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Plan your trip to Rome. Is A Colosseum Tour Worth It? Read the Blog Here. Today, the ancient Roman landmark – the Colosseum has become synonymous with Rome.

Is A Colosseum Tour Worth It? Read the Blog Here.

Are you thinking of adding the Colosseum into your Italy itinerary? Then, do it right away. The amphitheater has been a must-visit tourist attraction in Italy since 2000 years ago. Not just because of being one of the 7 wonders of the world, but also due to many other fascinating reasons. Let us look at the interesting facts about the Colosseum below. Interesting Facts About The Colosseum Over 1900 Years Old The construction of this ancient Roman marvel began in 72 A.D. and was completed in 80 A.D.

Biggest Of Its Kind The Roman Colosseum is twice as long as the football pitch. Its Original Name Is… ‘Flavian Amphitheater. Has 80 Entrances & Could Seat Thousands of Spectators It might seem surprising, but it is not that the Colosseum could fit a whopping 50,000 spectators. A Popular Cinematic Icon More Than Just An Arena. Ruins of the Ancient Roman Temples. The word temple in Latin refers to a sacred location and the Romans needed a pious space where they could worship their deities.

Ruins of the Ancient Roman Temples

The temples built in the Roman empire were unique in all forms. They were inspired by the temples of Etruscans, which were culturally a part of Tuscany. Moreover, the style of columns in ancient Roman temples was also inspired by Greek culture. It implies that Roman temples were partially influenced by other cultures. We have put together a list of Roman temples that are testaments to great architectural achievements of Roman culture. Baalbek. 6 Alternative Things to do in Rome in 2020. Rome is known to be one of the most influential cities in Europe for many years from a tourism perspective.

6 Alternative Things to do in Rome in 2020

It’s historical and cultural significance is conclusive, the reason for which it is known as the “Eternal City” and the “Capital of the World.” Rome is so historical in nature that you would feel as if you are strolling across the ruins of its 2500-year-old history. Rome is a sort of pilgrimage where you get to explore every corner of the city. Each of the 20 regions of the city has its unique history, culture and are known for their culinary delight.

5 Tips for Travelling Vegan in Italy. Italy is the abode of one of the finest cuisines in the world, enshrined with delicious delicacies.

5 Tips for Travelling Vegan in Italy

If you are a vegan you might go with the popular belief— “it would be hard to find vegan food there!”. For the vegans, however, traveling to Italy for the first time, it’s no different. 5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Travel Lovers. Thoughtful gifts always contribute to a great trip.

5 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Travel Lovers

He could be a conscious backpacker, an adventurist who loves luxury or the one who spends half of his life in business trips. Everyone wants something that streamlines their trips and adds style. Christmas is around the corner and if you are wondering what to get to your traveler friend as a Christmas gift, don’t worry, we have got you covered. Here are some great Christmas gifts contributing to memorable travel experiences; let’s check out: 6 Luxury Travel Trends to Know in 2020. Global luxury travel network Virtuoso finds unexpected experiences and milestone celebrations as the travel trends to watch for in 2020 according to its latest Luxe Report.

6 Luxury Travel Trends to Know in 2020

The report includes the most sought after places for family, adventure, romance, solo, and even millennial travels. The top global destinations are Italy, Japan, Croatia, the U.S., and Iceland. Virtuoso is perceived as a respected trend forecaster and its latest Luxe Report reveals some stunning aspects of consumer inclinations. It claims that today’s consumer or traveller is more inclined towards high-end and experiential travel. This defines the planning approach that ensures maximum opportunities for travellers. The Luxe Report reveals top travel trends that will dominate the travel sphere in 2020, let’s have a look at these: Remote and Unspoiled Destinations Untouristed and unexpected travel location will be in vogue for well-travelled luxury sets. 6 Things to Know Before Visiting Italy. “You may have the universe if I may have Italy.”

6 Things to Know Before Visiting Italy

Giuseppe Verdi It is evident from the above quote that Italy’s charm is such that anyone would choose it over the entire universe. The place is accredited to give happiness even in the time of melancholy and despair. Beautiful landscapes, fashion, delicious delicacies, fine arts, rich culture, history, and what not, Italy has always been on the top of everyone’s bucket list. Get Prepared for Winters in Italy. Embark on a journey that’s cold, beautiful, and magical altogether!

Get Prepared for Winters in Italy

Italy is magical throughout the year but, winters have its own charm with all the perks that are pretty alluring. Visiting Italy in winters is a great idea it has a lot on the table to offer even when the weather is completely bleak and frosty. The prices are comparatively lower, the cities are not crowded with tourists, and it has all the festivals that keep you entertained throughout the winters. 4 Breathtaking Natural Beauties in Capri  You are at Amalfi coast and you are thinking your Italian vacation has reached its epitome, well you are absolutely wrong, cause just 32 Kms west from Amalfi is the ultimate beauty—The Capri island.

