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Tools for - Board Game Maker, printable board games, 100% customizable. Tools for Educators offers to use as resources for lessons, lesson plans and printable materials for English classes .

Tools for - Board Game Maker, printable board games, 100% customizable

More game board options listed below! The board game maker is a worksheet wizard that allows you to create boardgames on any theme with pictures . Customize a board with text of your choice and mix with images , or just create a board that is all text. Game with text only. Online converter - convert video, images, audio and documents for free. Commons:FLIP - Wikimedia Commons. Digitalalarresurser.wikispaces. Lessonwell.

Lingro: The coolest dictionary known to hombre! Web 2 Tools by Task. Avators: Build your Wild Self - create a self portrait and learn about the animal parts incorporated into your avatar.

Web 2 Tools by Task

Mikons - where people communicate through visual symbols, logos, icons, or avatars to tell a story is a web application that produces animated characters to which you can add your voice (or anybody else’s). Edu Apps. Ideas to Inspire. Web-Tools. Guide to important web tools in education. When it comes to using web resources with our students, time plays a decisive role.It is next to impossible for a busy teacher restricted by curriculum constraints, day to day lesson preparations, assignment corrections, to mention but a few of his chores, to effectively search the web and find the adequate resources to share with his/ her students.

Guide to important web tools in education

Most people just do not have the time to learn all these technologies and some educators pick just one or two websites of interest and start exploring them. This is definitely not the right thing to do particularly if you want to leverage the huge potential of technology into your classroom.There is, however, a simple roudabout to this problem. Look for educational technology blogs ( such as the one you are reading now ) and subscribe to their feeds to stay updated about the latest web tools to use in your instruction.

PuzzleFast Instant Puzzle Maker. Free Summarizer, an online automatic tool to summarize any text or article. Fluency Passages Generator. Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. Interactive Textbook Software from Evident Point. Pivot Animator. Turnitin. Home - Quora. WordItOut - Generate word clouds (and make custom gifts)

Connect-Collaborate-Create with Web 2 Tools. 7 Ways to Create and Deliver Online Quizzes. Creating and delivering quizzes and tests online offers a number of advantages over paper-based quizzes and tests.

7 Ways to Create and Deliver Online Quizzes

Many online quiz services allow you to create quizzes that give your students instant feedback. Some of the services provide the option to include picture and video prompts in your quizzes. And all of these services save you the hassle of printing your quizzes. Here are seven ways that you can create and deliver quizzes online. Rubrics. Web 2.0 Resources. Go Premium. HelloSlide - Bring your slides to life. Multimedia Learning Resources - Educaplay. Tools/Resources. 95 best iPad apps for designers.

We've gathered together the very best iPad apps in Apple's App Store – and many are free.

95 best iPad apps for designers

You're sure to find a timelessly brilliant app that meets your needs, saving you the hassle of searching through the hundreds of thousands available. Whether you're looking to design on your iPad, carry out research, find inspiration, or improve your task management and productivity there are tons of iPad apps in our list. So here goes, in no particular order... 01. Adobe Capture CC Price: Free Packed with useful features to work alongside apps like Adobe Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC, Adobe Capture CC lets users extract colour themes from photos and convert images into vector graphics. 02. Create a course. Animaps - Create and view beautifully informative animated maps, for free! Twiddla. 19Pencils - Quick and Easy Tools for Learning. Quizzes, Games, Websites and More!

DrawIsland. Piktochart: Infographic & Presentation Tool. Clip Art Gallery. Free photos for education. Free animated gif, graphic animation, icon, and clipart. Word chart - The Scramblinator. Animerade förklaringar. Coggle. English tools for ANSWERSHEET. Create interactive flash tools / games for education. Zunal WebQuest Maker.

WordSift - Visualize Text. Free online tutorials for learning to use technology and ict in education. How to work with screencasting tools uses Camtasia for making the training videos. I also use JING for making short videos. If you look at the menu on the left-hand side, you can see a complete list of the screencasting tools that I have worked with and made videos for. Here are a few of my favourites. Camtasia 7-Two sets of videos All the videos I have made on this site use Camtasia 7.

The Teacher's Guides To Technology And Learning. Welcome to the official guide to technology and learning by Edudemic!

The Teacher's Guides To Technology And Learning

This part of Edudemic is meant to offer you, the teacher, some of the best and most popular resources available today. We’ve combed through hundreds of resources in order to narrow down our guides into something easy to read, easy to use, and easy to share. Welcome to the Mnemosyne Project. Flash My Brain - Study and create talking flash cards and music flash cards. Free Online Word Art Generator. Create and share visual ideas online. Text 2 Mind Map - organigramma 2.012,13. Create Free 3D Banners for Your Web Pages! Linoit. What2Learn. Sharendipity. Text 2 Mind Map - Simple mind mapping online. Randall's Video Snapshots: For ESL/EFL Students. The movie clips called Video Snapshots are designed to provide additional learning content related to other listening activities on my site.

