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Ladensterben auf Facebook » Bunte Kiste, Studien & Märkte. Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) Der Börsendienst Bloomberg hat sich in einer großen Geschichte mit der steigenden Anzahl an Shop-Schließungen auf Facebook beschäftigt.

Ladensterben auf Facebook » Bunte Kiste, Studien & Märkte

Der Beitrag zitiert unter anderem Forrester-Analystin Sucharita Mulpuru: “There was a lot of anticipation that Facebook would turn into a new destination, a store, a place where people would shop. But it was like trying to sell stuff to people while they’re hanging out with their friends at the bar.” Bloomberg führt eine Reihe großer Namen als Indiz für das Shop-Sterben auf Facebook an: Die Bekleidungshändler Gap und J.C. “Customers had no incentive to shop at Gamestop (GEM)’s Facebook store rather than the company’s regular website because purchasing online is already convenient, said Ashley Sheetz, who is the Grapevine, Texas-based company’s vice president of marketing and strategy.

Überraschend ist an diesem Befund nur wenig. Newsletter abonnieren Ähnliche Artikel zum Thema Thematisch passende Anbieter und Dienstleister. 50% Of Ecommerce Site Visitors Are Logged In To Facebook. Ecommerce sites should consider how they can personalize their sites using Facebook data, as a new study shows 50% of visitors to ecommerce sites are currently logged in to Facebook.

50% Of Ecommerce Site Visitors Are Logged In To Facebook

Using Facebook social plugins and Connect integrations, sites can leverage Facebook data to show visitors what friends bought or shared, what products relate to their Likes, and which friends they might want to invite. The study was conducted by Sociable Labs, which helps websites implement social functionality, and looked at 456 million visits to over a dozen ecommerce sites catering to different demographics. A Facebook spokesperson confirmed that ecommerce sites are increasingly adding social features. She shared with us a new statistic: 88% of Internet Retailer Top 200 retail sites are integrated with Facebook. Face off: Facebook bezeichnet persönliche Daten als "geistiges Eigentum" Facebook: Hol Dir Deine Daten! Facebook Privatsphäre: So findest du heraus, was Facebook alles über dich weiß.

Local Country Report for August 2011 - Germany. Online - Facebook beschwert sich über datenschutzfreundlichen 2-Klick-Button [2. Update] StumbleUpon Delivers Half of U.S. Social Media Traffic. According to StatCounter's measurements, StumbleUpon has just surpassed Facebook and now delivers more than half of all social media referral traffic in the U.S.

StumbleUpon Delivers Half of U.S. Social Media Traffic

StumbleUpon founder and CEO Garrett Camp tweeted the news this afternoon. Facebook achieved this goal in April of 2010, but StumbleUpon was already well on its way. At that time, StumbleUpon already gave twice as many referrals as Twitter. StumbleUpon's user experience is fanciful and fun, but its traffic power for publishers is quite serious.

While the other social networks make the headlines, StumbleUpon has been a quiet success story. Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Social Media Market Share It has been a good week for StumbleUpon. Do you use StumbleUpon for browsing? Facebook vs. Google – die Infografik. Facebook vs.

Facebook vs. Google – die Infografik

Google: Datensammelwut und sträflicher Umgang mit der Privatsphäre Facebook, gegründet im Jahr 2004, kann sich mit einem geschätzten Jahreseinkommen von zwei Milliarden US-Dollar und laut Infografik 600 Millionen Nutzern das größte soziale Netzwerk der Welt nennen. Auf der anderen Seite des Vergleichs Facebook vs. Google steht das Unternehmen, das ursprünglich als Suchmaschine im Jahr 1998 gegründet wurde. Google glänzt mit etwa einer Milliarde Nutzer und einem Jahreseinkommen von 29 Milliarden US-Dollar im vergangenen Jahr. In Sachen Datensammelwut und Umgang mit der Privatsphäre der Nutzer haben beide Mitstreiter im Kampf Facebook vs. Weiterführende Links: The Science of Sharing - Social Media. T. and F.

The Science of Sharing - Social Media

They don’t stand for ‘true’ or ‘false’ anymore. They stand for Twitter and Facebook. They’re in the corner of every webpage we visit, alongside ‘in’ for LinkedIn, ‘su’ for StumbleUpon, and the universally recognized envelope, which represents the archaic sharing system we call ‘email’ – which still accounts for 17% of all Internet sharing. When we’re surfing the web, we see something we like and click one or all of these sharing buttons without thinking twice. But if you’re a marketer, or a webmaster, or a blogger – anyone that has a vested interest in how many hits are coming in; sharing isn’t just the new American pastime – there are dollars at stake.

This is the goal of ShareThis, the largest platform for sharing and influence across the web, which aims to help publishers strengthen their advertising by understanding the people who are receiving their content via shares. One website has already nailed down their share-to-dollar algorithm – Eventbrite. Ökobilanz für Cloud Computing: "Neue Technik, alte Energie"

7 Best Practices for Facebook Connect on Ecommerce Sites. Last post we looked at the many ways online retailers are plugging into Facebook Connect.

