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The Thinking Shed. Children's Book Week Activities. In Celebration of Book Week and School Library Media Month, Education World presents dozens of book-themed activities, lessons, and projects, from our archive!

Children's Book Week Activities

Included: How to write better book reports, stage a "Literature Day," compose Harry Potter haiku, plus additional classroom activities for teaching about fairy tales, folk tales, biographies, and more! Important DatesNational Library Week, April 10-16, 2011School Library Media Month, April 2011Children's Book Week 2011, May 2-8, 2011National Library Week 2011, April 10-16, 2011 Lesson Plans for Book WeekGreat Book Week ProjectsAdditional Book Week Resources Book Buffet Patti Stephenson, who teaches at Tri-City Christian School in Independence Missouri, submitted this idea that she uses to peak student interest in reading books from a variety of genres. (Grades 3-12) "Book Report Gallery" Bulletin Board A camera is all you need to create this fun bulletin board for Book Week (or anytime).

Special Reading Fun Each March, on Dr. How to heat Instamorph in an oven for reuse. Gourmet-Recycling Bird House - All. As I live in the 4th floor and don't have any pets I liked the idea of watching some birds near our window.

Gourmet-Recycling Bird House - All

On a weekend I created this bird house out of things I had there. As I didn't plan it I didn't make any photos in progress so I can't show it to you with good step by step pictures. I try my best to give you a good idea how to do it yourself. Feel free to ask more questions if you need. You need: 1. an empty plastic butter-dish from "la Motte President Sea-Salt butter"- my favourite butter with a great taste!! 2. some packthread or cord (if you want some more stability and durability and have some you coukd use some thin wire) 3. an old cd or dvd you dont like or is scratched 4. some coins as weight (perhaps from your last vacation or old currencys) 5. some "Tesa" - transparent adhesive tape 6. a hungry bird What to do: 1. 2. 3. cover the coins with the cd/dvd 4. press together firmly and fix the cd and the base with some adhesive tape crosswise. 5. take the top of the butter-dish. !!

Children's Stomp Monster Foot Craft. Bottle herb garden – a recycling project. Illuminations: Search. Properties Everywhere Pre-K-2 This lesson captures students’ interest, provides a review of the primary unit objectives, and assesses students’ prior knowledge.

Illuminations: Search

This experience focuses students’ attention on the attributes of objects and rules for sorting them while building vocabulary for describing attributes and for classifying objects. Button Trains In this lesson, students describe order by using vocabulary such as before, after, and between. How Many Buttons? In this lesson, students review classification, make sets of a given number, explore relationships between numbers, and find numbers that are one more and one less than a given number. More and More Buttons Students use buttons to create, model, and record addition sentences. Numbers Many Ways. Growing Patterns. Start this lesson by reading a counting book of your choice.

Growing Patterns

(Ten Black Dots by Donald Crews is especially appropriate, but any book which uses a "count on by 1" strategy will work.) Then ask students to tell what happened in the book. Next, tell the students that in this lesson they will explore patterns that grow according to a rule. Display the following growing pattern (without the numbers): Ask, "What will come next in this pattern? " Instructables - DIY How To Make Instructions. Easy hand puppets. "When I'm Scared..." - Animated short film (with Spanish subtitles) Artsonia School » Georgetown Elementary School. Artsonia School » Georgetown Elementary School. Exploring Color + Color Mixing with Monoprinting - Playful Learning. Exploring Color + Color Mixing with Monoprinting - Playful Learning. It’s no secret – my daycare hooligans love creating art!

For me, the funnest thing about art for kids, is finding unique and interesting ways for my toddlers and preschoolers to get creative. The kids and I have tried a lot of creative processes over the years, and today, I’m sharing with you, 25 easy art techniques for kids! They’re easy, inexpensive, super-cool, and each of these projects can be done using things you have in your kitchen cupboards and around your home! Put away those paints and paintbrushes! This round-up of creative art processes will have your kids exploring and experimenting with all kinds of different materials, substances and tools! Each of the activities described here contains a click-able link which will take you to the step-by-step instructions. 25 Unique and Easy Art Techniques for Kids Make a gorgeous “tie-dyed” bookmark with Sharpies and rubbing alcohol! Sharpies are the star again in this simple “stained-glass” art project.

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