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U.S. planned to destroy WikiLeaks. Top U.S. Officer: WikiLeaks Might Have ‘Blood on Its Hands’ As Pentagon leaders go, Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm.

Top U.S. Officer: WikiLeaks Might Have ‘Blood on Its Hands’

Mike Mullen are fairly mild-mannered — prone to quiet, careful assessments, not table-pounding bluster. But they could barely contain their anger on Thursday at WikiLeaks for publishing tens of thousands of secret documents about the Afghanistan war. Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, went so far as to say that the transparency activists “might already have on their hands the blood of some young soldier” or an Afghan partner during a Pentagon press briefing, his voice elevating slightly. Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen spoke to reporters and answered questions about th.

BBC Newsnight, 30 July 2010 How open should gov. be with information? WikiLeaks: We asked Whitehouse to hel... WikiLeaks: Obnoxious Pentagon spokesp... WikiLeaks: We are examining the Pentagon's "request" and will issue a statement in due course. FOX: WikiLeaks v. the Pentagon... FOXFreedomWatch The Government Lies to You!!‬‎ Glenn Greenwald: The Pentagon's "demand" th... Amnesty International, Human Rights Groups Ask Wikileaks To Censor Civilians' Names. LONDON — Human rights groups said Tuesday they've asked WikiLeaks to censor secret files on the Afghanistan war to protect civilians who've worked alongside the U.S. and other foreign forces from reprisals.

Amnesty International, Human Rights Groups Ask Wikileaks To Censor Civilians' Names

The Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, Amnesty International and three other groups have sent a series of e-mails to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange calling for the names of Afghan civilians to be removed from the 77,000 classified military documents published by the online whistle-blower last month. Nader Nadery, of the commission, said the groups want the names removed from files already released, and from any documents disclosed in the future. "There was no consideration about civilian lives," Nadery said, noting a rise in assassinations of Afghan civilians seen as government collaborators. Human Rights Groups Press WikiLeaks Over Data. WikiLeaks: Need $700k for our next ha... WikiLeaks: Pentagon wants to bankrupt... WikiLeaks: Amnesty International spok... Taleban should be prosecuted for war crimes in Afghanistan.

AmnestyInternational: Taleban should be prosecut... Maximillian C. Forte: A War on Wikileaks? By MAXIMILIAN C.

Maximillian C. Forte: A War on Wikileaks?

FORTE In the interest of full disclosure, I am one of Wikileaks’ many financial donors. I have downloaded their entire Afghan War Diary, and numerous other documents in the past, and I have shared them. I am also one of the critics of some aspects of the Wikileaks review process. Some might rush to conclude that this puts individuals such as myself in a difficult position. The past week has seen a mounting cascade of legal threats against Wikileaks, launched first via the mainstream media, which along with its patron state is clearly smarting from the lash of uncontrolled information access. WikiLeaks: Don't be fooled on the "hu... WikiLeaks: Pentagon wants to bankrupt... Amnesty: verwijder namen uit Wikileaks - Trouw. WikiLeaks: Don't be fooled by Pentago... Pentagon to WikiLeaks: Return Our Secret Documents, Or Else. The U.S. Department of Defense has issued a demand to WikiLeaks: Return all the secret documents related to the war in Afghanistan, or else.

In a press briefing, Pentagon spokesperson Geoff Morrell made it very clear the Pentagon isn't playing along; it wants its documents back or it will find ways to "compel them to do the right thing," according to reports from the press conference: "We want whatever they have returned to us and we want whatever copies they have expunged... WikiLeaks: Whitehouse claims we did n... DoD (DeptofDefense) Why won't the Pentagon help WikiLeaks redact documents? - Glenn Greenwald. (updated below – Update II – Update III) When the controversy first arose over the lack of redactions in the war documents released by WikiLeaks, the website insisted that, using the New York Times as an intermediary, it had asked the Obama administration for help in removing names of Afghans before releasing the documents, a claim the Pentagon vehemently denied.

Why won't the Pentagon help WikiLeaks redact documents? - Glenn Greenwald

The New York Times, needless to say, sided with the Government — that’s what the NYT does — but they did so by simultaneously confirming the truth of WikiLeaks’ version of events. From the Associated Press article, July 31, on that controversy: Also on Saturday, a New York Times reporter who has been the newspaper’s liaison with Assange, dismissed Assange’s claim that WikiLeaks had offered to let U.S. government officials go through leaked documents to ensure that no innocent people were identified.

Should The U.S. Kidnap WikiLeak’s Founder Julian Assange? - Swampland - I guess those who care about international press freedom can take comfort in the fact that Marc Thiessen no longer works for the government.

