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Ket exams tests

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Language Course. Key English Test (KET) - free vocabulary practice test from Exam English. Target KET Vocabulary Worksheets. Ket schools handbook. KET Exam Materials - Programa BEDA. PET READWRITE. PET Preparation Interactive Exercises. PET Practice - PET Exam Practice ESL English Reading Comprehension - BITS Interactive Exercises. Cambridge Exams Grammar: free practice test ALL LEVELS. Target Exams. Student's Area Here is some information, advice and extra practice to help you pass your exam.

Target Exams

Find out about the exam: How many papers are there? What do you have to do? Try an online practice test in the style of the computer-based test Read advice on how to prepare for the exam Read tips for exam day to make sure you are ready Watch a video of a speaking test so you can see what you need to do Look at links for students and find out more about the exam and practise grammar and vocabulary. Key (KET) preparation. PET Sentence Transformations I flashcards. Preliminary English Test (PET): Practice Tests and Exercises from Flo-Joe.

Intermediate. Cambridge English: Key (KET) - Reading and Writing sections. Key (KET) – Basic level English language exam. English Listening Level Test - How well do you understand English? Which English exam is right for you? Check Your English Grammar Level. PET Sentence Transformations I flashcards. Key English Test (KET) - free vocabulary practice test from Exam English. Oxford University Language Centre. EasyEnglish. Elementary English test. Exams.