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Building Your Web Presence for Authors: Don’t Let Google Do Your Talking. While hanging out with some friends last night one of them mentioned the name of a well established local business.

Building Your Web Presence for Authors: Don’t Let Google Do Your Talking

I pulled out my iPhone and googled the business name and the city. What showed up as the site description? “Joomla! – the dynamic portal engine and content management system.” Wow. I clicked on the link to bring up the site. When I got home my suspicions were confirmed: the entire site was done with movies and pretty pictures and no actual text on the front page at all. So what this business has is a very fancy looking website that has no description in Google whatsoever and isn’t viewable from a large percentage of the mobile devices out there. Art of Blog — The Art of How to Start and Run a Blog. 28 Content Revenue Sharing Sites to Make Money with. 6 Tips to Skyrocket your Blog Traffic Fast. Quick Ways to Get Bloggers to Notice You. You have a new blog – or maybe you just want to grow your existing blog.

Quick Ways to Get Bloggers to Notice You

One of the fastest ways to get more visibility is to connect with established bloggers in niches related to yours. There are three fast ways to make that happen: linking to their blogs, effectively using social media, and blog commenting. As Marty Weintraub of Aimclear Search Engine Marketing taught me when I first started blogging, you can “invite other bloggers to the party” by linking to them. Many blog platforms and especially WordPress notifies bloggers of incoming links through trackbacks and pingbacks. 12 Killer Tips and Tricks for Building HTML Email. EDM (Electronic Direct Marketing), most of the time refer as email marketing, html emails or newsletters.

12 Killer Tips and Tricks for Building HTML Email

They are used to announce new products release, promotion or important announcement to consumers. Tools such as Salesforce can help you to set up these campaigns. Well, we will not discuss about how electronic marketing campaigns work. In Queness, we always focus on technical part to web designers and developers. I have been building EDM for a few years now, a lot of people labelled EDM as dirty job, because it's harder than building a website! Alright, cut thing short, the following is a list of tips and tricks, something I learned from all the EDMs I have built and of course from Internet as well. 1. This is important, not all CSS properties are supported. Guide to CSS support in email. More Followers for Your Cause. How To: Migrate, Combine Two (or More) WordPress Blogs into One. 7 Essential Ingredients For A Successful Collaborative Blog.

The 3 Keys to Effective Guest Posting. Guest post by James Agate of Skyrocket SEO.

The 3 Keys to Effective Guest Posting

Guest posting on other blogs: you likely know about it as a traffic-building technique, you might have done it and you probably didn’t get the results you were hoping for. Why? Because it’s easy to approach guest posting from the wrong angle. Ultimate Guide For Writing Great Blog Content. Resources. Tired of your business depending on your sheer effort?


Get my guide to 5 tools (and strategies) that up your Effort-to-Impact Ratio. In other words, you can do more while doing less. To get it, scroll down and enter your email address below. From there, you’ll want to spend some time in the lab. Kick Start Labs, that is. Got that? 10 Top Tips to get Noticed on Flickr « Holga Blog. Red Lemon Club: Fresh Ideas for Successful Creatives. 5,867 Words on Becoming a Conversion Machine: A Guide for Bloggers. June was the first time in the history of this site where the blog gained over 1,000 subscribers in a month.

5,867 Words on Becoming a Conversion Machine: A Guide for Bloggers

To be specific, the final increase count was just over 1,300. Even though I’m posting as infrequently as I ever have, traffic levels are at their highest, and the blog is converting visitors into subscribers better than ever before. Business 101: How to Get your Website up FAST! A Beginners Guide to Building a WordPress Site. Posted by Michelle Mangen on July 7, 2011 · 3 Comments Remember back in the good old days when if you wanted a web site, you had to hire a web programmer?

Business 101: How to Get your Website up FAST! A Beginners Guide to Building a WordPress Site

How NOT To Suck At Blogging. This week marks the 6-month anniversary of the day I launched Man Vs.

How NOT To Suck At Blogging

Debt! Yippee! It’s been a freaky journey up to this point. I feel like I swallowed both the red and blue pills in one big gulp. Linked Influence. The Design Feast Blog: Blogger’s Quest(ionnaire): Joanne Molina of The Curated Object. The Blogger’s Quest(ionnaire) is a Design Feast Initiative.

the Design Feast Blog: Blogger’s Quest(ionnaire): Joanne Molina of The Curated Object

In contrast to the Designer’s Quest(ionnaire), the focus here is on those engaged in the blog medium—why they do it and what tools they use. This fourth installment features Joanne Molina, Editorial Director of The Curated Object, a “non-profit media project interested in the exhibition and display of decorative arts, design and objects and those who find our engagement with them compelling.” Her sustained experience with blogging may help your entrance into the blogosphere or further inform your current work in it: 1.

