major challenge comes after that. The decision to take up the opportunity so that the individual grows in terms of knowledge, expertise and career is essential.

It should be taken with proper measures. Hence below are the certain factors that need to be considered by the candidate in order to join in an organization in a specific role. Role of Human Resource in Business and Strategic Planning. Global Placements. Social Media Tools Like Linkedin Becoming Important in Recruitment. Hiring with social media tools has become a popular trend in corporate culture. This is especially true for professional network Linkedin wherein professional credentials can be accessed in a formal way by companies and firms providing staffing solutions. While there has been a lot of discussion around social media recruitment, it is essential to put forth the advantages of it, primarily from Linkedin perspective in a comprehensive manner.

Linkedin has a significantly high passive to active member ratio. Staffing Solutions. Importance of a Recruiter Within An Organization. The recruiter is a connection between the candidate and an organization who undertakes the responsibility of conducting the hiring process in a systematic manner. The importance of a recruiter within companies as well as recruitment agencies has become evident in recent times and has expanded beyond just resume short listing functionality. In order to understand the skill set of a recruiter it is essential to acknowledge the reasons behind the importance of this profile.

While it is evident that professionals are everywhere and millions are graduating each year creating a talent pool that is huge, but finding the right match for a profile is becoming challenging as well. Matching the skill set with the functionality and analyzing the professional behavioral trait at the same time is quite difficult. Along with those, other criteria such as matching the work culture, soft skills and crisis management also need to be analyzed. Recruitment Agencies. Mobile Applications To Manage Key Result Areas... HR Consultancy. "GlobalHunt has established itself as a renowned name in the HR realm by providing wide range of recruitment and selection services to diverse companies. Our team of expert consultants is dedicated towards leveraging the business potential of our clients by offering strategic HR services.

Moreover, our global presence in Asian, African, European and American markets gives us a benchmark to stand among one of the leading HR firms. " We partner with our clients to expand their business potential by providing solutions in Executive Search & Selection, Middle Management Hiring, Project Based Hiring and Recruitment Process Outsourcing through integrated suite of leadership services.

With our decade long knowledge expertise in the domain we have been successfully able to deliver solutions for all kind of global and local business industry specific demands. Recruitment Engineering Evolves As A Scientific Process. Manpower Consultancy. Recruitment Process Outsourcing To Reduce Overall HR Budget. Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Recruitment Process Outsourcing To Reduce Overall HR Budget. Good Outplacement Service vs. Right Offer. Outplacement. Why us. Next Generation HR Services On The Rise.

Customer Centric Approach to Revolutionize HR Segment And Its Service. Job Consultancy. Effective Strategies to Battle Talent Crunch. Challenges Towards Geographical Recruitment And Selection. Recruitment and Selection. The First Few Days Of Your Job - The Do's And Don’ts. Every professional in his or her life time undergoes the process of joining a new profile within an organization. While it brings in high levels of excitement, there is a lot of anticipation related to it. Recruitment Agencies. The First Few Days Of Your Job The Do's And Don’ts. The Task Of Selecting & Retaining The Superior League. Recruitment Process. The Changing Nature of Chief Strategy Officer.

A Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), sometimes referred to as chief strategist is the executive who assists the Chief Executive Officer towards development, communication, execution and sustenance of strategic initiatives. While the importance of CSO has been known for some time now, there has been a shift towards responsibilities of this position. There are wide ranges of business activities are now performed by a CSO. A CSO facilitates the business planning cycle within various processes and business units. Placement Agencies. How To Close The Deal With The Top Notch Candidates. Market Intelligence. Searching Talent At The Time of Crisis.

Staffing solutions have become critical in recent times. Staffing Solutions. A Hunt for Leadership Talent. Executive Recruitment. A Hunt for Leadership Talent. Protecting Client Data – A Critical Need of The Hour. Collaborative Work Environment - The New Trend Towards Team Building. Recruitment Consultancy.

How to Access a Resume – The Need of the Hour. How to Access a Resume – The Need of the Hour. Challenges of Hiring And Measures to Overcome Them. Recruitment and Selection. Small Businesses Providing Learning Opportunity to Professionals. Recruitment Process Outsourcing. Recruitment Agencies. HR Recruiter Bring in New Strategies to Meet Increasing Demand of Professionals. HR Recruiter. Millennial - The Driving Force Towards Altering Workforce Demographics.

Handling Salary Negotiations - Tips For Recruiters. HR Consultancy. New Age Hiring Strategies That Boost The Recruitment Process. Career Guidance From Top Notch HR Consultancy Firms. Job Consultancy. Career Guidance From Top Notch HR Consultancy Firms. Total Rewards Program – Effective Strategy For All Round Development. Placement Agencies. Single Window System for Human Resource Management. Global Placement. Performance Appraisal — The Critical Need For Workforce Management. Recruitment Consultancy. Retention At Junior Levels of Employment An Increasing Challenge For The Companies. Executive Recruitment. Millennial Taking Over Leadership Roles In Coming Years. Recruitment Agencies. Learning Culture - The New Business Need. Market intelligence. Lack of Right Talent And Skills Making Businesses Compromise On Their Hiring Needs. Companies Focusing on Soft Skills For Recruitment. Recruitment Process.

Alternative Staffing Solutions Becoming Popular Choice of Employment. Staffing Solutions. The Aging Workforce and Role Reversal Trend Influencing Workforce Management. Talent Branding Strategies Boosting up Business Goals. Recruitment Agencies In Delhi. Retaining Top Talent Within Organization – An Increasing Challenge for Businesses.