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Discover the best iPhone games, what features to look for and what game is right for you with our list of iPhone games.

Gate Smart Lock Review 2017. It’s probably safe to say, but getting in and out of your home unfettered is probably at the top of your list.

Gate Smart Lock Review 2017

However, most of the time we don’t think about it. Why? Because rarely does a key and traditional mechanical lock fail us. Save for losing the key or breaking one off in the lock itself. However, when considering a smart lock, such as the Gate smart lock, it warrants some deeper evaluation then a simple key and lock scenario. Overview Price: $359 (retail)Available: Soon (currently via Crowdfunding) Summary: The Gate is probably the most fully featured smart lock to date, as it includes a video camera, doorbell like functionality, mic, speaker and a keypad all built into one. What We Liked It combines all the “smart” features of most smart locks and smart doorbellsNo batteries needed; it comes with a rechargeable one built-in to the lock What We Didn’t Gate Smart Lock Specs Design At the center of the Gate is a traditional lock and key setup.

Installation The App. Best Slow Cooker In 2017. To find the best slow cooker in 2016, we considered slow cookers of all shapes and sizes, including those with at least four quarts of space in their oval-shaped containers, as well as the option to program multiple heat settings for up to 24 hours at a time either through an LCD display or over a Wemo-connected smartphone app.

Best Slow Cooker In 2017

So what’s the best slow cooker of 2017? Without hesitation, the Cusinart MSC-400 Cook Central 3-in-1 ($99.99) slow cooker takes the cake, thanks to not only its stellar slow cooking capabilities, but also the option to saute, brown, steam and sear all your ingredients inside one pre-programmable appliance! Best Slow Cooker How We Choose the Best Slow Cooker But what is a slow cooker, really? Optimally the best slow cooker will have a digital LCD display that you can use to set exact times and heating methods ahead of time, as well as clocks which let you know how long is left in each cycle.

Read More: Best Drip Coffee Maker. Best Headphones 2017. Bowers & Wilkins has been making strides to nab a chunk of the mainstream audio market recently, particularly for those of us who don’t mind spending a bit more for a premium pair of headphones.

Best Headphones 2017

The British audio manufacturer’s portfolio does a great job to stand out in the crowd, succeeding at unique designs that are classy and luxurious. It also helps that its acoustics are audiophile-grade and pricing isn’t generally that far out range for most people’s pocketbooks. Now the company is fully embracing the Bluetooth wireless trend, and has just released a new over-ear to lead the pack – the P7 Wireless.

The preceding P7 wired variant was highly regarded, so let’s find out if the company was able to maintain that excellence without the wire in our Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless headphone review. Overview Price: $399 on AmazonAvailable: Sept. 2016Model: Bowers & Wilkins P7 Wireless What We Liked. Nikon 1 AW1 Review. Photographers looking for a camera they can use underwater traditionally have had two choices: A fixed lens waterproof model that offers simple operation and spotty image quality or inserting an advanced DSLR camera into a waterproof casing that will protect it from the elements.

Nikon 1 AW1 Review

You’ll receive very good image quality with the latter option, but the waterproof cases can be awkward to use. So if you’re looking for a different option, this Nikon 1 AW1 review will provide it. The AW1 is a thin mirrorless interchangeable lens camera that provides much better image quality than the fixed lens waterproof cameras, and you can use it in up to 49 feet of water depth without a case. The Nikon 1 AW1 waterproof camera certainly isn’t a perfect model. It’s a basic camera that isn’t going to probably meet the needs of more advanced photographers. Overview WHY IT’S A TOP PICK: Image quality easily outshines a typical waterproof camera.

Price: $796.95 from AmazonAvailable: February 2014Model: AW1 Wrap Up. Iphone Games. Gaming is a huge market, so unearthing the best iPhone games for every type of person is no easy feat.

Iphone Games

That in mind, mobile gaming hasn’t always been of the highest quality, plagued with low quality titles, stories that lack excitement, and in most cases, wonky gameplay. For years, we’ve seen game after game that just isn’t up to par or meets the expectations you might have for a game. But, as of late, developers have been creating some fairly robust titles for the iPhone.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to find these new games in the midst of all the mire. Some of the titles below, in our list of top iPhone games, will have a higher price point than many other games available, and in most cases, that’s how you can tell a game might have some quality to it. Table of Contents Best iPhone Games Compared.