I Help People Be Successful Online. TwistedSifter. Apr 16, 2014 This Guy Takes Photos of Buildings and then Uses the Sky as His Canvas In an ongoing series entitled Sky Art, artist Thomas Lamadieu aka Roots Art, takes photos of buildings and cityscapes wherever he travels.


Many of his images point skyward using a fisheye lens. He then uses the sky in each photo as his canvas, filling it with illustrations that incorporate the sky’s natural colour. CloudBlueprint: Intro. Cloud Blueprint. How To Make Your Website More Accessible. Posted on 18'08 Jul Posted on July 18, 2008 along with 29 JUST™ Creative Comments In this guest article Chad Swaney* walks us through some techniques and guidelines on how to make your website more accessible. It is a good change to see something more technical here on Just Creative Design so enjoy. One of the biggest mistakes I see from web designers is making accessibility more complicated than it actually is.

10 Tips Towards Improving The Accessibility Of Your Website. The issue of web accessibility is as valid as ever. Laws such as the Disability and Equality Act in the UK and the Americans With Disabilities Act in the US mean that accessibility is now a matter of legality and not just courtesy. It’s always important to remember that inclusive design is great design – and a keen eye for accessibility and usability can mark the difference between a good designer and a great designer. As such, the following are ten pro-active tips – designed to help you improve the web experience for disabled users. 1.

Use alt tags on images. This is one of the simplest ways in which to make your website more accessible, yet it’s amazing how often it’s forgotten. [sws_grey_box box_size="400"]Eg. 2. Untitled. Since I started blogging nearly 2 years ago the features that a lot of bloggers included in their blogs have changed dramatically as the social web becomes a vital component of the way we use the web and integrated into the online world. So it’s time to take a fresh look at what functionality you should be including if you want your content to spread and to enhance and amplify your personal brand. Let’s take a quick glance at what’s happened in that time to place some perspective on why your blog may need fine tuning or major surgery.

Facebook in 2009 was only a quarter of what it is today at 150 million users, (it now has 600 million) and Facebook pages for companies had only been available for a 12 months with not many corporates using it to connect and spread their brand on the social web. Twitter at the start of 2009 only had 8 million users and it is now approaching 200 million and has become a mainstream social networking platform with real clout. 1. 2.

This is an absolute must. How to build an online community like Creative Boom. 45+ Useful Yet Free eBooks For Designers And Developers. Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster. Internet has made the world of knowledge and information so much open than it ever had before. With thousands of tutorials available online and proper standards in place, it just takes few days of study to master even the most complicated skills. Designing community always require useful resources and new techniques to bring novelty in their designs. Here, we are showcasing an incredibly useful collection of 45+ free e-books that every designer and developer must read.

Site Sketch 101: An Artistic Approach to Online Business. Creating a Blog: The Foundation For Getting Yourself and Your Work out There. Getting Started with a Blog. In this article we will be explaining one of the most important aspects that will drive traffic to your website. In the Belly of the Whale: How to get your Twitter problem fixed. Update: If you follow @Support, you can DM them (even though they don’t follow you) and ask your question that way. How do I create a Blogger Feed? - FeedBurner Help. Are You Making Connecting with People Online Harder Than it Should Be? When someone asks what the fastest way to grow traffic to a website is, first I tell them they’re asking the wrong question. 10 Steps To Promote Brand “You” With Social Media. We live in one of the most exciting times in the world’s history where you can build a personal brand globally and faster than anyone has even imagined.

Most people are underestimating the reach and power of social media that has really only been available to the public for barely 5 years. The previous generation built their personal brands on television, radio, magazines and newspapers. You now have the opportunity to build a personal brand utilising the power and leverage of social media and blogs that can accelerate the process.

12 Tips for Creating a Blog Google and Tens of Readers Will Hate. The Ready, Fire, Aim, Reload Strategy for Social Media Success. If I Started Today. How to Build a High-Traffic Web Site (or Blog) How to Make Money From Your Blog. was launched on Oct 1st, 2004. By April 2005 it was averaging $4.12/day in income. Are you making these mistakes on your LinkedIn profile? – Copylicious. Persuasion for business. Now with 30% more Kelly Parkinson. If you’re feeling lost in LinkedIn, you’re not alone. The web application keeps getting better—or more complicated—depending on your perspective. » The “I don’t have time for social networking” thing. — The Fluent Self. Okay, at least four times in the past week or so someone has actually said to me that they don’t have time for “Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and all that stuff.” Right.

All that stuff. Using custom/nonstandard fonts with Google font API. Business web designer, WordPress customization and web copy. A podcast by bloggers, for bloggers. MyBlogGuest – Free Guest Post Exchange. By Bloggers — Taking E-Products to a New Level of Awesome. Think Traffic — Get More Traffic for Your Website or Blog. 50 Ways to Take Your Blog to the Next Level. 8 Creative Ways Posterous Groups Can Bring People Together. Where to host Javascript for blogger blogs? Daily Blog Tips.