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Imageries - Custom Acrylic Paintings. Companies celebrate the Supreme Court’s same-sex marriage ruling. Crosley Furniture Griffith Metal 40" Five-Piece Outdoor Dining Set. 3 PR lessons from Blue Bell's massive ice cream recall. The mercury is rising, and Texas is heading into summer without its brand of ice cream.

3 PR lessons from Blue Bell's massive ice cream recall

No, we won’t get Ben and Jerry’s. That’s not our brand. Our brand is Blue Bell, and we don’t have any, thanks to an outbreak of Listeria. Not to be flip about the seriousness of the situation. Many people fell seriously, some fatally, ill with the strong strain of foodborne bacteria. How in the world do this many people care so much about a brand that made people sick? Every time a large company experiences a public crisis, it has an opportunity to make it right or make a complete mess of the situation.

Here are three PR lessons we’ve gleaned from Blue Bell’s national recall. 1. There’s a huge difference between a voluntary recall and a mandatory recall. Own your mistakes and right your wrongs before someone does it for you. 2. In Texas, Blue Bell is the treat of choice for family reunions, church barbecues and everything in between. Rustic River Park Homes. Understanding Plagiarism. Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. American Tiny House. Shenandoah Tiny House - Traditional. Tiny Hammock Cottages.

With Over 60 years of Combined Real Estate and Construction Experience.

Tiny Hammock Cottages

Tiny Hammock Cottage and Signatour Campers made the intelligent decision to work together and combine their talents to bring forth the best in what a Tiny Home Should feel to you. We Build more than Tiny homes and Campers; we build a lifestyle of Convenience to our clients and Lifelong Friends. When you Choose Tiny Hammock Cottages, you choose a Great Family Owned Company with unwavering commitment to quality and Customer Service. Our Dedicated team at Tiny Hammock Cottages handles all Land Acquisition, Marketing and Sales. While the Team at Signatour Campers builds you’re Tiny Home using state-of-the-art materials and high-quality construction. Tiny Green Cabins. Traveler Tiny House Traveler Floor Plan 176 sq. ft. on main level22′ – 24′ long8.5′ wideApprox Weight 9100 lbsWelded Steel FrameSleeps 1 – 2Sleeping loftStairs32 x 32 Shower StallPedestal sink in bathNature’s Head Composting toiletDrop down deckSunken Living roomloft above bathEntry door – Double 2′ 6″ x 6′ 8″

Tiny Green Cabins

Olympic Tiny Houses On Wheels. Our Tiny House Floor Plans (Construction PDF + SketchUp) Product Description Save hundreds of hours when you purchase these tiny house construction plans!

Our Tiny House Floor Plans (Construction PDF + SketchUp)

Countless hours of research, planning, consulting, drafting, and reworking went into the design of these one-of-a-kind tiny home plans. The price of this complete set of plans is a bargain, considering the hundreds of hours you can save if interested in building this house or a house of similar design (modern tiny house, on a trailer, with loft, etc). Professional contractors, electricians and plumbers were consulted to create these tiny house on wheels plans. This is absolutely gorgeous! Author: Alek Lisefski Requirements & Terms Basic construction knowledge required.

Message to My Freshman Students  For the first time in many years I am teaching a freshman course, Introduction to Philosophy.

Message to My Freshman Students 

The experience has been mostly good. I had been told that my freshman students would be apathetic, incurious, inattentive, unresponsive and frequently absent, and that they would exude an insufferable sense of entitlement. I am happy to say that this characterization was not true of most students. Still, some students are often absent, and others, even when present, are distracted or disengaged. Some have had to be cautioned that class is not their social hour and others reminded not to send text messages in class. Welcome to higher education! First, I am your professor, not your teacher.

Your teachers were held responsible if you failed, and expected to show that they had tried hard to avoid that dreaded result. Secondly, universities are ancient and tend to do things the old-fashioned way. Lecture has come under attack recently. Ischemic Optic Neuropathy. The 8 Most Adorable Beach Towns in the US. Once temperatures start rising and the sun starts shining, vacationers head toward the water.

The 8 Most Adorable Beach Towns in the US

While the beaches of Mexico and the Caribbean are popular picks, we really love some of the adorable beach towns in the U.S. If you're looking for more of a quiet escape than a party-filled getaway, we've rounded up eight quaint beach cities that not only ooze charm, but also provide enough to do and see to keep travelers happy.

One of the country's oldest cities, Newport was founded in 1639 and transformed into a major port city in the 18th century. Later on it became a popular summer getaway destination for the wealthy -- it's even been the "Summer White House" locale for Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy. A 45-minute drive south of Providence, the quaint city of around 25,000 residents is known for its beautiful historic mansions and cute shops and galleries in the downtown area. Share your photos and videos.


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