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Unicycling Inspires Chemist, More And Better Chocolate. [+]Enlarge Champ: Max Schulze, unicycler and chemist.

Unicycling Inspires Chemist, More And Better Chocolate

Credit: Minesh Bacrania It was because of a Father’s Day gift that 21-year-old Max Schulze, a rising senior honors student in chemistry at Colorado School of Mines, became a world champion unicyclist. Eight years ago, Max and his older brother bought their dad a unicycle for the holiday, which was observed this year on Sunday, June 16, in the U.S. and many other countries. Dad had told his sons that “it would be cool to have a unicycle,” after they all watched a champion unicyclist perform in a video.

As it turned out, Schulze’s father didn’t really get the hang of riding the one-wheeled contraption. Schulze didn’t start out with the aim of being a world champion. Soon, he was taking part in local competitions by hopping curbs, riding along sloped handrails, and jumping over obstacles. So, the Newscripts gang wondered, is there any link between unicycling and chemistry? The gift seems solid and durable so far, Schulze says. Juan C. Book Online. Chemguide: CIE A level chemistry support. Cambridge University Press (CUP) have just published (January 2011) a brand new book covering the whole of the CIE A level chemistry course, including the Applications section.

chemguide: CIE A level chemistry support

The book includes a useful CD-ROM which has answers to all the end-of-chapter questions amongst other things. The CD-ROM is usable by both PCs and Macs. The book has been written by a completely different set of authors from the old book and the Applications Support Booklet - and it shows! The new book is written in an extremely student-friendly way. CIE examiners were involved during the production of the book, and so the contents should closely match the current syllabus. That's not to say that there won't be mistakes in the book, and perhaps odd bits missed out (see below). I have so far only read parts of the book, but I have no hesitation in recommending it. You can find out more about it by following the Amazon links below.

Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry Coursebook with CD-ROM Errors Omissions. Chemguide: CIE A level chemistry support. Transition metals menu. General features of transition metals . . .

transition metals menu

This page describes the general features of transition metal chemistry, and provides links to other pages on the site where some of the material is covered in more detail. The chemistry of some specific transition metals These pages bring together some detailed chemistry of each of the metals required by UK A' level syllabuses. Some of the material is taken directly from other pages on the site, but with added new bits - mainly on redox reactions involving the ions. Reaction Table.pdf. Creative Chemistry - fun activities, worksheets, games and revision quizzes.