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Global Dried Flowers

Global Dried Flowers is a dried flower manufacturing and exporting company headquartered in Kolkata, India.

6 Dried Flowers & Plants to Modernize Your Interior Space. Nowadays, dried flowers are taking over fresh blossoms by storm.

6 Dried Flowers & Plants to Modernize Your Interior Space

Their growing preference is granting a heavy rise to other categories falling under the dry clan. Dried ferns, plants, branches, etc. are now opted individually for decors and installations because of their varied shapes and textures. Besides, let’s just agree that some of us are not ‘plant people’. We cannot settle on the idea of potted planted nesting in our houses for various reasons. First and the foremost issue being – attending them almost every day, watering them, avoiding long vacations, outgrowing fungus or molds from them, and so on.

5 Indian Wedding Trends to watch out for - All Perfect Stories. Creative fall decor ideas using dried flowers. As the winter winds approach us and even though we’re a bit upset that the summer’s over; let’s agree that the fall season is secretly amusing us.

Creative fall decor ideas using dried flowers

Winters are all about cozy eggnogs, movie nights, back-to-school fun, some good quality family time and much more. Did we miss out the most important of it all? If you all have guessed it by now, kudos to you creative heads. It’s the fall decor. Every year we chart out possible themes and decor ideas to ornate our homes with. Drying Flowers and Everything Else That You Need to Know · Wow Decor. Flowers are an integral part of our life.

Drying Flowers and Everything Else That You Need to Know · Wow Decor

Anyone from any walk of life can’t seem to repel the idea of loving flowers. With a few exceptions, of course, flowers have always managed to stay in vogue. The use of Dried Flowers in interior designing-Designers Speak. Author adminPosted on September 26, 2019October 1, 2019Categories Dried Flowers Dried flowers aren’t exactly the beloved type.

The use of Dried Flowers in interior designing-Designers Speak

Apart from being less colourful and vibrant, most of the time they fail to compete with fresh blooms that are always in demand all throughout the season. Welcome The New Wedding Trend With Ornamental Grasses & Dried Blooms. Weddings traditionally involved a lot of flora and fresh greens in their decors but those times are now changing.

Welcome The New Wedding Trend With Ornamental Grasses & Dried Blooms

Couples (especially brides) are now turning the pages and looking for a vintage vibe clubbed with old-classic nude decor themes. To curb their desires of fulfilling the same, dried flowers and wild grasses seem to be a perfect option! In essence, it’s dried florals that lead the way. Here’s a take on the new wedding trend that explores and pushes the gamut of inner decor tot a whole new level. Flowers, in general, have always been crowd-pleasers and fit into any occasion.

Not only the couples but florists and arrangers have embraced the dried beauty by getting super creative with them. With that being said, a new fad began on every social media after a particular grass was used at a Hollywood wedding. The only issue with wild grasses is that they are not easily available. Dry Flower Arrangement - A Cherishing Art Form that Holds its Appeal Till Date.

Back in the 17th century, America and England witnessed a flourishing craft of working with dried flowers and dried leaves.

Dry Flower Arrangement - A Cherishing Art Form that Holds its Appeal Till Date

It all began as a hobby for most people practicing the art but soon became a passion for quite a few and later took the form of business. In the recent past, dried flower arrangement has managed to appeal to the mass where people prefer to keep them as an object of decor in their living rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. Get playful with your Christmas decor– 6 Artistic ways to celebrate Christmas; Vintage Style! - ePRNews.

Bring the scent and spirit of Christmas at your home by getting creative with decor.

Get playful with your Christmas decor– 6 Artistic ways to celebrate Christmas; Vintage Style! - ePRNews

Holidays are all about gatherings, huge spread dinners, eggnog sessions and obvious load of presents! Everyone gets curiously ready for this cozy festive season; and even though we have our own myriad ways to celebrate this fiesta, the spirit translates the same joy everywhere. Home decor ideas for the holidays are all over the internet today, championing various styled themes. Amidst this, we stay keen to pick up the unique ones for our interior ornamentation. In this blog, we will help you redefine your classic Christmas decor with a contemporary touch of fancy!

Dried Flowers - A Decor Trend that’s Going Viral at the Weddings! Dried flowers are like preserved gems.

Dried Flowers - A Decor Trend that’s Going Viral at the Weddings!