7 Best Practices for Facebook Connect on Ecommerce Sites

Today we’ll look at seven important things to remember when using Facebook Connect on your site. 7 Recommendations for Facebook Connect 1. Can Anything Stop The Facebook Juggernaut? So.

Can Anything Stop The Facebook Juggernaut?

Facebook. $35 billion valuation; 600 million users; 25% of all US Web traffic — and all that with fewer employees than Google has job openings. The inventor of the World Wide Web recently warned that the web may be endangered by Facebook’s colossal walled garden. A Google engineer was recently paid $3.5 million to not jump ship to work there. Give Us Our Data, Facebook. I usually give Facebook the benefit of the doubt in its various wars with the press and users, particularly around privacy issues.

Give Us Our Data, Facebook

Mostly because user expectations around privacy are changing in real time. Things that were reprehensible just a couple of years ago are now considered so mainstream that even Salesforce will buy them and no one blinks. So when Facebook redefines privacy to remove actual privacy, I take a wait and see approach. Google To Facebook: You Can’t Import Our User Data Without Reciprocity. The war between Google and Facebook is heating up: Google just made one small tweak to its Terms of Service that will have a big impact on the world’s biggest social network.

Google To Facebook: You Can’t Import Our User Data Without Reciprocity

From now on, any service that accesses Google’s Contacts API — which makes it easy to import your list of friends’ and coworkers’ email addresses into another service — will need to offer reciprocity. Facebook doesn’t, so it’s going to lose access to this key piece of the social graph. So what does that mean in layman’s terms? Infografik und demographische Daten Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz per Oktober 2010. Alle Monate wieder, die aktuellen demographischen Daten zur Facebook-Nutzung in der Schweiz, Deutschland und Österreich.

Infografik und demographische Daten Deutschland, Österreich und Schweiz per Oktober 2010

Die im letzten Monat eingeführte Infografik präsentiere ich auf dem aktuellen Stand per 31.10.2010. Nach rückläufigen Zahlen in der Schweiz und Österreich im vergangenen Monat konnte Facebook in beiden Ländern im Oktober wieder positive Zahlen (+5.95% in AT und +3.71% in CH) ausweisen. Mit einem Wachstum von 14.05% ~ +1’562 Mio. Nutzer präsentiert sich Deutschland im Oktober.

Schweiz Nach leicht rückläufigen Zahlen im letzten Monat zeigte Facebook in der Schweiz wieder einen Wachstum von 3.71% auf 2.369 Mio. Facebook Demographie Schweiz per 31.10.2010 Österreich Auch in Österreich konnte sich Facebook vom Negativtrend im September erholen, der Wachstum im Okotber betrug 5.95% oder rund 122’060 neue Nutzer. Facebook Demographie Österreich per 31.10.2010 Deutschland Facebook Demographie Deutschland per 31.10.2010 Download “Facebook Demographie D/A/CH per 31.10.2010″ (PDF) Twitter makes me like people I’ve never met and Facebook makes me hate people I know in real life. Google Vs Facebook: A Battle Of Colossal Proportions [Infographic] Help us get Facebook to unfriend coal. Facebook Timeline: Now Victory! Facebook Werbepreise und Nutzerzahlen in Europa (Updated) The 12 Best Ways To Customize Your Facebook Pages. When a service such as Facebook limits users’ creative freedom, it is inevitable that other add-on services will overcome this limitation.

This is why then, we see more and more Facebook tab apps that give us more control and freedom when it comes to customizing a fan page or a personal profile. I can’t really understand why Facebook doesn’t create an editor that lets users create a super fan page. I can only guess they don’t want to deal with it and prefer their uniform design, which may be boring but at least it is consistent and familiar. Instead, Facebook lets other people get creative and offer an array of Facebook related apps built on the API. In any case, you must know this by now: A personalized page can drive more attention and probably, more traffic to your brand.

Facebook startet Lokalisierungsdienst: Einchecken unter Freunden. Facebook Pages Become Customer Support Centers. As Facebook continues to balloon in size, so too do the audiences that find, "like" and engage with brands via their Facebook Pages. Tomorrow, customer service software maker Parature will release a Facebook application that will help brands enhance the quality of customer service they can provide via Facebook.

Parature for Facebook is designed to make a company's Facebook Page double as a full-featured customer support center. Parature joins the likes of Get Satisfaction and its Social Engagement Hub in bringing customer service software to businesses living inside the world's biggest social network. Once installed, Parature for Facebook becomes integrated into the whole Facebook experience. Page visitors can access the help center via the support tab, but all conversations posted to the wall will be monitored for pre-defined keywords as determined by the company. The Future Of The Facebook Like Button. Exploring the software behind Facebook, the world’s largest site.