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Ingredients: The Good, The Bad & The Toxic. Brought to you by: Beavis!

Ingredients: The Good, The Bad & The Toxic.

(lol!) Many of you are probably already aware that I tend to do ALOT of research when it comes to ferret nutrition. I practically inhale the knowledge. I decided to collect this very long list of ingredients that are commonly found in pet dry food / kibble, or in supplements etc. Some may be toxic, some may be completely unnecessary, some should be only used when necessary or used with extreme caution and some should really simply just be completely avoided in general. They're listed in alphabetical order, but if you want to search for a certain ingredient press Command+F (or Control+ F for windows users.

Remember to check labels and ingredients if you feed kibbles or any type of product to be exact as this can literally save your little ferrets life!! Also disclaimer: what you, the responsible pet owner, decide to feed your pet, is completely up to you. **The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an agency within the U.S. Medications For Ferrets. Posted: February 10, 2014, 4:45 p.m.

Medications For Ferrets

EST © Gina Cioli/I-5 StudioFerrets with insulinoma must have their blood sugar level monitored and usually are prescribed prednisolone or diazoxide. Most veterinary medications are quite safe for ferrets, but a few that should be avoided due to side effects and adverse reactions. In addition, most over-the-counter pain products for people are not safe for ferrets, and a few can even be fatal in ferrets. Vaccines Pet ferrets should be routinely vaccinated for canine distemper and rabies. Feeder Insect Nutritional Value. Order your DerbyEggs from this page. As of 02/10/14, I will not be accepting any orders for DerbyEggs.

Order your DerbyEggs from this page

I am taking some time to do some serious yarn sorting.........if you saw my house with yarn EVERYWHERE you would agree that I need to do some "serious" yarn sorting. LOL LOL *******I NO LONGER put macaroni in my DerbyEggs, instead I put in pony beads as the noise maker******* Preferred method of payment is PayPal and the addy for that is: I will accept money orders or cashier checks, email me for my snail mail addy. Proceeds from the sales of eggs go to help provide funding for medical care and surgeries on the rescues we do.

If you are a shelter, rescue, or sanctuary and you are ordering eggs, I will take off 10% of the purchase price and shipping is FREE. Homemade Ferret Toys, ferret toys, ferrets toys and cheap ferret toys. If you like this page ( Homemade ferret toys ) then you might also want to check out: Homemade Ferret BedFerret GamesFerret Enrichment Homemade ferret toys are a great alternative to the toys you can buy at stores.

Homemade Ferret Toys, ferret toys, ferrets toys and cheap ferret toys

These can help you to save a bit of money. Toys are very important to keep your fuzzy stimulated when out playing. Ferret Kibble Comparison. Ferret FAQ - Part 3 of 5. 7.

Ferret FAQ - Part 3 of 5

Basic ferret care and training 8. Things ferrets say and do This page has been accessed more than times since May 29, 1996. How do I train my pet not to nip? Like kittens and puppies, ferret kits must be taught not to nip. A very few otherwise calm, gentle ferrets will react in an extreme way to a high-pitched noise such as a squeaky toy (perhaps only one particular toy) or the sound of rubbing fingers on a window or a balloon. Sometimes a ferret which has been mistreated will bite out of fear, or an older ferret might bite because of pain, either in the mouth or elsewhere. In all cases, positive reinforcement (giving treats and lots of praise when the ferret does well) works much better than punishment, but if you need one, use a "time out" for a few minutes in a cage or carrier. Alternatives to nose-flicking Flicking the ferret's nose while his teeth are on you is a pretty common form of discipline, but it might not be the best.

I'm having problems litter-training. Nobody's perfect. Ferret First Aid. By Ann Davis ACME Ferret Company and Jean Wardell DVM Copyright ACME Ferret Company, First Edition, January 1996 Updated March 1996, September 1996 Art work-Ann Davis Cartoons-Kimberly Killian P.O.

Ferret First Aid

Box 11007 Burke, VA 22009-1007 This booklet is intended to fill a need in the ferret community and may be copied without direct permission from the publisher as long as it is copied in full with no changes made to the contents nor any sections/artwork removed. A hard copy of this publication in booklet form, including the art work by Kimberly Killian, may be obtained by sending a SASE (55 cents postage) size 6" x 9" to ACME Ferret Company, P.O. Ann Davis is director of ACME Ferret Company Rescue in Springfield, Virginia, National Coordinator for the League of Independent Ferret Enthusiasts, Ferret Coordinator for the Project BREED Rescue Directory, and Rescue Chair for the Ark Angels of LIFE Rescue/Shelters.

Dr. Table of Contents |Top of First Aid Menu| The Domestic Ferret, An Overview Vaccinations.