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Android - How to configure VPN programatically? Person API Documentation - FullContact. Person API Overview Use the person method with an email parameter to lookup information about a specific person by email.

Person API Documentation - FullContact

You can also query by phone, twitter, or emailMD5 to search for a specific individual. You must also include the apiKey parameter in the query. This endpoint supports GET requests only. Getting Started Resources As you get started implementing the Person API, there are a few resources that can help you out. Libraries.

WS-Security (CIFIN)

SELENIUM. Hyper Ledger Foundation. Java - Android Treeview. Android treeview. How to download this database. Android Development: More Than a Lot of Google Maps Markers. The purpose of the article is to demonstrate a method on how to extend the capabilities of the Google Maps API on Android devices.

Android Development: More Than a Lot of Google Maps Markers

Basically, Google Maps can render only a limited number of markers over the map, let’s say a few thousand, but with larger numbers it will start to lag and will ruin the user experience. The method demonstrated below will allow android projects to render a few tens to a hundred thousand markers (with limitations on the marker variety). More Than a Lot of Markers on Google Maps for Android Source: The first approach – Ground Overlay with Bitmaps: The first idea was to create a bitmap which covers the visible area of the map and draw the markers on it using the Canvas class.

Distance estimation After a few hours of research we found that the Haversine formula will give a really good estimate of the distance. The simplified Haversine implementation: The next problematic part was the Canvas drawing. GitHub - uklimaschewski/EvalEx: EvalEx is a handy expression evaluator for Java, that allows to evaluate simple mathematical and boolean expressions. Exp4j - Download exp4j. Introduction exp4j is capable of evaluating expressions and functions in the real domain.

exp4j - Download exp4j

It's a small (40KB) library without any external dependencies, that implements Dijkstra's Shunting Yard Algorithm. exp4j comes with a standard set of built-in functions and operators. Additionally users are able to create custom operators and functions. Version 0.4.0 API Changes As of Version 0.4.0 exp4j has been completely rewritten and a lot of API changes have been introduced. Java - Evaluating a math expression given in string form.

Performance - Measure the size of a PostgreSQL table row. Q2: way to measure page size PostgreSQL provides a number of Database Object Size Functions, you can use.

performance - Measure the size of a PostgreSQL table row

I packed the most interesting ones in this query and added some Statistics Access Functions. This is going to demonstrate that the various methods to measure the "size of a row" can lead to very different results. It all depends what you want to measure exactly. Replace public.tbl with your (optionally schema-qualified) table name to get a compact view of collected statistics about the size of your rows. I only pack the values in arrays and unnest() again, so I don't have to spell out calculations for every single row repeatedly. Image processing - Face recognition Library. OpenCV: Face Recognition. Faint - The Face Annotation Interface" Pagare consumo cr206 1 (1) Decoding CAPTCHA's. Most people don’t know this but my honors thesis was about using a computer program to read text out of web images.

Decoding CAPTCHA's

My theory was that if you could get a high level of successful extraction you could use it as another source of data which could be used to improve search engine results. I was even quite successful in doing it, but never really followed my experiments up. My honors adviser Dr Junbin Gao had suggested the following writing my thesis I should write some form of article on what I had learnt. Well I finally got around to doing it. While what follows is not exactly what I was studying it is something I wish had existed when I started looking around. Legal Stuff/Disclaimer. This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.

So as I mentioned essentially what I attempted to do was take standard images on the web, and extract the text out them as a way of improving search results. Technology used All of the sample code is written in Python 2.5 using the Python Image Library. Short text image recognition, OCR, recognition software. Ubuntu - Is it possible to run selenium (Firefox) web driver headless? Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN) Page Content Sign up for Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN) e-mail updates.

Specially Designated Nationals List (SDN)

Subscribe to the OFAC RSS feed (includes notices of SDN updates).​ As part of its enforcement efforts, OFAC publishes a list of individuals and companies owned or controlled by, or acting for or on behalf of, targeted countries. It also lists individuals, groups, and entities, such as terrorists and narcotics traffickers designated under programs that are not country-specific. Collectively, such individuals and companies are called "Specially Designated Nationals" or "SDNs. " Search OFAC's Sanctions Lists Including the SDN List Full Lists: Lists by Program and Country:

Ofac web services. TO all Software. Originacion de credito. Sistema de Información y Reporte Empresarial - Superintendencia de Sociedades. SIREM. La Superintendencia de Sociedades pone a disposición del público la base de datos con los estados financieros de las 26.227 empresas del sector real que reportaron sus balances generales, estados de resultados y flujo de efectivo de 2014 (miles de pesos).


Adicionalmente los gastos de intereses para el mismo año (millones y miles de pesos). Corte anual - 31 de diciembre 2014 Igualmente, debido a que existen empresas que reportan, según estatutos, más de un corte contable para el año 2014, a continuación encontrará 135 sociedades que no se encuentran en los archivos anteriores, cifras también expresadas en miles de pesos: Otros cortes estatutarios Estados financieros otros cortes año 2014 Esta herramienta contiene 85 opciones de consulta de información, recoge el acontecer productivo del país en un 94% del PIB del sector real y abarca en promedio la información de 25.000 sociedades comerciales.

Ver ventajas y novedades de la herramienta. Riesgo - Jomis S.A.S. Digital watermark for printed documents. Embedding - How to add an invisible watermark to pdf documents? Configuring cron jobs with Windows. To setup a Windows machine to run cron.php at a specific time follow the specific instructions below.

Configuring cron jobs with Windows

This can be useful if you are not familiar with Linux/Unix, or if your web host does not offer the ability to run cron jobs; you can run them remotely from your own computer. Note: These instructions were written for Windows XP but should be similar in other versions of Windows. Creating a copy of a database in PostgreSQL. What can you do with PostgreSQL and JSON? PostgreSQL 9.2 added a native JSON data type, but didn’t add much else.

What can you do with PostgreSQL and JSON?

You’ve got three options if you actually want to do something with it: Wait for PostgreSQL 9.3 (or use the beta) Use the plv8 extension. AdvancedUsage · ACRA/acra Wiki. Introduction This is ACRA's Advanced Usage Guide.

AdvancedUsage · ACRA/acra Wiki

You need to set up your project before using all the features described here. If you have any question or comment regarding ACRA, post a message on the Discussion Group. Contents. XForms - Archive of obsolete content. XForms Essentials. Vijayrawatsan/android-json-form-wizard.