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Films and videos websites for ESL

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Movie Lessons. Inspiring movies for ESL. Five Fantastic Film sites for ELT | teflgeek. Using video in the classroom is a great way to engage learners in the material, either from a topic perspective or with a particular language point. Young learners in particular seem to love the moving image and it can be a great way of providing a change of focus or as a visually supported alternative to a standard listening activity. These sites all do a great job of making film the focus. Here they are in no particular order: Film English Kieran Donaghy’s award winning site takes short, authentic films and develops lesson plans around them.

Lessonstream Not all of the lessons on Jamie Keddie’s site involve videos, but most do! EFL Classroom 2.0 This is a lot more than just a video site. My favourite: too many to choose from! 13/03/15 – Update: I’ve been told that EFL Classroom 2.0 is now behind a paywall and that attempts to access it for free via facebook logins etc were unsuccessful. Simple English Videos All at C Like this: Like Loading...