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Thermie Tips 2. Indian summer Salad. Peanut chutney. Steamed savoury cake. Chicken lentil soup. Prawn Garlic Skewers. Dahl. Chickpea curry. Vegie curry with coconut sauce. Yoghurt Chicken. Thermie Tips 3. Thermie Tips 4. Aloo stuffing 1/2. Aloo stuffing 2/2. Naan. Curried Chicken Soup. Thermie Tips 1. Tikka paste. Dokra Steamed Indian Savoury Cake. Recipe Cauliflower Wraps (Paleo, Grain Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free) by clairebear3 - Recipe of category Baking - savoury. Paleo pancakes. Paleo cheesecake. Paleo chicken. Paleo mousse. Mixing it up in HK: Not just pumpkin soup! I'm back in Hong Kong after spending our Christmas break 'home' in Australia, and we are having some cool days right now, yes Hong Kong does get cold!

So homemade soup is back on the menu! I've been making this pumpkin soup for as long as I can remember and before I was making it my mum was! This is an adaptation of mum's recipe and it's always a favourite when I serve it up for friends and family, so I thought I'd better thermi-fy it and blog it :)I call this one 'not just pumpkin' because it's not your typical pumpkin soup.

I toss in some extras along with the usual suspects plus a bit of spice . . . coriander and cumin which go so well with pumpkin, and it makes for a very flavoursome twist on the common favourite which is thick and very wholesome. I hope you like it! Ingredients1 large brown onion, halved 3 cloves garlic, peeled 20g olive or coconut oil ½ butternut pumpkin (about 500g), peeled & cut into large chunks 1 med-large sweet potato (about 300g), peeled & cut into large chunks.

26 Recipes That Will Make You Love Tofu. TAHINI. Baking with Coconut Flour. Wholemeal Spelt Challah. Is there anything more wonderful than hot, homemade bread, fresh out of the oven? This wholemeal spelt challah recipe is an old favourite of mine - it looks beautiful and tastes even better . . . crusty on the outside, soft on the inside. Challah is a traditional Jewish braided bread, but you can make the dough into loaves or bread rolls if you like.

I use this basic recipe for all sorts of breads. Sometimes I leave out the egg and increase the water a little, but I do find the texture is softer with the egg, especially when using wholemeal flour. I use my Thermomix for making bread, as you can grind the grain, add all the other ingredients, mix for a few seconds, knead for 2 mins, and the hard work's done! If you don't have a Thermomix, use wholemeal flour that's as fresh as possible, and mix the dough in a powerful food processor or a bread machine. (Or you can mix by hand, but you'll have to knead the dough for 10 to 15 minutes.) 1. 2. . * (Note: if leaving out egg, add 50g more water. Grilled-zucchini-capsicum-goat-s-cheese-pinwheels. Fennel-orange-chickpea-quinoa-salad. Lazy Girl’s Zucchini Spaghetti [no fancy tools required!] with Peas, Crème Fraîche and Pesto.

Am I late to this party? Has the ship already sailed? Does everyone know about not using stupid mandolines to cut zucchini into ribbons? Ima pretend that this is brand new information and I have discovered the lazy way to make zucchini spaghetti, i.e. without a mandoline or peeler or spiralizer. No fancy tools required. We are going to use the humble box grater to create those luscious strands of goodness. You may wonder why I’m hating on mandolines so much. No, I haven’t cut myself on one yet (which is pretty strange), but I just find them soooo annoying. First, you have to be super careful when you’re using them, and when I’m rushing around in a kitchen or my hands are shaking because I’m SO HUNGRYYY, I don’t want to have the added pressure from the impending doom that awaits my hand. Second, is the washing up. Fourth, not everyone owns mandolines. It’s also smaller, so it easier to hold, and lives in the same drawer as the frying pans!

Hold the grater like a freaking mandoline. Related. Official Thermomix Forum & Recipe Community. Vanilla Coconut Pine Lime Sorbet. Well the weather's finally starting to warm up. I'm so ready for spring, summer and SORBET! This is just a quick post to try out my new laptop (yay!) And share my new favourite flavour of sorbet. It's so refreshing, a perfect intro to the warmer weather. These flavours were inspired by what's been in my vege box lately. Note: You will need to freeze the pineapple pieces and the coconut cream ahead of time! 1. . - 1 vanilla bean, snipped in a few pieces - Zest of 2 limes (If you don't have a vanilla bean, just use a teaspoon of vanilla bean paste or vanilla extract in the last step.) 2.

. - 350g ice cubes 3. . - 450g coconut cream, frozen in ice cube trays(either tinned, or make your own from fresh or dried coconut) 4. . - 2 limes, skin removed - 300g frozen pineapple pieces - 1 egg white (optional) Raw Macadamia Lime 'Cheesecake' (dairy free) One thing I love about living in tropical Far North Queensland is the abundance of delicious produce grown here. I love that I can go to the local markets and buy locally grown coconuts (and coconut oil), locally grown vanilla beans and cacao nibs and cacaco beans, luscious limes, macadamias, avocadoes, pineapples, lychees, passionfruit, mangoes, and I've even bought sugar cane juice that's juiced while you wait!

Even better, lots of these yummy things are given to you by friends, family and acquaintances who just have too much and need to share. Love that. Last week I did a Thermomix demo for a lady who sent me home with a big bag full of limes and bunches of fresh herbs and rocket from her garden. At other times I've come home with a box of vine ripened tomatoes, pumpkin, avocadoes, lychees and mangoes. I get given bags of passionfruit, boxes of black sapotes, chokos and lettuces.

But I digress... back to the cheesecake. {Photo taken by Karen of Confetti Mag} It turned out amaaaaazing!! Thermomix Zucchini and Basil Soup — The Annoyed Thyroid. Flexitarianiasm: sustainable resolutions for your diet. Cook simple: Unseasoned vegetables will keep a long time and leftovers when pureed can be served with bread or crackers. New Year's resolutions tend to be big, impressive promises that we adhere to for short periods of time - that blissful stretch of January when we are starving ourselves, exercising daily and reading Proust.

But, and you know this, rather than making extreme changes that last for days or weeks, we are better off with tiny ones lasting more or less forever. Mostly, though, when it comes to diet, we are told the opposite. We have a billion-dollar industry based on fad diets and quick fixes: Eat nothing but foam packing peanuts and lemon tea, and you'll lose 30 pounds (14 kilograms) in 30 days. Then what? What follows are some of the easiest food-related resolutions you will ever make, from cooking big pots of grains and beans once a week, to buying frozen produce, to pickling things à la "Portlandia. " Advertisement You can steam or parboil or microwave. The New York Times. Dukan Diet Recipe List.