Should The U.S. Kidnap WikiLeak’s Founder Julian Assange? - Swampland -

On the Washington Post website, the former Bush Administration speechwriter and harsh interrogation booster, offers his view of WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange. In short, Thiessen calls for the U.S. to basically declare war on Assange, or presumably any other individual or organization that publishes documents the U.S. thinks might harm national security. Assange is a non-U.S. citizen operating outside the territory of the United States. This means the government has a wide range of options for dealing with him.

It can employ not only law enforcement but also intelligence and military assets to bring Assange to justice and put his criminal syndicate out of business. Military assets? Justice Hugo Black, with Justice William Brennan, added the following: DoD: We are not interested in n... US Congressman calls for Wikileaks whistleblower to be executed - We don't like whistleblowers in the army. A US Congressman has called for the bloke who leaked secret documents to Wikileaks to be executed.

US Congressman calls for Wikileaks whistleblower to be executed - We don't like whistleblowers in the army

Congressman Mike Rogers says he supports execution for the soldier involved if he is ultimately found guilty. This splendid example of humanity is a Republican who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, which must shorely be some mishtake. Rogers said that Private Bradley Manning appears to be guilty of treason in time of war, which is a capital crime. He hit out what he called a "culture of disclosure" for encouraging someone like Manning into thinking that the release of such sensitive information was a good thing. Rogers told his local radio station that Mannings' actions must have condemned to death many Afghans who assisted the United States. Marc A. Thiessen - WikiLeaks must be stopped. Let's be clear: WikiLeaks is not a news organization; it is a criminal enterprise.

Marc A. Thiessen - WikiLeaks must be stopped

Its reason for existence is to obtain classified national security information and disseminate it as widely as possible -- including to the United States' enemies. These actions are likely a violation of the Espionage Act, and they arguably constitute material support for terrorism. The Web site must be shut down and prevented from releasing more documents -- and its leadership brought to justice. WikiLeaks' founder, Julian Assange, proudly claims to have exposed more classified information than all the rest of the world press combined.

Congressman - Executing Pentagon Papers Leaker Daniel Ellsberg Should Have Been Considered. Should America tolerate Wikileaks or destroy it like any other national security threat? Our own Jason Perlow sent me a link to a Washington Post editorial entitled WikiLeaks must be stopped.

Should America tolerate Wikileaks or destroy it like any other national security threat?

It's written by Marc A. Thiessen, a Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, a conservative policy institute. Whether or not you normally agree with AEI's rather right-wing views, Thiessen has a point. He basically argues what I've talked about before: that Wikileaks is distributing classified information and putting America, American troops, and world diplomacy at risk. Neocons are hypocrites on WikiLeaks. As soon as the WikiLeaks Afghanistan exposé came to light, it was obvious the usual suspects would start attacking the messenger than discussing the message.

Neocons are hypocrites on WikiLeaks

David Aaronovitch was quick off the mark, with others following soon enough – implying WikiLeaks was seriously damaging the war effort in Afghanistan. The rhetoric has now reached absurd levels. The US defence secretary said the WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, had "blood on his hands"; people on Fox News have called it "a terrorist organisation"; and one of the Washington Post's columnists called it a "criminal enterprise". The former Bush speechwriter also said he wanted it shut down and Assange to "be brought to justice" by any means necessary, and has previously justified waterboarding. It has been reported that one WikiLeaks editor has already been harassed by US border police. Video: Respect My Authoritah.

U.S. Urges Allies to Crack Down on WikiLeaks. For five long and very strange years, death haunted tiny Dryden, NY, a town near the Finger Lakes where a plague of car accidents, suicides, and even grisly murders involving two popular cheerleaders just kept mounting up.

U.S. Urges Allies to Crack Down on WikiLeaks

At the end of Fargo, Frances McDormand’s police chief, Marge Gunderson, captures the psycho played by Peter Stormare. He’s in the backseat of her police cruiser and she talks to him as she drives. We see that she cannot fathom the evil she’s just seen. “And here ya are,” she says, “and it’s a beautiful day. Well, I just don’t understand it.” Europarlementariër eist uitleg over Wikileaks-dreiging. BRUSSEL – D66 heeft in een spoedprocedure opheldering geëist van de Europese Commissie over druk vanuit de Verenigde Staten om Wikileaks-voorman Julian Assange aan te pakken. Spoedvragen aan de Europese Commissie; FBI helpt bij WikiLeaks-onderzoek. Archiefbeeld 23 maart 2007.

Kamervragen na Wikileaks. FBI-onderzoek naar WikiLeaks. De Nederlandse Publieke Omroep maakt gebruik van cookies. We maken een onderscheid tussen functionele cookies en cookies voor het beheer van webstatistieken, advertenties en social media. De cookies bevatten geen persoonsgegevens en zijn dus niet tot een individu te herleiden. - sang sur mains - ) Mike Mullen having a nice steak dinner with a 'clear conscience'