4 Breathtaking Natural Beauties in Capri 

Capri is a small island and you may not be able to spot it when you see Italy’s whole map in one screen, but it has an unprecedented beauty which the whole of Italy might not match. Although a small island, Capri has a lot of places to visit. We have handpicked a few places on this small island that you must visit on your Capri visit. Blue Grotto Capri’s most popular sight is the Blue Grotto. Giardini di Augusto Translated to English, it stands as The Gardens of Augustus. Via Krupp. 8 Best Destinations for Honeymooners in Italy. Hope your perfect wedding is over now, you have taken off your dancing shoes and eaten all the cake, the time has come for you to take a romantic break.

8 Best Destinations for Honeymooners in Italy

If you are planning to enjoy a romantic getaway think Italy. Italy is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful destinations not to miss on your romantic break. Harvest Season In Tuscany- Spending Good Time Outdoors. Are you ready for un’abbondante Vendemmia? If you are planning to visit Tuscany, autumn is believed to be the best time.

But why? GREEN ITALY TOURS- GOALS 2020. What do you think of environmentally friendly or environmentally conscious tourism? It definitely doesn’t mean vowing to restrict going on a flight or travelling to remote locations. Instead, it has a lot to do with adopting sustainable tourism ethos that emphasizes minimizing the impact of tourism on the environment. Travelling seems to be an energetic activity so why not make you are travelling an environmentally conscious escape? What about being an eco-friendly tourist? Travelling to Italy with Kids, A Fun & Family Friendly Trip Awaits You! Travelling with kids generally seems tiring.

Well, home to gastronomic, nature lovers, aesthetes, and connoisseurs of architecture, Italy is elated and inspired to welcome children. Scare Yourself Silly in Italy- Celebrate Halloween Italian Style. Are you ready for visione spaventosa this Halloween? From the creepy catacombs of Rome to the dark medieval towers of Bologna, Halloween is another spooktacular opportunity for a festive vibe. Travel to Cinque Terre and Experience the Beautiful Coastal Landscape. Italy is not short of beautiful landscapes, pristine blue beaches, and romantic towns that form the Italian Riviera. Alike these, the five fishing communities is the most iconic highlight of Italy’s Cinque Terre. Cinque Terre means “five lands” which is composed of famous and fabulous fishing villages that are located alongside a cliff in a beautifully isolated landscape. Italy’s Cinque Terre has even declared a UNESCO world heritage site in 1997 which is packed with visitors even out of season.

As you reach there you would have the feeling of remote authenticity with the few roads, a network of coastal trails, and perfectly preserved architecture. There still seeps in profound isolation that seems great to the eyes and feels good to the senses. As you travel to Cinque Terre, the enchanting villages are quite close to each other which gives you an opportunity to explore it all at once without much hassle. Venice Day Trip Where Everything Turns Out to be Magical! Dining at the Seaside in Rome is Such a Great Pleasure! Italian food is all about ingredients. It’s neither fussy nor fancy but, surely flavourful! Rendezvous at the Famous “Spanish Steps”: Just 135 Steps to Go! 5 Trickiest Roads of Italy. 4 Souvenirs from Italy You Would Cherish for Your Lifetime. Just like Italy does not fall short of picturesque towns, stunning sculptures, brilliant architecture, ravishing pieces of arts, and a relentless cultural experience that trails you for your life, it is not deficient with souvenirs.

10 Astonishing Facts About Italy You Never Knew. Italy is a mesmerizing country and there is no doubt about it. There is no other country like Italy in the whole world, right from culture to history, from nature to art, from food to religion, from fashion to modern industry, Italy has it all. Behind The Scenes- Colosseum Underground Tour. “Rome will exist as long as the Coliseum does; when the Coliseum falls, so will Rome; when Rome falls, so will the world.” –Saint Venerable Bede, English Benedictine monk Rome is far beyond a city, it’s a museum where every notable object depicts the history with a panorama that’s varied and beautiful to the eyes. 5 Italian Black Sand Beaches that You Never Knew Existed. La Spiaggia, Il Mare, La sabbia, La Riva…Aaah, si sta benissimo sotto l’ombrellone! What should you really pack for Italy? Italy is the land of beaches, natural beauty, pizza, pasta, wines, and gorgeous views.

5 Italian Black Sand Beaches that You Never Knew Existed

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Learning to Communicate with the Locals in Italy - Benvenuto Limos

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