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Jeux sérieux. FORMATION DANSE ART THERAPIE EMVC® DanceWriting Site: Read & Write All Dance Movement. DORIS GREEN, African Dance & Music Historian. GREENOTATION: Is an innovative musical system for writing African Music.

DORIS GREEN, African Dance & Music Historian

It was created because music for the percussion instruments of Africa could not be written with western musical notes. For example in order to notate the music of an African drum, one must show whether the drum is struck with a stick, half hand or full hand. One must also indicate whether the stick, hand or half hand remained in contact with the drum skin or instantly rebounded.

Therefore an entire new system had to be created to annotate the rhythm and nuances of African instruments. GREENOTATION can notate the music of bells, rattles, drums, talking drums, sticks, stamping tubes, xylophones, hand clapping and water drums. Text / Documentation and Illustrations by Doris Green Curator, Acknowledgements and Liaison by Hugeaux Epilogue by Dr. “This is a clipping from a newspaper in Dakar, Senegal. As a youngster, I took music and dance as activities to keep me out of harm’s way. Photo of Sabar drummers 1. 2. 3. Eshkol-Wachman Movement Notation Center - Home. The Benesh Institute & Benesh Movement Notation — RAD. Devised by Rudolf and Joan Benesh, and first published in 1956, BMN is a written system for recording human movement.

The Benesh Institute & Benesh Movement Notation — RAD

It is most widely used in the recording and restaging of dance works. Over 1,750 BMN scores have been written and are used in research, teaching dances from the repertoire and for analysing movement. The set exercises and dances in the RAD syllabi are published in BMN as this enables teachers to study the work in a common language and in more detail than is possible from word notes or videos alone. Practical applications. Dance Notation Bureau Homepage. Moving On Center - School for Participatory Arts and Somatic Research.

Facebook. Dance Education Laboratory. Watch now to learn all about the many marvelous things happening right here at DEL.

Dance Education Laboratory

The Dance Education Laboratory is a professional development program for all educators and artists interested in developing their dance education curricula. All DEL courses align with the New York City Department of Education Blueprint for Teaching and Learning Dance in grades K-12. Graduate or undergraduate college credit can be arranged with SUNY Empire State College for an additional fee. 92nd Street Y is a vendor listed with the New York City Department of Education. DEL 20th Anniversary Movement Sentence Choir—Watch on Livestream*! On Feb 1, we celebrated Dance Education Laboratory's 20th Anniversary with a great event facilitated by Summation Dance with Sidra Bell (Sidra Bell Dance New York), Mike Esperanza (Bare Dance) and Kendra Portier (BAND Portier).

*The DEL 20th Anniversary celebration film is available at Jody Gottfried Arnhold, Founder View our Brochure. Motus Humanus. Events. Home. Integrated Movement Studies - Home. Labanotation Study Group in Japan. 한국무용기록학회. Language of Dance Centre - A unique approach to exploring, creating and recording dance and movement - Home. Home. ICKL - International Council of Kinetography Laban. Dance Notation Bureau Homepage. Notation. About Labanotation - The context.

Home labanotation In 1928 Rudolf von Laban published "Schrifttanz”, in which he initiated a system of movement notation.

About Labanotation - The context

Through the work of Sigurd Leeder, Albrecht Knust and Ann Hutchinson (amongst others) the rudimentary writing grew into a powerful and flexible notation system: Labanotation or Kinetography Laban. There are three approaches to description in the Laban system: Motif Description, Effort-Shape Description and Structural Description. In Motif Description only the motif or the most important characteristic of the movement is given. Untitled Document. DNB Theory Bulletin Board. DNB Teacher Certification Course. Dance Notation Bureau - New York - Enseignement artistique, Cinéma. Movement Observation and Motif Notation Course. Motif Notation is a method of documenting core elements and leitmotifs in movement.

Movement Observation and Motif Notation Course

It can be used by everyone who observes, discusses, analyzes, teaches, or creates movement.This course teaches Motif Notation concepts, symbols, and grammatical rules. Its eleven lessons are rigorous, yet fun. Observing movement and reading notation are emphasized, but you will also have experiences in notating short sequences. Your studies will include a variety of activities such as reading texts; taking quizzes; watching instructional videos, identifying movement aspects in videos, pictures, and music; writing verbal descriptions of your observations; interpreting notation readings; performing your interpretations in videos; and writing short notation sequences. For sample activities, go here.

For costs and further information about taking the course, go here. At the end of each lesson your course tutor will give you feedback by e-mail and in person via Skype. The course has been used for college credit. Dance Notation Bureau Homepage. Books - Benesh For Ballet by Rhonda Ryman-Kane & Robyn Hughes Ryman. Open Benesh Website. Apprendre la notation Benesh en ligne.