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Richard Gillum

Indianapolis Dentist: Correcting Dental Issues with Clear Braces. One of the most common dental procedures sought out by people who have such dental condition as an over- or underbite is braces.

Indianapolis Dentist: Correcting Dental Issues with Clear Braces

This dentist-approved procedure aims to align and move the teeth to a more desirable arrangement for both function and aesthetic purposes. There is a significant shift, however, in the trend when it comes to which type of brace to use (traditional vs. newer designs) as more and more patients are moving to clear braces from the traditional metal braces. That being the case, knowing the differences and advantages of this type of brace is important to help you decide if you should choose it or not. Why the Need to Correct Dental Issues Aside from the poor quality of smile and self-confidence issues that could come as a result of misaligned or crooked teeth, overbite and underbite can also cause eating-related and health issues. Dentist in Greenwood Indiana Explains How Sleep Apnea Harms the Body.

Sleep apnea is a widespread disorder that afflicts as much as 50% of older men and 25% of women. It is characterized by the disruption of airflow during sleep and can be debilitating because it deprives the body of its much needed restorative sleep, as well as paves way to the early onset of memory decline. – gillumdentistry

Dentist in Greenwood, Indiana: Prepare Your Kids for Their First Visit.

It’s normal for your kids to be a little nervous about this, and you can help ease their worry as their first trip to the dentist is very crucial to their overall well-being. – gillumdentistry

Greenwood Dental Whitening: Choosing At-Home or In Office Procedures.

Everybody wants Hollywood-worthy white teeth, and with today’s standards in cosmetic dentistry, you too can have the killer smile you’ve always wanted. – gillumdentistry

Greenwood, Indiana Dentist Uses Diode Laser for Soft Tissue Procedures.

Dr. Richard Gillum, a renowned dentist in Greenwood, Indiana at Gillum Dentistry, uses the ez-lase™940 diode laser to treat soft tissue disease and gum abnormalities. Unlike most diode lasers, the ez-lase does not cut tissue using heat, leading to greater patient comfort. – gillumdentistry

Trusted Greenwood Dentist Explains: What is Short Term Orthodontics?

Many patients would love to have straighter teeth and more attractive smiles but don’t want the unsightly look, expense and two year commitment of traditional metal braces. Most adults just will not deal with that kind of annoyance. – gillumdentistry

Greenwood Dental Practitioners Prove it’s Never Too Late for Braces.

Given the world’s obsession with selfies and groufies, it’s certainly understandable that those with misaligned or crooked teeth feel a bit conscious to show off a big smile when having their pictures taken—especially if they stand or sit among people with straight, beautiful smiles that resemble those of celebrities. – gillumdentistry

Established Greenwood Dentist: Identifying TMD and Proper Treatment.

There is no known direct cause of TMD. Medical experts, however, claim that the risk of developing TMD increases if a person frequently clenches his or her teeth. Other potential causes of the condition include sustaining a heavy blow to the jaw, arthritis, jaw infections, and misaligned teeth. – gillumdentistry

Greenwood Dental Office: The Best Place to Obtain Teeth Whitening.

Ask a popular Greenwood dentist and he will likely tell you that teeth whitening is easily the most requested cosmetic dentistry procedure he does. – gillumdentistry

Gillum Dentistry: Leading Indianapolis Dentist Discusses the Downsides of Crooked Teeth.

Established dentists in Indianapolis continue to caution patients about the grave disadvantages of not correcting this dental problem. More food tend to be trapped between crooked teeth due to their awkward position. Since they are also harder to brush and floss, issues such as plaque buildup, cavities, and gum disease are more likely to occur, as well. – gillumdentistry

Known Greenwood Dental Practice Continues to Treat Sleeping Problems. CPAP Alternative for Sleep Apnea: Consult Your Dentist in Indianapolis.

Oral appliance therapy involves a dental device similar to a mouth guard or a retainer. It is placed inside the mouth and keeps the airways open, preventing the tongue and other muscles at the rear of the oral cavity from collapsing, thus eliminating any blockage to the patient’s breathing. – gillumdentistry

Trusted Greenwood Dental Facility Uses TruDenta to Provide headache, facial & neck Pain Relief.

Gillum Dentistry, a trusted Greenwood dental facility led by Dr. Richard Gillum, is one of the few family dental practices in Indiana to use TruDenta, a drug‐free, needle‐free, and pain‐free system to provide long‐lasting pain relief. – gillumdentistry