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How To Create a Realistic Money Effect in Photoshop The classic illustration style used on money is something I’ve always wanted to figure out how to replicate in Photoshop. There’s plenty of Photoshop tutorials that show how to create a basic halftone line effect, but they never quite capture that authentic engraved look with plenty of shading and tone. After lots of trial and error I finally managed to figure it out, so here’s an in depth tutorial on how to create a realistic money illustration effect in Photoshop (with some help from Illustrator!). Customizable Vintage Motorcycle Logos for Members Blog.SpoonGraphics
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Free Photoshop

Free Backgrounds Pack 4 Cute Royalty Free Abstract Backgrounds for my visitors : ) You may use them commercially too ! I love you ! Read & Download Photo Frames
Lista dei colori Lista dei colori Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. Questa lista è suscettibile di variazioni e potrebbe non essere aggiornata. La seguente è una lista parziale di colori e dei loro codici identificativi. Voci correlate[modifica | modifica sorgente]
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