They represent an eclectic vibe and are prominently used beyond just home decor. They are taking over not only the conventional fresh flower installations but also the faux flowers used in play. Strangely enough, they present us with a whole new dynamic theme. Dried floral are in huge demand currently as couples are bravely opting them beside fresh blooms on their D-Day. People are embracing the soft subtle hues of the dries blossoms in their charred brown, crisp nude and earthy colour tones. . #1 Bouquets for the Bride and Bridesmaids To live up to the vibe of a classical wedding, the bride and bridesmaid can be handed dried flower bouquets. What Makes Dried Flowers the Biggest Wedding Floristry Trend? · Inspired Luv. Wedding decorations have always managed to catch up on a new trend.

What Makes Dried Flowers the Biggest Wedding Floristry Trend? · Inspired Luv

When it comes to floristry, dried flowers have garnered quite a bit of reputation as an essential element of decor. A plethora of textures, hues bleached in the sun, dried flowers are a perfect accessory to wedding decor–modern or traditional. They comprise of many unusual blooms that make your wedding day decoration worth its while when you pair them up along with other fresh flowers of the season. No doubt they are less vibrant and colourful when compared to the likes of roses, lilies and sunflowers; they sure do makeup with their muted and arm tones and can be moulded to different shapes and sizes as needed. Dried flowers form an excellent piece of designing element as hangings, centrepieces, bouquets, backdrop decor, boutonnieres and much more.

Mini DIY Decor Projects using Dried Flowers. ‘Soothing sight and honeyed scent!’

Mini DIY Decor Projects using Dried Flowers

All that it takes to make you feel fresh and happy. Yes, you guessed it right! We are talking about flowers and how you can use this beautiful creation in your home décor by overcoming its only downside – its short life span. Hence, here, Dried Flowers come to our rescue. 5 Excellent Ways to Use Dried Flowers for Inner Decor  As the year throws at us several occasions to celebrate, one should never fall short of designing element to make things look gorgeous. One such staple element of designing are dried flowers. In the past few years, dried flowers along with other essential elements of creative decor have witnessed a considerable resurgence.

It’s evident as one can run a simple search in Google where the use of dried flowers across a plethora of festive decor ideas can be seen. Amazing DIY Home Décor Ideas. Author adminPosted on August 14, 2019October 1, 2019 If you want to skip expenses for your home décor items then you must know some of the interesting hacks for decorating your interior.

Nowadays, people are taking part in DIY activities rather than buying ready-made items from the market. DIY hacks involve both your interests and actions. In fact, if you adore items by yourself, things tend to last for long. Anyway, you are always free to take expert advice for a better result. Remarkable home decor DIY hacks to consider Old Vase hack: Do you have any old flower vase that is no longer in use? Old cabinet door: Are you tired of your boring old cabinet door and want to get rid of it? Old ladder: If you have an unused ladder then you can use it in various ways. Refurbish your old cabinet: Before throwing your old drawer cabinet out, think wisely if you can apply any hack and make it usable again. Pegboard: If you are worried about installing screws on your new wall then just relax.

Creative Decor Ideas Using Dried Flowers. Differences Laid Out : Dried Flowers and Preserved Flowers - Global Dried Flowers. Blossoms are definite mood changers. Flowers can lift up a dull day, brighten up a Monday morning and when offered to someone, they make others feel very special. With that being said, flowers have such mesmerizing beauty, it’s a shame that they can’t last long. Naturally speaking, their life span is shorter and they need constant maintenance. However, humans have found out ways to prolong their essence by extending their life cycle. Yes, you heard me right! Dried Flowers – A Perspective of a Flourishing Industry – The WoW Style. Dried flowers come as a smart alternative to fresh flowers and are looked upon as an economically significant industry. Given the fact, that fresh flowers only live for a short period, dried flowers lasts for over months, and some for over years as well. While you are looking to add a dash of elegance to your living spaces, dried flowers in the shape of fruits, pods, preserved leaves, deco balls and others has become a statement of choice for many.

Besides, dried flowers are also constantly being used for interior decoration needs, as an additive to fresh flowers in bouquet designs and wall decor as well during occasions and festivities in tandem. 5 Ways to Use Dried Flowers in Your Home – Available Ideas. Haven’t we all been there? Dried Flowers – the Surprising Floral Trend for 2019. How Creatively Can You Use Dried Flowers? Here Are 15 Possibilities - Think Better Living.

Spruce Up Your Space By Adding The Enduring Floral Arrangement Using Dried Flowers.