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Garden Planters - Buy planters for your garden. Raised Veg Beds and Wooden Planter - Garden Planters. Building a Vegetable Garden - No Dig Natural Gardening - Preparing an organic Garden. The No Dig Garden is built on top of the ground, so you can start building a vegetable garden anywhere.

Building a Vegetable Garden - No Dig Natural Gardening - Preparing an organic Garden

This is natural organic gardening at its simplest and best. Preparing a vegetable garden of this sort is extremely attractive for those sites that have poor soil or invasive weeds. It's also a great way to build a garden for those that can't, or don't want to, dig a good size vegetable garden! Follow the natural gardening no dig diagram below, but first thing of course is to choose the site. Make sure it is roughly level and ideally most of the area gets at least 5 hours of sun a day. If it's not as level as you'd like it, roughly smooth out the humps and bumps, then fill the gaps and any lower edges with soil, sand or whatever organic material is at hand, such as bark, leaves, twigs, washed seaweed, paper, jute, wool carpet or similar. If the ground is on too much of a slope, build some terraces for easy maintenance. NATURES PRODUCE - Home. Organic Gardening Courses: Learn How to Go Green with Your Garden. Over the 4 week course I will be presenting a series of lectures that will help you understand both the Big Issues – in other words – the philosophy behind organic gardening, and the Practicalities – in other words – how to do it.

Organic Gardening Courses: Learn How to Go Green with Your Garden

I will guide you through the steps you can take to adopt a chemical-free, sustainable and benevolent way of caring for the organic garden that will be good for your health and that of the environment – while keeping the organic garden looking great. This course is for those of you who really care about the bigger picture. You don’t just want to grow a few veg; but want to change your lifestyle, care for our planet, and truly understand the philosophy and history behind the organic garden and sustainable living.

Soil Association membership offer: Brocton Leys Organic Gardening Courses. Location: Brocton, Stafford 10% discount for SA members on organic gardening courses available throughout the seasons for all abilities.

Soil Association membership offer: Brocton Leys Organic Gardening Courses

Situated on the edge of Cannock Chase, in an Edwardian garden, a small but wide range of organic fruit and vegetables are grown from seed. We rely on our own compost and green manures, but some horse manure comes from a local stable to add nutrients to the soil. All the waste from the garden gets recycled into recreating compost and fertility for the whole garden. All the lessons are conducted on the theory of organic gardening in a conservatory.

There are two greenhouses and a polytunnel for wet weather teaching, two acres of lawns, vegetable gardens, herb garden, woodland fruit trees and an old English apple orchard for practical sessions. Garden Organic - celebrating 50 years of organic growing - organic gardening, farming and food. Short Courses. If you want to learn about healthy cooking, this is where you need to come!

Short Courses

The International Macrobiotic School is the leading macrobiotic centre in the UK, offering a range of seasonal cooking classes, self-development workshops and longer professional training courses. The name ‘macrobiotic’ comes from traditional practices of health and longevity from ancient Greece, ‘macro’ meaning great and ‘bios’ meaning life. This is a way to a full, vital and creative life. Macrobiotic cooking uses a wide variety of plant-based ingredients to create delicious and nourishing meals that are full of flavour and can be adapted to everyone’s personal health and lifestyle needs.

Sparsholt College Hampshire - Organic Gardening Certificate. Northop College - part of Deeside College, Flintshire, North Wales. Formerly the Welsh College of Horticulture. Developing Supply Chains. RENEW. Dartington Certificate in Sustainable Horticulture. Organic Horticulture HNC - University of Worcester. This well established Organic Horticulture course is ideal for those interested in a career change or for those who are already working in horticulture.

Organic Horticulture HNC - University of Worcester

The HNC in Organic Horticulture is a part-time course (one day per week over two years) validated by the University of Worcester and taught at Pershore College. Using our organically certified facilities, students develop a sound knowledge of organic principles and standards. The course is broad-based and covers both the growi Pershore College is the West Midlands’ Regional Centre for the Royal Horticultural Society, the national headquarters of the Alpine Garden Society and holds the National Philadelphus and Penstemon collections for the National Council for the Conservation of Plants and Gardens. To view more details about this course, please visit the Pershore College website. Full Residential Permaculture Design and Forest Gardening Course.

Sustainablefoodproduction. To E-Mail: Click Here Our Next Residential Gardening/Cooking Course: 'Gardening & Cooking for Life and a Sustainable Future' £200 / £180 concession – residential course that includes food & accommodation Spring: May 2013 Autumn: 12-14 October 2012 Guardian newspaper feature and audio slideshow, Click here!


Organic Fruit & Vegetable Farm Situated at the foothills of the Black Mountains, near Hay-on-Wye, Primrose Organic Farm seeks to be a place of calm and beauty, where visitors can find inspiration to live more harmoniously within their immediate environment, their local communities and the natural world. Organic vegetable gardening. Home. Vegetables to grow in winter: a how-to guide. With the help of a bit of cover, and carefully selected varieties of seeds, it is possible to grow vegetables and herbs all year round in the United Kingdom, and presumably therefore in other temperate countries that have frosty winters.In my corner of Scotland, away from the sea and up in the hills, there is only one month of the year that can be guaranteed to be frost free and that is July.

Vegetables to grow in winter: a how-to guide

Most years we cannot grow courgettes or runner beans outside without cover. In our case, experimenting has paid off and we often have more produce in winter than in summer. Last year by the end of winter we were fed up with salad! Why grow vegetables in winter? There are a number of advantages to growing vegetables in winter: Mature overwintered veg keeps growing until December under cover, stands for the winter then comes away fast in February. Protecting plants from frost We had great success last year with an old caravan window found in a lay-by which we put on top of some lamb's lettuce.