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Events. Information on upcoming events; Resources from past events Since 2004, Web Directions has been organizing world leading conferences for web professionals. Our next big event is on May 1 and 2: Web Directions Code, a festival of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS and all things front-end. Check out the videos page for videos and slidecasts from previous Web Directions events. Previous events Web Directions Code 2012 Web Directions Code 2012 was a brand new event for us: two days, one track, all totally focussed on HTML5 and JavaScript, held at the RACV Club in Melbourne on May 23 and 24 2012. Web Directions South 2011 Web Directions South 2011 was held at the Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, October 13 and 14 2011.

The second Web Directions @media was held at the Southbank Centre, London, May 26 & 27 2011. Web Directions Unplugged 2011 The very first Web Directions Unplugged was held at The Conference Center, Seattle, May 12 & 13 2011. Web Directions South 2010 Web Directions USA 2010. The evolution of the web. Aviary Developers.

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Normalize.css: Make browsers render all elements more consistently. Mappa Mondiale Domini Registrabili. Sobees Launches iPad App NewsMix, A Socially Curated Digital Magazine. Sobees has made a business of creating innovative social media clients, particularly focusing on bringing Twitter, Facebook and social search to the a variety of platforms. Today, the developer is getting into the news business with the launch of NewsMix, an iPad app which presents news and content shared by your social circle in a magazine format on the device. The app, which costs $2.99 in the App Store, allows you to create and mix a digital magazine composed of content shared in your Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds (Google Reader and feed search).

The app will categorize content in a magazine or show news in a separate timeline format for Facebook and Twitter. And you can view photos and videos in separate sections.


DESIGN. HTML5. CSS3. JQUERY - JAVASCRIPT. WEB FONT. SOCIAL MEDIA. Wordpress. Joomla. FIREWORKS. Cosa succede in rete ogni 60 secondi? | Infografica | Grafica Pubblicitaria e Comunicazione. 5 Good Things To Use As Pinned Tabs In Your Browser. The Big Three web browsers all now have pinning ability. IE9 can pin to the taskbar, Mozilla Firefox 5 can pin as "app tabs" and Chrome can pin tabs as well. I’m going to skip IE9 here because its pinning ability is limited to the Windows taskbar and not in-browser; even though it can pin, I want to concentrate on in-browser stuff only. An example of pinned tabs looks like this: Pinned tabs are smaller and only show the site icon.

In the above example I have AOL Mail and Facebook pinned. The way pinning a tab works is the same in Chrome or Fx 5. 5 things worth using as pinned tabs 1. This is a site you visit often, so you might as well keep it open. 2. Being that Facebook does dynamically update itself when you get new communication in there, it’s worth keeping open. 3. Load up any Weather Underground location: Hover over the radar image on the next page and choose NEXRAD: On the next screen is the radar. 4. Do you use Meebo? 5. Y! Hotmail unfortunately is a different story. Bulletproof Web Design Contracts. When you boil it down to its barest essentials, the sales process is simply a series of verbal agreements that ultimately gets documented in writing.

That document ought to become your contract, proposal or whatever legally-binding agreement both you and the client sign to finalize the deal. If one side fails to live up to his or her part of the bargain, it’s called a "breach of contract. " Since that’s something we all want to avoid, it’s important to realize that the key to a bulletproof contract lies in how you sell.

In other words, your contract should reflect everything that you and your client have discussed and agreed upon during the sales process. In order for a contract to be valid, there must be mutual agreement: offer and acceptance. While there are situations in which the offer originates with the buyer, such as winning a project bid on ("Build me this type of website for x dollars"), in our industry the offer typically originates with you or I — the seller. "Help! Useful Resources, Tools and Services for Web Designers - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Today, too many websites are still inaccessible. In our new book Inclusive Design Patterns, we explore how to craft flexible front-end design patterns and make future-proof and accessible interfaces without extra effort. Hardcover, 312 pages. Get the book now! Productivity is a crucial asset of professional Web designers and developers. We regularly look for new resources, tools and services to make the search of these ever-growing techniques easier.

Once we have a reasonable number of useful resources, we prepare them in a handy overview for your convenience. Please don’t hesitate to comment to this post and let us know how exactly you use these tools in your workflow. Useful Resources and Websites Link Method & Craft1Describing itself as “the DVD extras of design,” this site offers a behind-the-scenes look at different designs, including how they were achieved, the techniques used and how the designers have grown in their professional careers. Useful Services Link. Best Free Online Applications and Services. Powerful New CSS Techniques and Tools - Smashing Magazine. The hard work of front-end designers never ceases to amaze us. Over the last months, we’ve seen Web designers creating and presenting a plethora of truly remarkable CSS techniques and tools. We have collected, analyzed, curated and feature latest useful resources for your convenience, so you can use them right away or save them for future reference.

Please don’t hesitate to comment on this post and let us know how exactly you are using them in your workflow. However, please avoid link dropping, but share your insights and your experience instead. CSS Techniques Link Rotational Sliders1Eric Meyer shares six of his animated transforms that are capable of sliding around to a particular extent with non-centered transform origins. Generating Organic Randomness with Prime Numbers and CSS3At first, you may be wondering why the heck is Alex Walker talking about cicada’s and Web design. CSS3 Keyboard10Click in the box and start typing on your computer’s keyboard. CSS Tools Link Last Click Link. 5 Social Media Tools That Solve Practical Problems | oneforty.

8 Things Newbie Web Designers Should Know About SEO. Even the most SEO obsessed web site owners still want a site that looks good. Design aesthetics play a huge role in the success or failure of any site. Elements of design can impact conversions, credibility, and engagement. But some designs can also limit a web site’s search engine accessibility. Great designers don’t necessarily need to be experts on SEO, but knowing a few key things can help you make a website that will be stylistically brilliant and SEO friendly.

Anchor Text Anchor text should use keywords and describe the page being linked to. Useful Resources: • Anchor Text – Best Practices for Search Engine Optimization → • What is Anchor Text and Why is It Important? Clean Code Clean code is extremely important. Useful Resources: • 20+ Tools for Quick and Clean Code Development → • Writing Clean Code → Accessibility It’s also important to make a site accessible for all kinds of users. Images On that note, image labeling is a time consuming, but necessary, process for SEO. Title Tags. Jumpchart - Simple Website Planning and Wireframing. Code Snippets. Balsamiq.

Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming - MindMeister.