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WeeWorld - WeeMee. Writing, English Games for 7-11 Years. Knoword - Expand your vocabulary. Play and Learn. FLUENT - Test Your Knowledge of English, a game for ESL learners. Classcraft.

Big Describer - Learn English. Games to Learn English - For Students. English Wizz - LingualNet. The English Minnits - an adventure Game that teaches English. Ba Ba Dum. Teaching Empathy Through Digital Game Play. Digital Tools Quandary The playful approach to learning a new concept that kids usually take when playing a video game can be just the right jumping-off point for diving deeply into a topic.

Teaching Empathy Through Digital Game Play

Games can’t do all the teaching, but can engage kids to start thinking. At least that’s how MIT’s Education Arcade and the Learning Games Network are approaching their new free game Quandary. The two groups designed the video game to teach ethics while aligning with Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts for third through eighth graders.