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CSS Layout: A collection of 224 Grid and CSS Layouts. CSS Layout Generator. About the CSS Layout Generator The CSS Layout Generator was first released by Tony Aslett in October 2003, since then over 871,000 layouts have been generated.

CSS Layout Generator

Updated in November 2010, HTML5 doctype can now be selected and a simple HTML5 template with appropriate tags will be created. Other HTML and XHTML doctypes are still available. The generator helps you create the structure of your website template using valid HTML and CSS. You can create a fluid or fixed width floated column layout, with up to 3 columns and with header and footer. The generator requires a modern DOM capable browser with JavaScript enabled. Instructions To create your layout select the structural elements your site requires (header, footer, columns). Info popups are available where you see InfoMore info example :) icon, just hover over it for more information. Join the CSS Forum to suggest changes or ask for help where needed.

Check Browser Compatibility, Cross Platform Browser Test - Brows. 21 Amazing CSS Techniques You Should Know (Build 20100401080539) Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) is one of the building blocks of modern web design without which websites would have been ugly just like they were a decade ago.

21 Amazing CSS Techniques You Should Know (Build 20100401080539)

With time, the quality of CSS tutorials out there on the web has increased considerably. Get Started With CSS 3. If you follow CSS, you’re probably sick of hearing promises of CSS 3 — the next generation style sheet language that should have been here several years ago.

Get Started With CSS 3

Well, the specification document still isn’t finalized. If you’re impatient, you’re not alone. Browser manufacturers have already started rolling out support for many of the new features even if they aren’t yet set in stone. Opera and Safari have been leading the way when it comes to CSS 3 features, but Firefox 3 packs in a few and 3.1 promises to bring Firefox alongside the others. CSS Layout: A collection of 224 Grid and CSS Layouts. 50 Brilliant CSS3/JavaScript Coding Techniques - Smashing Magazi. Advertisement CSS3 is coming.

50 Brilliant CSS3/JavaScript Coding Techniques - Smashing Magazi

Although the browser support of CSS 3 is still very limited, many designers across the globe experiment with new powerful features of the language, using graceful degradation for users with older browsers and using the new possibilites of CSS3 for users with modern browsers. Take Your Design To The Next Level With CSS3 - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Cascading Style Sheets were introduced 13 years ago, and the widely adopted CSS 2.1 standard has existed for 11 years now.

Take Your Design To The Next Level With CSS3 - Smashing Magazine

When we look at websites that were created 11 years ago, it’s clear that we are a thousand miles away from that era. It is quite remarkable how much Web development has evolved over the years, in a way we would never have imagined then. So why is it that, when it comes to CSS, we’re stuck in the past and so afraid of experimenting? An introduction to CSS3. Start Using CSS3 Today: Techniques and Tutorials - Smashing Maga. Advertisement We have been publishing articles about CSS3 for a while now, and we keep receiving angry e-mails from some developers who complain that it doesn’t make sense to use CSS3 today. Yes, Internet Explorer doesn’t support most CSS3 properties.

And yes, CSS3 vendor prefixes are bad for maintainability (and this is why we recommend extracting vendor prefixes in a separate CSS3 file). But it’s OK to accept that Web is a dynamic medium, and it’s OK to create rich, interactive, beautiful designs for those who are already using a modern browser or will be using one soon. It just doesn’t make sense to keep looking back, beiDang afraid of looking forward and therefore avoid experimenting and learning about new CSS3 properties today. In this post we present an extensive round-up of CSS3 techniques, tools and resources that will help you learn how to use CSS3 in your designs right away. You may be interested in the following related articles: CSS3 Solutions for Internet Explorer - Smashing Magazine. Advertisement Experienced developers understand that CSS3 can be added to new projects with progressive enhancement in mind.

CSS3 Solutions for Internet Explorer - Smashing Magazine

This ensures that content is accessible while non-supportive browsers fall back to a less-enhanced experience for the user. But developers could face a situation where a client insists that the enhancements work cross-browser, demanding support even for IE6. In that case, I’ve collected together a number of options that developers can consider for those circumstances where support for a CSS3 feature is required for all versions of Internet Explorer (IE6, IE7, & IE8 — all of which are still currently in significant use). Opacity / Transparency I think all developers are baffled at why Internet Explorer still fails to support this very popular (albeit troublesome) property. The Syntax You really only need the second line, which works in all versions of Internet Explorer. The Demonstration This is the same element without the opacity settings. The Drawbacks Box Shadow. Building Faster Websites with CSS Sprites. Using CSS sprites allows you to greatly increase your websites speed by using single image files that contain multiple graphics.

Building Faster Websites with CSS Sprites

In other words, when you have many images to be used, instead of having them as different individual files, we combine them into one. Therefore, the client computer only downloads one image for all the different graphics to be displayed. Benefits of CSS sprites Using CSS sprite images on your website is the best way to quicken up the loading time of your images and is also the best way to keep up with today’s best web design practices. CSS sprites decrease the loading time of images on your web pages, and can significantly lower the number of requests that your website makes which can drastically lower total page load time. If you need more reason to use sprites, consider that most of the top sites out there are using them: Apple, Amazon, Yahoo… Tutorial9 :P Materials Needed: