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Reading & Writing Apps. The Home Gunsmith. Remy Carreiro » Six Movies That F*cked Me All Up (and One I Knew Better Than To Even Watch) A few years back, I went dark.

Remy Carreiro » Six Movies That F*cked Me All Up (and One I Knew Better Than To Even Watch)

No, my power didn’t go out, and no, I didn’t dye my hair black and become the dude who talks about how every meal tastes like sadness. I mean in the things I was studying up on and the type of films I was watching and overall, what I was subjecting myself to on a daily basis. While I can recognize the compelling aspects of dark stories and twisted tales, I can also tell you constant exposure to that stuff takes a toll. Not in the “this media inspires me to want to act like this” way, but in a “I cannot unsee these films” way. The most messed up part is that this does not mean these films are bad. A Serbian Film Looks fun, huh? Recovering sound from video - visual microphone technology. Green roof solutions by optigreen.

A Marketer’s Guide To Cross-Device Identity. As the cookie weakens, brands and agencies are looking for an alternative.

A Marketer’s Guide To Cross-Device Identity

Cross-device seems to be the answer – but questions remain. AdExchanger examines the state-of-play around cross-device IDs. Consumers are media multitaskers – and cookies are not. As users migrate to mobile at record speeds – according to comScore, apps already account for more than 50% of time spent on digital media – advertisers and publishers are starting to recognize the promise, and the many challenges, associated with cross-device targeting. Cross-device technology as a subset of the overall ad tech industry only became truly relevant when smartphone and tablet adoption hit their stride around 2010 and 2011. Until relatively recently, cross-device identification primarily meant linking desktop computers, tablets and smartphones. Real-Time Video Manipulation Technology is Both Impressive and Terrifying.

Researchers from Stanford, Erlangen-Nuremberg and Max Planck have developed software that allows for the real-time face capture and reenactment of RGB videos like YouTube.

Real-Time Video Manipulation Technology is Both Impressive and Terrifying

The technology is both impressive and terrifying. The researchers explain: We present a novel approach for real-time facial reenactment of a monocular target video sequence (e.g., Youtube video). Strategic IT. 2014 Ranking: 1 Offshoring to India remains a highly attractive proposition for many companies, and it is the undisputed industry leader.

Strategic IT

Consider, for example, that no fewer than five Chinese handset manufacturers have announced plans to establish R&D centers in India, which is expected to become the world’s second largest buyer of handsets. 2014 Ranking: 2 China is closing in on India, thanks to major gains in educational skills and cultural adaptability. Additionally, the renminbi’s recent drop in value against the U.S. dollar should increase the country’s financial attractiveness. 2014 Ranking: 3 Malaysia holds steady in the ranking, thanks to minor improvements in IP security and compensation costs that give the country a leg up over Brazil. 2014 Ranking: 8 The value of the Brazilian real has slipped from an average exchange rate against the U.S. dollar of 1.95 in 2012 to 2.35 in 2014, reaching 3.50 in August 2015. EdTech Focus on K-12: IT and Education. EdTech Focus on K-12: IT and Education. Can ‘Dragon Water’ Power the Planet With Renewable Energy?

An ambitious project is being launched to drill deep into the Earth’s crust to harness super-heated “dragon water” that would generate massive quantities of renewable energy.

Can ‘Dragon Water’ Power the Planet With Renewable Energy?

Unlike traditional geothermal heat, which exploits hot rocks to produce steam for turbines, this project goes far deeper—to where the pressure and temperature are huge but the potential benefits are 10 times as great. There is an infinite amount of energy beneath the Earth’s crust. The problem is the technology to harness it. The European Union (EU) believes that deep drilling techniques developed by the oil industry can be adapted to extract the energy. Starting Squid - Squid User Guide. Squid should now be configured, and the directories should have the correct permissions.

Starting Squid - Squid User Guide

We should now be able to start Squid, and you can try and access the cache with a web browser. Squid is normally run by starting the RunCache script. RunCache (as mentioned ealier) restarts Squid if it dies for some reason, but at this stage we are merely testing that it will run properly: we can add it to startup scripts at a later stage. Programs which handle network requests (such as inetd and sendmail) normally run in the background. Scope pub using technology report to help at-risk learners. Street View - Google Maps. The new normal: virtual reality takes on the arts. No wonder it is predicted that around the world we will spend $5.1bn (£3.7bn) on virtual-reality video games and hardware this year.

The new normal: virtual reality takes on the arts

By contrast, immersive technologies are having surprisingly little impact on film. Of course, computer-generated images have led to a revolution in the kind of stories that can be told on screen. Teachers' Guide to The Use of SoundCloud in Class. July 19, 2014 SoundCloud is a wonderful audio recording and sharing platform with huge potential for us in education.

Teachers' Guide to The Use of SoundCloud in Class

HYPER-REALITY. StumbleUpon Video. Uno Noteband - Get Notified, Not Interrupted. The Technologies Changing What It Means To Be a Programmer.