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Are you affected by unplanned teenage pregnancy and running short of options? Don't you worry. We are here to support you and help you through the Florida adoption process. We are local and available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We always treat you with the respect, care, and dignity you deserve.

How Teenage Pregnancy Counseling is Beneficial. Do you need information regarding teenage pregnancy counseling?

How Teenage Pregnancy Counseling is Beneficial

Below we will discuss some of the most effective resources for teen pregnancy. Teen pregnancy is more common than most of us realize. Girls between the ages of 15–19 in 2017 gave birth to 194,000 babies in the U.S. The number of teen pregnancies in the U.S. completely outranks those in other industrialized countries. Experiencing pregnancy in your teenage years is not easy, but with the number of resources and continual support from a variety of areas, you can get through it. Florida Reproductive Law. As a reproductive lawyer in Palm Beach County, Florida, Lisa Paige Glass works every day to build families through third-party assisted reproductive techniques.

Florida Reproductive Law

Not every family is a traditional family, and at Glass Law Office, we find beauty in everyone’s journey to create a family. Our mission is to use all legal means possible to put families together with as little emotional strain as possible. Reproductive law is not black and white. The circumstances surrounding a reproductive law case are always sensitive and require the oversight of someone such as attorney Lisa Paige Glass who is knowledgeable, passionate, caring, and professional. Third Party Assisted Reproductive Techniques Donor EggDonor SpermTraditional SurrogacyGestational SurrogacyAdoption Donor Egg. Reproductive Law Florida.

Among other areas of practice, Lisa Paige Glass is an experienced surrogacy lawyer with her own law practice in Boca Raton, Florida.

Reproductive Law Florida

Surrogacy law can be complicated and confusing, but Lisa has been working in the field for many years and is experienced at creating successful surrogacy agreements and happy families. What is Surrogacy? There are 2 types of surrogacy: traditional and gestational. In both types of surrogacy, the intended result is for a surrogate to voluntarily carry a baby through gestation until birth for another couple as the intended parents, or commissioning parents. Traditional surrogacy is when a surrogate donates her own ovum to create a pregnancy with either the sperm of the intended father or donated sperm. Gestational Surrogacy is significantly more common. What To Do After Finding Out You Are Pregnant?

So, you’re pregnant.

What To Do After Finding Out You Are Pregnant?

What do you do now? This is a question most teens face. Teen pregnancy help is often scarce, and as a result, most young women find the situation increasingly stressful. Furthermore, due to the societal impact of teen pregnancies, most teens feel unsupported. Their fears stem from a perceived lack of teen pregnancy options. According to the American Pregnancy Association, around 500,000 young women in their teenage years or below become pregnant. In these cases, it’s important to surround yourself with supportive individuals who are not only looking out for your best interest but also the interest of the child.

How Adoption Works. 6 Myths About Adoptions. 6 Myths About Adoptions Posted on: Feb-23-2018.

6 Myths About Adoptions

WHAT IS THE LAW OF ADOPTION IN FLORIDA. What is the Law of Adoption in Florida Posted on: Apr-05-2018 For prospective parents, adoption is a great way to make an addition to the family.


The adoption process, however, can be rather legally complex. State laws dictate the parameters on who can adopt, who can be adopted, and the procedures governing these adoptions. How To Find the Best Adoption Lawyers In your Area. Adoption is both a beautiful and difficult reality.

How To Find the Best Adoption Lawyers In your Area

Difficult for the families who have to give up their children for adoption, but beautiful for the new families that are able to care for them as if they were their own. For families considering adoption, there are many legal guidelines and protocols in place that you’ll need to follow. As complicated as this can sometimes be, you do not have to deal with the legal aspects on your own. Adoption lawyers are abundant, and finding the best adoption lawyers can prove to be an easy feat if done correctly. COPING WITH AN UNPLANNED PREGNANCY. Coping with an Unplanned Pregnancy Posted on: Apr-30-2018 So you are living in West Palm Beach and are trying to cope with an unplanned pregnancy?


Depending on the views of your friends and family, you are likely either repeatedly informed of your options or adamantly asked for confirmation that you are keeping it. Unfortunately, these responses are not the support you need to make the necessary decisions and cope with your unplanned pregnancy. The reality is that in any circumstance, a pregnancy is a beautiful and powerful experience. Consider Your Immediate Needs. Top 10 Tips for Choosing an Adoption Attorney. Top 10 Tips for Choosing an Adoption Attorney Posted on: Mar-24-2018 Adoption is a great alternative for parents looking to create a family.

Top 10 Tips for Choosing an Adoption Attorney

Parents can pursue adoption in many ways—through a public agency, private agency, or attorney; and domestically or internationally. Regardless of what you choose, having an adoption attorney knowledgeable in the legal requirements to assist you throughout the process will make the adoption process operate more smoothly and be less stressful for all involved. Domestic adoption is where the child and the prospective adoptive parents are in the same country. A public agency typically handles domestic adoptions of children who enter the foster care system whose biological parents have had their parental rights terminated.

Adopting A Family Member. We work with loving families who are hoping to become parents through adoption.

Adopting A Family Member

Adoption is the legal process of creating a family by giving parental rights to adoptive parents. There are many reasons why a family might seek to adopt a child. Below are some of the most common situations that lead many families to choose adoption. To find out more about the adoption process, please contact us to set up a consultation. Family Law Adoption Lawyer. Lisa Paige Glass is an adoption lawyer in Boca Raton, Florida who matches expectant birth mothers with individuals or couples looking to adopt. Lisa is passionate about the adoption process and cares about the families she works with. If you are seeking a knowledgeable and compassionate lawyer with years of experience, the legal team at Glass Law Office will provide you with guided assistance to make the right decisions for your future and your family. Unplanned Pregnancy. Do I Need a Lawyer for Adoption in Florida? Do I Need a Lawyer for Adoption in Florida?

Posted on: Apr-30-2018 If you are considering adoption for your unborn child, you may be thinking about various aspects of the process and whether you need to hire an adoption lawyer. In short, you as the birth mother are not required to have your own lawyer, but if you feel you need representation, you certainly may hire an attorney. Lisa Paige Glass is an attorney, licensed by the Florida Bar Association, who predominantly focuses on Florida adoption law. Lisa represents adoptive parents but works closely with the birth parents as well.

What You Should Know About Adoption For Birth Mothers. What You Should Know About Adoption For Birth Mothers Posted on: Jun-11-2018. Adoption Intervention. Adoption Intervention Posted on: Jul-12-2018 Life is filled with unexpected obstacles and challenges that can make being a parent difficult. Every parent wants what is best for his or her child–even if that parent is not presently able to provide for the child in the way he or she would like. If the government becomes aware of circumstances that lead them to believe that a parent has abused, abandoned, or neglected a child, , then the government may intercede on the child’s behalf by opening a dependency case on the child under Chapter 39, Florida Statutes. The child’s best interest governs the steps that the court takes in the dependency case. If a child is in foster care and the parent is facing termination of parental rights, the parent may understandably feel helpless, upset, and powerless.