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Iconmonstr. App. Fontello - easy iconic fonts composer. Les icônes : 40 Icônes de qualité pour vos prochains Templates - icones-ressources. Vector icône, t l chargement gratuit des vecteurs, des outils gratuits T l chargement gratuit de Vector, PSD, FLASH, JPG - 5 Best High Quality Icons Search Engine Websites For Web Designers and Developers. April 11th, 2011 Icons are one of the most important element for a website.

5 Best High Quality Icons Search Engine Websites For Web Designers and Developers

We have collected some icon sets such as 480+ free and fresh icon sets help you to create your beautiful skins and themes in Flex, 15 Sets of Free Social Bookmarking Icons and 350+ Fresh And Elegant Free Icons For Android etc. But probably it’s difficult to find out the high quality icons which categories you want to. Here is 5 best high quality icons search engine websites for web designers and developers. 1. Iconfinder provides high quality icons for webdesigners and developers in an easy and efficient way. 2. IconArchive is a professional tag based icon search engine with over two hundred thousand icons for web developers, end users and graphic artists. 3.

The is a icon search engine which contents over 20000 high quaility web icons in more than 1000 icon packs. 4. 5. Iconlet is search engine for free quality icons. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. 110 icônes de qualité pour vos prochains webdesign - icones. 200 icones toutes fraiches pour vos prochains Webdesign - Blog Du Webdesign Magazine. NounProject.

40 Professional Icon Sets For Free Download - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement When it comes to icons, web designers and graphic artists have an excellent opportunity to showcase their craft, prove their experience and explore their creativity.

40 Professional Icon Sets For Free Download - Smashing Magazine

A sweet, nice icon set is a perfect showcase of designer’s work and a powerful instrument to build up your reputation online. In fact, designers make use of it, creating absolutely amazing icon sets and offering them for free download. However, designing a high-quality icon set isn’t an easy task. It takes time, patience and resources and it requires professional skills and experience. In the overview below we present 40 excellent, free and professional icons for desktop and web design. You can also scan through the icons-related articles we’ve published before: This time you’ll find quite many tasty snacks.

Free Icons For Your Web Designs Office Space Icon Set6This set contains a coffee icon, chair icon, employee icon, coffee machine icon, computer display icon and information kiosk icon. 128×128: Toast It! 25 Fresh and Useful Icon Sets. 463 shares 8 Free & Useful Minimal Icon Sets Icons are certainly a very important element of a design.

25 Fresh and Useful Icon Sets

It doesn’t matter if you are putting together a website or app, icons will be the key for several user interactions. This is why it’s always good to fill your library with good icons you can count on. The good thing is that there are… Read More 916 shares.