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Registrierung. 24 Eye-Popping SEO Statistics. SEO isn’t exactly the most understood medium in online marketing.

24 Eye-Popping SEO Statistics

For one thing, people aren’t too sure what SEOs do exactly. Then there is talk about how SEO is converging with social media, content marketing, usability, and more. It’s not exactly the most well regarded marketing channel either: Every now and then, you’ll hear from the jaded webmasters who have invested in SEO a few times and wasted their money. After that, you’ll hear about discussions about black hat and white hat SEO.

That’s understandable. To start things off, you should get your minimum viable SEO right and then move onto building your site. You can turn to the more advanced SEO tactics to really help make some strides with your traffic. Keep the following statistics in mind as a reminder that investing more into your SEO efforts later will pay off handsomely: Content marketing rocks. Search Mobile References: ——- Spotlight Image Credit: tlorna / Shutterstocl. SEO Download: Kostenlose Studienarbeit zum Thema Linkbuilding. Pascal Landau studiert Angewandte Informatik an der DHBW in Karlsruhe und hat im Rahmen seinen Studiums eine Studienarbeit zum Thema Linkbuilding geschrieben.

SEO Download: Kostenlose Studienarbeit zum Thema Linkbuilding

Neben allgemeinen Informationen zur Theorie und Praxis des Linkbuildings hat er sich darin vor allem auch mit den Methoden in der Praxis beschäftigt. In einem eigenen Kapitel stellt er die in der Praxis am häufigsten verwendeten Linkbuilding Maßnahmen vor und evaluiert sie durch ein Bewertungsschema. Richtig in die Praxis geht es dann im Kapitel „Fallstudie im Bereich Linkbuilding“. Hier hat Pascal über einen längeren Zeitraum bestimmte Linkbuilding Maßnahmen an verschiedenen Webseiten ausprobiert und die Ergebnisse beobachtet. Die komplette Studienarbeit zum Linkbuilding gibt es hier zum kostenlosen Download . Weiterführende Links zu den Themen SEO und Linkbuilding: SEMSEO 2011: Die besten Profi-Tipps fürs Linkbuilding - t3n NewsSEO: Sistrix-Sichtbarkeitsindex jetzt frei zugänglich - t3n News. 10 Super Easy SEO Copywriting Tips for Improved Link Building.

Compare the two posts below, both written by the exact same SEO expert and each containing around the same number of words.

10 Super Easy SEO Copywriting Tips for Improved Link Building

Without knowing the subject, can you guess which post earned more links? Try 378 to 6. In addition to its visual appeal, the left post was more timely, useful and informative - all hallmarks of copywriting grace. The “secrets” of copywriting have existed since before the ancient Greeks. Generations of Don Drapers have perfected the craft. So why don’t more authors take advantage?

Here’s the takeaway. 1. Steve Krug’s words of wisdom for website usability in his book Don’t Make Me Think ring true for all elements of SEO copywriting. "We don’t read pages. Krug advocates for a billboard style of design. To be fair, prettying up mediocre content won’t make it any better. Unless you are Wikipedia, don’t look like Wikipedia. 2.

Headlines organize your content by making a promise to the reader. Check out this recent cover for Wired Magazine. 77 Offline-Tipps um eine Website bekannt zu machen! HOW TO: Optimize Your Site for Search Engine Marketing. This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business.

HOW TO: Optimize Your Site for Search Engine Marketing

For millions of websites, publishers, and online businesses, search is still the king. While social media may have the media's attention and Twitter and Facebook are garnering a lot of the hype, search still trumps them when it comes to driving traffic and being discovered by potential new customers. Because of the importance of search traffic to online business, there is an entire industry dedicated to improving websites' visibility in search engine results: Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

SEM is a complex topic that focuses on search engine optimization (SEO), but also includes the use of paid advertising and contextual advertisements in order to bring a website's articles or product pages to the top of search engine result pages (SERPs). Defining SEM Making Your Website SEM-Optimized 1. 2.