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Renovation and Restoration Services. Global Facility Management. Snow Removal. Road safety is our priority – salting As soon as snow or ice begin to accumulate, our salting / sanding crews are out and about on the City’s main roads.

Snow Removal

Our goal is to complete this first round of salting on main roads within four hours. Residential roads, including narrower streets like the laneways found behind townhomes, are salted next. The first round of salting on these streets can be expected to be complete within 12 hours. Clearing the way – plowing As soon as five centimetres (two inches) of snow accumulates, our snowplow and windrow crews are out to service the streets. Residential roads are plowed within 16 hours after snowfall has ended.

Please keep in mind that these services may be impacted by a number of factors, including heavy snowfall, cars parked on streets — which make it difficult for snowplows to clear the roads — and cars parked on driveways but are either too close to or hanging over the curb. Windrows. Lease Services. Project Management Services NY. Quality and affordable housing is one of the most important and problematic issues not only for each person, but also on a national scale.

Project Management Services NY

To meet this need, Global Facility Management focuses on innovation to offer people a range of affordable housing solutions, from Project design and conception, to Project Management, interior and exterior repairs & solutions, correcting shoddy repairs, and strong financially work practices we are both fiscally and financially responsible for work performed to its highest standards, collectively all of these capabilities combined demonstrate an exceptional and passionate level of support for affordable housing. For GFM this means helping families in need at affordable prices sustainable with their income while enjoying an improved quality of life.

Affordable housing is a business with a large social impact that effects millions of families, from single mothers, Sr. citizens to families in all aspects. Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity. Things to Look for While Hiring General Contractor Services. Hazardous Response Clean Ups. Exposure to biological and chemical contaminants at any site, be it a home, commercial property, or office space can pose serious health consequences.

Hazardous Response Clean Ups

Healthcare Management Services. Hygiene and sanitization in healthcare establishments like hospitals, clinics matters a lot impacts a patient’s well-being and recovery.

Healthcare Management Services

Hospitals all around the globe struggle to bring down the rate of hospital acquired infection (HAI), improve indoor air quality in critical areas and ensure sterile environment across patient touch points in discharge rooms. With years of dedicated experience in healthcare facility management provides comprehensive solutions for hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities. We offer exclusive environmental cleaning and infection prevention solutions, smart cadre porter program, asset operations, maintenance program. Project Management Services NY. Establish communications regarding owner disciplines, evaluate business plan goals, evaluate existing facilities and prepare guidelines for the use of space in accordance with owner’s needs and requirements.

Project Management Services NY

Prepare a short and long range facilities plan forecast. Ascertain suitability of candidate site(s) to accommodate short and long range facilities plan. Evaluate impact of agency review approval processing procedures. Develop a milestone flow-chart of project schedule. Prepare an overall project budget. Provide a preliminary evaluation of the owner’s program, schedule and construction budget requirements, each in terms of the other. LAND PLANNING and PRELIMINARY CONCEPT DESIGN Planning, schematics and preliminary studies. Prepare environmental impact assessments and reports. Emergency Services New York. Covid19 Disinfecting Services. Coronavirus has quickly gained a reputation for being particularly insidious.

Covid19 Disinfecting Services

It can survive on surfaces for up to 17 days and people infected by the virus don’t show symptoms until approximately two weeks after infection, making it difficult to track and contain. This is why having a trusted professional disease and biohazard remediation company on your side is so important. Healthcare Management Services. Hazardous Response Clean Ups. The quality of our remediation services, the speed in which we deliver them, and the compassion we demonstrate throughout the process make GFM your ideal damage restoration company.

Hazardous Response Clean Ups

We pledge to do whatever it takes to restore and rescue properties in all the communities we serve. GFM restoration professionals are licensed, insured, and certified to remediate biohazard environments safely and in accordance with all applicable laws and standards. We understand that some events may be sensitive and must be handled with compassion and discretion. We bring a sense of calm back to those impacted, whether the loss is in a home, commercial property or business office. Waterproofing Services NY. Abatements Management Services We are offering unique solutions to complex problems.

Waterproofing Services NY

Our highly skilled staff with years of experience in the environmental remediation and demolition industry. We specialize in the removal of asbestos containing materials, lead based paints, PCB and mercury contaminated products and mold remediation. General Contractor Services. Stripping and Waxing of Floors. A highly skilled team of project managers, field supervisors, and crews with a variety of skill sets, we are uniquely positioned to handle your next rollout with incredible ease and efficiency. our mission is to offer outstanding service wherever you are located.

Stripping and Waxing of Floors

Whether you are upgrading your kitchen equipment, rolling out new menu items requiring new equipment or going through a reimage, our team can make it happen smoothly and painlessly. GFM can manage any portion of your project rollout as needed or handle the entire project turnkey. Janitorial Services New York. They say actions speak louder than words; this is why buildings that are cleaned by GFM exhibits to clients a concern for detail on part of the company, which makes the companies look more lucrative to prospective clients It matters not if you are running a small or large business.

Janitorial Services New York

GFM can help you upkeep your work place in order to take your business to the next level. GFM is well known in the industry for providing top notch commercial office cleaning services.