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Glatz Group are a team of leading ENT surgeons by Frank R. Glatz M.D. that has been practising ENT Surgeries in McAllen, Weslaco and Harlingen. We are the top most Balloon Sinuplasty Specialist in Texas that are treating both adults and pediatric ear, nose and throat conditions.

Best ENT Physician. You’ll Be Glatz You Got a Balloon Sinuplasty More than 37 million Americans suffer from sinusitis every year, making it one of the most common health conditions in the country.

Best ENT Physician

Traditionally, those who suffer from the pain, pressure, and other symptoms of recurring and persistent sinus infections have had four routes to relief, such as: Addictive Nasal Sprays Daily Use of Antihistamines Medical Therapy (antibiotics, steroids, etc) Expensive Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery But now, qualified patients have a new treatment option – a simple office procedure known as balloon sinuplasty. Ear, Nose and Throat Doctors. Symptoms & Treatment.

There is sinusitis and there is sinusitis.

Symptoms & Treatment

Unless you suffer from serious sinusitis, you probably don't know the difference between acute sinusitis and chronic sinusitis. But there is a difference and it is important to know if you have chronic sinusitis in order to find the right chronic sinusitis treatment. The sinusitis is an inflammation of the tissue within the skull's cavities.. These tissues are normally filled with air, and they produce mucus which helps the body keep pollutants, allergens and other foreign bodies out of the nasal passages. If the sinus passages become inflamed, the sinuses become blocked, which means that this normally beneficial mucus is now trapped inside the sinus cavity. Heart of the McAllen. According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, approximately 20% of Americans, or 48 million people, report some type and degree of hearing loss.

Heart of the McAllen

There are three different types of hearing loss:Sensorineural hearing lossConductive hearing lossMixed hearing loss Over the last 14 years Dr. Glatz has provided implants to hundreds of patients across the Rio Grande Valley. He is also the director of the multidisciplinary cochlear implant team that works together to ensure that his patients get the best treatment. Dr. For more information on implantable hearing solutions visit the Cochlear website by visiting or contact us today. Cochlear Implants: When Hearing Aids Are Not Enough. Children and adults who have severe hearing problems or are deaf can be qualified for cochlear implants.

Cochlear Implants: When Hearing Aids Are Not Enough

The Food and Drug Administration or FDA has approved regulation of the device as long as thorough examination and assessment has been done rendering the procedure safe and useful. Patients' hearing history, underlying causes of hearing problems or loss, physical condition, support system for aural rehabilitation, speech recognition ability and amount of residual hearing are taken into consideration when determining candidates. Candidates may be described as individuals who have good communication skills with family willing to support development of coping skills and a functioning auditory nerve. The patient should be fit for surgery, positive about the results and have contact persons to help during post-cochlear implant period such as a deaf educator and verbal therapist.

Cochlear implant surgery is done with the use of general anaesthesia lasting around 2 to 3 hours. Sinus Surgery - Sinuplasty - A New Less Invasive Surgery. Get The Deep Knowledge Of Fundamentals Of Sinusitis. The medical name given to the inflammation and swelling of the sinuses is "Sinusitis.

Get The Deep Knowledge Of Fundamentals Of Sinusitis.

The inflammation of sinuses and the nasal passages is known as sinusitis, or a sinus infection. Having a bad headache, pressure in the eyes, nose, cheek area or on one side of the head are all known symptoms of Sinusitis. Affected individuals may also have other symptoms such as coughing, a fever, bad breath and a nasal congestion that secretes thick nasal substances. The two main types of sinusitis are acute, where the symptoms are short term, and chronic, where they are long term. Dr. Frank R. Glatz Group: glatzyoudid — LiveJournal. Balloon Sinuplasty, Sinus McAllen ENT Doctor. Balloon Sinuplasty. If you think that you have been suffering from sinus headaches, Please think again.

Balloon Sinuplasty

As I’m an ENT & sinus specialist in McAllen. I have talked to many experts & have same things to tell all my viewers that there is no such thing like sinus headache. In this article I will like to share a cure for the problem known as balloon sinuplasty. What are the symptoms that causes a "sinus headache? Doctors and most experienced headache experts is totally agree that there is no such thing as a sinus headache is present. Balloon Sinuplasty If your sinus infection and the headaches they can cause, happen repeatedly then there is new hope. Scientists have developed a new procedure called balloon sinuplasty which consists of putting a thin, flexible balloon catheter up your nose to enlarge the openings to your sinuses. Talk with your doctor The only bad news about this procedure is that it is not available everywhere but if you lives in McAllen, Weslaco and Harlingen than need not to worry. Balloon Sinuplasty - Sinus & ENT Specialists. Balloon Sinuplasty Safe and Effective.

Balloon Sinuplasty is an endoscopic surgical procedure used to help those who suffer from chronic sinusitis and are not getting results from medication.

Balloon Sinuplasty Safe and Effective

A balloon is inserted into the inflamed sinus cavity and slowly inflated to gently push the swollen tissue aside. Then a catheter drains the built-up fluid. Sinuplasty is offered as an alternative to traditional sinus surgery that would remove tissue or bone from the sinuses to allow for drainage. Is Balloon Sinuplasty Safe?

Any surgical procedure involves some risk. Is Balloon Sinuplasty Effective? In the CLEAR study, patients were re-examined a year after their surgery. 85% of patients were found to have maintained open sinus passageways from the original procedure. If you are looking for a minimally invasive sinus surgery, which will help you get rid of sinusitis, Visit Glatz Group are a team of leading Sinus specialist by Frank R. Best Balloon Sinuplasty Specialist In McAllen.