Randall's Video Snapshots: For ESL/EFL Students

To learn more about this project, read the Frequently Asked Questions below: Current Videos (Click the picture to watch the video - Click the link below the picture to visit a related listening activity). You can also search by title below: Why did you create this section of your Website? There are three main objectives for the videos: (1) add new materials to support existing content on my site through the recycling of vocabulary and topics (e.g., a video on trains is linked to a conversation called, Train Tickets: Getting Around Tokyo), (2) provide more visual multimedia content that can aid students in the language-learning process, and (3) share my own personal life experiences that might be of benefit to those who want to see new things (for example, how many people have camped in freezing, snowy conditions . . .

Teacher Resources. Classroom 2.0. Dashboard. 7 Tools Students Can Use to Manage Group Projects. Any teacher who has assigned group projects to students has at some point had to help those students organize and equitably distribute work.

7 Tools Students Can Use to Manage Group Projects

(Or has had to listen to students complaints about other group members not pulling their weight). Here are some tools that you can have students use to manage their responsibilities when working on group projects. Zamzar - video converter, audio converter, image converter, eBook converter. Web20-21stcentury-tools - home. H5P - Create and Share Rich HTML5 Content and Applications. Kathy Schrock's Kaffeeklatsch. Class View. A- New to Flipping? Start HERE - Kirch's "Flipped Classroom" Resources. Flipping with Kirch. Highlight web with - best marker, highlighter, annotator! ESL Scrambled Sentence Generator.

Free HTML5 Slideshows - SlideMyPics. SlideTalk: presentaciones con voz. Hace unos días conocí este servicio: SlideTalk desde un artículo que encontré en eLearning INDUSTRY SlideTalk te ofrece la posibilidad de insertar tu presentación de PowerPoint online de la manera que lo puedes hacer en SlideShare pero añadiendo texto oral que acompañe a las diapositivas.

SlideTalk: presentaciones con voz

Eres tú quien decide qué poner y el idioma permitiendo incluso cambiar de voz-idioma por diapositiva para realizar tus efectos: cambios de registro para explicaciones internas o para crear personajes o entrevistas. Una vez subes la presentación se crea una ventana paralela a cada diapositiva donde debes escribir el texto que quieres que sea escuchado. Cuando terminas tu montaje recibes el link del canal de youtube de la plataforma con tu video.

A partir de ahí, lo que hice fue descargarme ese vídeo en mi portátil y subirlo a mi canal youtube. Os muestro el resultado de mi primer vídeo: ¿Se te ocurre alguna idea más? Slideshows. With charming, flexible designs in a range of styles, adjustable details and pacing, and the option to add music, your photographs are woven together to tell a story in a Smilebox slideshow.


A tribute to thirty years of marriage. Homage to a grandmother’s love and wisdom. Appreciation for all the ways dad supports you. A proud showcase of a son’s graduation day. Adoration of baby’s recent milestones. Each Smilebox slideshow is a completely personal creation to cherish. Visit our Slideshows Gallery to see what other Smilebox fans are creating, and be inspired. Hi Slider - Free HTML5, jQuery & WordPress Image Slider Gallery Maker [] Online Photo Sharing, Social Network, Image Hosting, Online Photo Albums. 40 Sites and Apps for Creating Presentations. Creating a presentation or slideshow is one of the staples of any 21st Century Classroom.

This is a skill that almost every educator has and is a must known skill for any successful student. It used to be that only programs such as PowerPoint could create presentations. However, now there are lots of sites and apps that not only creating stunning presentations but also make it easier then ever. Below is my list of some of my favorite tools for creating beautiful looking presentations/slideshows. *This list is in alphabetical order.40 Sites & Apps for Creating Presentations. HelloSlide - Bring your slides to life.

Video tech

Quizmakers. Web 2.0 List. Here is a list of web 2.0 tools and other educational technology tools that I have previewed and many of them used in the classroom. Eventually I will do a tutorial and highlight most of these but in the meantime for those who are up to just exploring and figuring them out yourselves, then have at it and enjoy. Bibliography Makers/Generators.

Lingle - Bulk Buy Accounts. Creación de actividades escolares :. Multimedia Learning Resources - Educaplay. Worksheet and Activities Generator. Blubbr - Create Interactive Quizzes Using YouTube Clips. Blubbr is a neat quiz creation service that I recently learned about on Danny Nicholson's blog. Using Blubbr you can create interactive quizzes that are based on YouTube clips. Your quizzes can be about anything of your choosing. The structure of the quizzes has a viewer watch a short clip then answer a multiple choice question about the clip.

Viewers know right away if they chose the correct answer or not. English tools for ANSWERSHEET. Interactive Video. Worksheets. Strategier för språkförståelse. Youtube channels. How to use Padlet (and why) EdTech Published on October 4th, 2013 | by Mark Anderson About 6 years ago, a web 2.0 tool came along called ‘Wallwisher’ which everyone raved about and it really was the belle of the edtech ball.

It was very popular indeed, but over time, it became more unpredictable and thus unreliable. As time rolled on so less and less teachers used it in the classroom. Guided tour. EzPeasy.