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Street art

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Odio (Hatred) Supakitch & Koralie Docu. In november, last year, we had this very nice Supakitch and Koralie making a mural video.

Supakitch & Koralie Docu

Now, I’m happy to say, we have a very nice Supakitch and Koralie documentary… SUPAKITCH x KORALIE x POSCA from elr°y on Vimeo. Calligraffiti. Mr.


Niels ‘Shoe’ Meulman from Holland does something called “calligraffiti”. Now, I am not sure what to make of all this, to be quite honest. To me it kind of sort of looks like someone who has had some calligraphy-classes and wasn’t to bad at it, and then decided to make it a lot cooler by suggesting it has something to do with graffiti… Oh well, I guess everybody is allowed to make a living somehow. Street Art: Nunca. RED BULL STREET ART VIEW. Painting Q Pop. GraffitiMarkupLanguage. Street art: Remed. Unusual street art by this “French artist out of Madrid“ (Yeah, I’m not quite sure how that works, either….)

Street art: Remed

Bold forms, either bright colors or stark black and white, on walls (inside or out), on canvas, on paper or in 3D. Sometimes huge, sometimes not. Hand drawn typography. 3D Graffiti. Supakitch & Koralie. Jason Eppink's The Shadow Machine. The Shadow Machine from Jason Eppink on Vimeo.

Jason Eppink's The Shadow Machine

“The Shadow Machine is a hand-made analog projection system that reanimates two blacksmiths from the late 1800’s, photographed by Eadweard Muybridge and compiled on plate #374 of his Animal Locomotion series. The Shadow Machine was conceived of and created for the The Underbelly Project, an extraordinary, unauthorized exhibition of more than one hundred international street artists in an abandoned subway station in New York City. The Shadow Machine’s projected, ghostly figures hammer away in complete darkness at the far end of the platform, ever-toiling spirits working on a never-finished station that was abandoned generations ago.

Inside the Machine, six frames hand-painted on clear plexiglass operate as gobos when lit from behind by narrow beam LEDs.