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Lesson Plan. Gerry Broome/Associated Press A cicada in Chapel Hill, N.C. in 2011, when one brood of Magicicada periodical cicada appeared in southern states. This spring the 17-year cicadas will emerge in the Northeast. Go to related 2011 article » Updated | May 9, 2013. Brood II Is Back. Periodical Cicada Broods - the 13-Year and 17-Year Cicadas. The cicadas that emerge together in the same year are collectively called a brood.

Periodical Cicada Broods - the 13-Year and 17-Year Cicadas

Amazing Cicada life cycle - Sir David Attenborough's Life in the Undergrowth - BBC wildlife. New Sims. Brooke Greenberg: 20-Year-Old "Toddler's" Legacy of Hope and Love. Alaska Wild Educator Network. KidsHealth - the Web's most visited site about children's health. Mexican Free-tailed bat Fact Sheet. Science tips. Students know organisms can be classified based on evolutionary relationships.

science tips

E/S When teaching all of the L.12.D benchmarks, it is imperative to help students understand the process of science. Most objections and misconceptions about evolution are directly related to the misunderstanding of how science works. When students understand the nature of science, they will understand how scientists have studied the process of evolution. As questions arise about a “supernatural” creation of Earth and the Universe, students who understand the nature of science will understand why supernatural forces cannot be studied as part of scientific processes.

Evolution: Teachers. Teaching of Evolution in Schools - NSTA Position Statements. Introduction The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) strongly supports the position that evolution is a major unifying concept in science and should be emphasized in K–12 science education frameworks and curricula.

Teaching of Evolution in Schools - NSTA Position Statements

Furthermore, if evolution is not taught, students will not achieve the level of scientific literacy needed to be well-informed citizens and prepared for college and STEM careers. This position is consistent with that of the National Academies, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and many other scientific and educational organizations. NSTA recognizes that a century of political controversy has prevented evolution from being emphasized in science curricula in a manner commensurate with its importance. This political controversy has been accompanied by anti-evolution policies, the intimidation of science teachers and textbook publishers, and the general public's lack of understanding about evolutionary theory.

Declarations Legal Issues. Rediscovering Biology - Unit 3 Evolution and Phylogenetics. Natural Selection - Natural Selection, Evolution, Mutation. Cloning Myths. 3D Animation Library. Animations can be viewed within your web browser or downloaded for play from your computer.

3D Animation Library

In some genes the protein-coding sections of the DNA ("exons") are interrupted by non-coding regions ("introns"). RNA splicing removes the introns from pre mRNA to produce the final set of instructions for the protein. Transcript: As DNA is transcribed into RNA it needs to be edited to remove non-coding regions, or introns, shown in green. Touring, Sequencing, and Analyzing the Human Genome. Online Education Kit: Dynamic Timeline. Mendelian Genetics.

An important question to answer in any genetic experiment is how can we decide if our data fits any of the Mendelian ratios we have discussed.

Mendelian Genetics

A statistical test that can test out ratios is the Chi-Square or Goodness of Fit test. Chi-Square Formula. Chapter 5 ~ Benchmarks Online ~ Project 2061 ~ AAAS. People have long been curious about living things—how many different species there are, what they are like, where they live, how they relate to each other, and how they behave.

Chapter 5 ~ Benchmarks Online ~ Project 2061 ~ AAAS

Scientists seek to answer these questions and many more about the organisms that inhabit the earth. In particular, they try to develop the concepts, principles, and theories that enable people to understand the living environment better. Welcome to TechNyou science education resources. Biotechnology Online Home. Enhancing a Microscope Image. Darkfield and Rheinberg Illumination The condenser in a brightfield microscope illuminates the specimen with a solid cone of light.

Enhancing a Microscope Image

There are some simple additions that can be made to even inexpensive microscopes that dramatically enhance the image by manipulating the way light hits the specimen. These methods are best accomplished using low power objectives (4x to 10x) Darkfield: By inserting an opaque disk (called a "stop") in the light path so that only a hollow cone of light illuminates the subject, very fine details can be resolved. Earth Partnership for Schools. Tools for Teachers Earth Partnership has innovative curriculum guides that direct interdisciplinary explorations in ecology and restoration.

Earth Partnership for Schools

Guides are aligned to Common Core standards and encourage growth in science, math, literacy, art, social studies, and more. Sample activities and an interactive woodland restoration workshop are available below. The K–12 Curriculum Guide contains more than 100 lessons keyed to Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science standards. Ten chapters outline our 10-step process for building rain gardens and restoring native habitats: Study species and ecosystems Investigate site history Analyze site Connect with community Design Prepare Plant Maintain Research Learn from the site The Water Stewardship Guide offers students a means to forge deeper connections to their watershed. The Woodland Curriculum Guide was developed by and for teachers and community members who wanted to do restoration education in wooded areas. Rain Garden Activities: From Cell to DNA. Photo Credit: Purpose To introduce students to the genetic information stored in DNA within the human cell nucleus.

From Cell to DNA

Context. Exercise Finder, health. Zygote Body. Essential Skeleton – An Excellent iPad App for Students. Essential Skeleton is a free iPad app that students studying the human skeletal system should download.

Essential Skeleton – An Excellent iPad App for Students

The app puts a 3D skeleton on your students’ iPads.