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Global Hunt Foundation

GlobalHunt Foundation is a CSR Research, Programme Advisory and a Consulting organization. As a UNGC signatory, the organization has committed itself to facilitate the principles of Post 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda. It has directed its efforts towards construing innovative solutions and revamping the existing CSR programmatic interventions of its diverse clients comprising of leading companies, civil society organizations and the government.

Click, Conserve & Care - Global Photography Contest. Click, Conserve & Care - Global Photography Contest. We are generation of creative thinkers and entrepreneurs.

Click, Conserve & Care - Global Photography Contest

While business, commerce and customer solutions is benefitting from all this ideations, our future is suffering. Green lands, lakhs, wildlife are all quickly vanishing. Conservation efforts have been activated and new ways are being explored to send messages to the common man to sensitize him to environmental issues. Conservationists are exploring newer ways to reach out to people with viral videos, campaigns both on-ground and digital, and messages that try to strike an emotional chord. While it has brought on some awareness, social change is slower than the speed and impact of the world’s problems.

This year 3CContest “Connecting People with Nature” is GlobalHunt Foundation’s way of making people understand the importance of the ecological balance. National Cleanliness Day. New Areas Of CSR Spending In India Under Broader Primary Objectives. Due Diligence. Organizations world wide have realized that a strong, transparent and accountable mechanism is a prerequisite to analyze the progress of any programmatic intervention.

Due Diligence

One of the most imperative process to assess the success of any programme is a strong regularized monitoring and evaluation process. A sound due diligence method is significant to improvise business sustainability as it enables us to manage risk , challenges faces and create a social value image of the organization globally.

Most importantly to assess due diligence process among various corporates in the areas of human rights, social accountability, social sustainability. Support organizations to carry out a transparent evaluation process Identify potential and existing social and Supply chain and Data Verification Analysis GHF supports organization partner to carry out monitoring and evaluation method. Research And Development. Research is the first step towards drawing the roadmap of any activity of an organization.

Research And Development

GHF’s in house research and development services offer support and customized research modules towards mapping the social foot print of its clients. The R&D service identifies, collates and provides to novel areas in the domains of Corporate Sustainable Responsibility that remain unexplored by the client and also redefines their already existing interventions in the above domains. CSR & Sustainability Database Customized research on Business Responsibility (BR) Company Research Analysis specific to BR practices Competitor’s Analysis Specialized Research for a specific company/ organization Capturing Best Case Studies Releasing Publications, manuals focusing on specific case studies of the companies Offering innovative solutions to explore other domains.

Community As An Essential Stakeholder For Success Of A CSR Project. CSR Reporting – The New Initiative To CSR. The definition of corporate social responsibility is flexible in recent times due to the major reforms from the government end as well initiatives by the corporate houses.

CSR Reporting – The New Initiative To CSR

CSR reporting also does not have a concrete definition or way of representation. It can be considered as progress report for the CSR initiatives of the company which includes the initiative details, its impact on the environment and communities, budgets involved, potential outcomes in the long run and real time immediate impacts. In this regard it is important to mention that this flexibility in reporting can be exhausting to understand the intricate details of the same but it also helps in reflecting the company image, long term goals, objectives and personality. Click, Conserve and Care 2016. Globalhuntfoundation. Social Factors Become The Key Focus Areas for Indian States For Fund Allocation. Social Factors Become The Key Focus Areas for Indian States For Fund Allocation. Demographic Data Research Proving Beneficial For Companies Implementing CSR by Globalhunt Foundation.

By Globalhunt Foundation Corporate Social Responsibility CSR is currently one of the vital elements of strategic decision making among companies and organizations.

Demographic Data Research Proving Beneficial For Companies Implementing CSR by Globalhunt Foundation

Since the enactment of Companies Act, 2013, businesses have been liable to spend 2 percent of their net profits on CSR activities. Since the investment amount has increased, there has been increasing awareness towards investments in proper areas and programmes that will benefit the cause and the business. It is no more a check writing or donation activity. New Set Of CSR Leaders Working Towards Brining Change. Corporate Social Responsibilities. Corporate Social Responsibilities. Towards Corporate Sustainable Responsibility (CSR) Companies seeking economic enhancement have realized that inclusive growth entails to a combination of all aspects of the environment- one within which they are operating and second which engages the outside community, geographical locations and the people living in these spaces.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Health, Sanitation And Education Become The Key Areas Of CSR Implementation by Globalhunt Foundation. Articles.

Health, Sanitation And Education Become The Key Areas Of CSR Implementation by Globalhunt Foundation

Social Responsibility Of Business. Our global presence is our strong hold making us a trusted brand offering services in diverse sectors of industry.

Social Responsibility Of Business

Our experienced team believes in delivering inventive solutions and insights to our clients for achieving sustained growth. As a catalyst and a knowledge hub we offer advisory and consulting services to undertake unexplored domains under the Corporate Sustainability realm. We advise and offer services to the companies in identifying sustainable business practices and evolve a long term comprehensive business strategy wherein the CSR becomes an integral part of their day to day operations and enhance their social brand image. GHF supports and assists leading companies towards creating a sound Business Responsibility (BR) reporting has become mandatory for all business entities to incorporate into their annual reports.

This has futurist implications as it promotes disclosing and sharing of best case practices, case studies of relevant companies on global platforms. CSR Scenario in India: Part Of Strategic Planning Or Just About Donations? CSR Scenarioin India PartOf Strategic Planning OrJust About Donations. International Conglomerates Focus CSR Towards C... - CSR - Quora. The CSR activities are currently one of the prime aspects of decision making and operation for companies at every level.

International Conglomerates Focus CSR Towards C... - CSR - Quora

International companies are making significant efforts towards community development and environment protection at various markets. However one of the key focus areas for most companies is child healthcare. Recently, Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (SMIC), known as one of the largest semiconductor foundries globally as well as in China, has bagged one of the prestigious CSR Awards. It has been honored with the "Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility" Award by Mirror Post during the occasion of Fifth Annual Outstanding CSR Award Ceremony due to its humanitarian contributions towards Liver Transplant Program for Children.

It had also initiated blood donation camps, tree plantation initiatives for environmental benefits and ZhangJiang Charity Fun Run as a part of CSR.