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February 20th. February 20th Born: Francois-Marie Arouet de Voltaire, poet, dramatist, historical and philosophical writer, 1694, Chatenay: David Garrick, actor and dramatist, 1716, Hereford: Charles Dalloway, 1763, Bristol.

February 20th

Died: Archbishop Arundel, 1413-14, Canterbury; Sir Nicholas Bacon, Lord Keeper, 1579, York House, Strand; Dorothy Sidney, Countess of Sunderland, 1684, Brington, Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe, philanthropic-religious writer, 1737; Charles III (of Savoy), 1773; Joseph II (Emperor), 1790; Dr. Your guide and resources for the perfect fantasy sci-fi and horror costumes. A curved-front seam fitting method for a bust-supportive dress - La cotte simple. This photo-essay is intended to give you an overview of one way to drape fabric on a body to achieve a tight fit.

A curved-front seam fitting method for a bust-supportive dress - La cotte simple

Meet Sheree. 41 Genius Camping Hacks You'll Wish You Thought Of Sooner. The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Evolution of Fashion, by Florence Mary Gardiner. Instructions for a simple chemise. Table.jpg (963×459) Dressdiaries: Regency chemise in 14 photos. From last November when I first started my foray into Regency fashions: I always like to start from the ground up, so to speak...I guess that's the skin out.

dressdiaries: Regency chemise in 14 photos

If there's anything I've learned in my journey from 'costumes' to 'clothing', it's that the right underpinnings make all of the difference. I for the life of me can't seem to locate the exact instructions I used, but this is a very straightforward design consisting of two large rectangles (front and back), two smaller rectangles (sleeves), and two squares (underarm gussets).

Photos shown below accompanying descriptions. My Regency Journey: Making a Chemise. January 3, 2012 by Tea in a Teacup An American Regency chemise; which seems a little different in style to the English ones.

My Regency Journey: Making a Chemise

The third stop on my Regency Journey is to make a chemise to go underneath the corset. The benefit of having a chemise underneath is that is stops the corset pinching, and it protects the corset from perspiration. The chemise is also easier to launder. The Lady's Resource. How to Make a Bodiced Petticoat from the Regency Gown Pattern. I’ve received many requests to bring out a pattern for a bodiced petticoat.

How to Make a Bodiced Petticoat from the Regency Gown Pattern

Sew a Regency Gown - Jane Austen Centre. The caption on this lovely gown reads, “Dress of sheer white India muslin. The dress has a short train and is embroidered with gold threads of various weights in a running vine-like pattern with occasional single flowers. The workmanship is exquisite. The fabric is so fine–almost a gauze– it seems impossible that it can hold the metal thread.” As we noted last month, the following pattern should be attempted only by experienced sewers. The illustration shows an embroidered gown of Indian Muslin. Patterns and ready made gowns are available at our online shop! An easy way to Mod Podge your shoes with fabric. I have a pair of black pumps that are really comfortable.

An easy way to Mod Podge your shoes with fabric

Because of that I wear them a lot and oh boy that’s visible… I can’t trow them away, they are to comfy! But I can’t really wear them anymore ether. Don’t we all have a pair of shoes like this? I decided it was time for a makeover. For the shoes I used some vintage fabric and the heel is covered with fake leather. Learn how to Mod Podge your shoes with fabric after the jump. . . DAW Découpage Artists Worldwide. Here are some of the more commonly asked questions and answers.

DAW Découpage Artists Worldwide

“I have seen (in some high-end specialty stores in New York), beautiful decoupaged bowls with an image showing on the both the inside and the outside-but obviously with no image glued on the inside. How is this achieved?” (SW, Tampa, FL) You can put two layers of a design on a clear glass object (such as a bowl), both from the outside. Put the first cutouts on the outside but facing in (seen from outside the bowl). How to use thick papers and cards for decoupage projects continues to be a popular question from our website readers.

DIY Friday: May the 4th Be With You…and With Shoes « Set to Stunning. This is the first of many DIY posts we hope to do.

DIY Friday: May the 4th Be With You…and With Shoes « Set to Stunning

In honor of May 4th, “Star Wars Day”, here’s a fun decoupage shoe tutorial that shows how you too can sport your own pair of Star Wars heels or flats. Star Wars DIY: Decoupage Shoes. Revamp Your Clothes, Bags, Shoes & More ★ With regard to clothes, there are a few ways of transforming them into fresh, new creations: - Reconstruction: You can take an item of clothing apart completely at the seams and build something new from the pieces, or you can use the deconstructed pieces to re-make that item of clothing in another/a different fabric (if you particularly like the fit or style of it).

Revamp Your Clothes, Bags, Shoes & More ★

You can also change one type of clothing into another, e.g. you can change a large man’s shirt into a dress, or you could re-size it to fit yourself. Basic template. Felt Hatmaking Techniques: The majority of the hats you will see on this site, and, indeed, the majority of the hats that I create, are pulled felt hats. These are made from 100% wool felt, using shellac-based sizing to stiffen them.

Wool and fur felt and shellac have been used to create felt hats since at least the 16th century. Straw half-bonnet tutorial. Hello readers! Lily of the Valley: Tutorial: Straw Bonnet. So here is my entry, broken up into 3 images. Click on them to full veiw. For a first attempt I am pretty happy with it. Becky: Hook and Eye Tape Tutorial. Hello again! Kris,Carrie and I have made great progress this week!

Our sewing projects are being accomplished faster than any of us have imagined. It feels wonderful to have support and encouragement to continue sewing. I have almost completed the custom dress I have been working on since our group started. Its only been a few weeks ago I bought the fabric. Here is a tutorial on using hook and eye tape, which is SO much easier than placing, and sewing on hooks and eyes on its own. Step One: with your neckline pipped, but not finished, fold the lining and fashion fabric inward.

How to make piping cord. Piping cord can be used to bind the top and bottom edges of a corset or bodice. Piping cord not only creates an attractive finish it allows you to shape the edges it is applied to.Simply pull the inner cord slightly and it will pull in the edge, anchor the cord in place and finish the ends. Clothier & Haberdashery - Tailored Apparel for Ladies and Gentlemen of Diverse Eras. 1911. Farmhouse Fabrics, LLC. Skirts :. #5358 Denim skirt. Faggoting. Faggoting, no matter how you spell it (faggoting, faggotting, fagotting), is both useful and quite beautiful. It is used in joining two pieces of material by means of an insertion stitch. 100 Stitches - Twisted Insertion Stitch.

Time to show you the latest stitch I have learned from 100 Stitches. This is the twisted insertion stitch: This is a stitch used to join two pieces of fabric together: I used the recommended technique of first stitching the fabric pieces to heavy paper. Remember when I did this for the Buttonhole Insertion Stitch? Embroidery Stitches - Mary Webb. Frontlaced-kirtles. To my knowledge, there are no extant garments nor records sufficient to document any one particular approach to 15th century kirtles construction. The method that I personaly prefer however, is consistent with extant examples of medieval clothing construction. I have also experimented with other plausible construction techniques and came to a very similar overall look but found that the basic geometrical construction type is the simplest and most economic method of all.

Airship Pirate Bustle Skirt.