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AquaticPrime: Secure Your Shareware Applications. RegexKit Framework. Cocos2d. UDK - Unreal Development Kit - Epic Games. Sparkle: a free software update framework for the Mac. Game Development Tool. ParseKit - Cocoa Objective-C Framework for parsing, tokenizing a. GCDrawKit - A complete framework for vector drawing. Flexible and powerful architecture for vector drawing applications Latest News July 15th , 2009 : Beta 6 version is now available for download.

GCDrawKit - A complete framework for vector drawing

Introduction Cocoa and Quartz provide some powerful fundamental tools for doing drawing and graphics, but they are very low level. Contrast this with Cocoa's NSTextView system - it's almost a complete word processor. DrawKit attempts to do for drawing applications what Cocoa's text system does for text applications. A fully abstracted "drawing" data model Unlimited drawing layersAny number of views can be simultaneously attached to view and edit the drawing A complete hierarchy of classes for vector drawing objectsSpecialised layers for grids, guides and drawing meta-data panels"Real-world" coordinates in millimetres, inches, kilometers or whatever you need A standardized selection mechanism and selection "knobs" just works, but easily customisable. Mzarra's ZSync at master - GitHub. Briefs: A Cocoa Touch Framework for Live Wireframes. Mulle kybernetiK - Software. Writing an XML-RPC Client in Objective-C.

A small introduction on how to access XML-RPC webservices in Objective-C using NGXmlRpc.

Writing an XML-RPC Client in Objective-C

The frameworks ... The XML-RPC support in SOPE is scattered in some frameworks (for some good reasons ;-) They are: libXmlRpc, libNGObjWeb and libNGXmlRpc. The XML parsing is actually done in sope-xml/XmlRpc. This library contains a SaxObjC handler which creates XML-RPC objects (XmlRpcRequest, XmlRpcResponse) and coder objects which can produce XML-RPC XML entities from given objects.

Notably it allows arbitary objects to get encoded as XML-RPC requests/responses. One option to get an HTTP transport is WORequest and WOResponse in conjunction with the WOHTTPConnection class as contained in libNGObjWeb. Finally, libNGXmlRpc ties the WOHTTPConnection and the libXmlRpc parser together and wraps them in an easy to use NGXmlRpcClient object.

The "other" option: on MacOSX WOHTTPConnection is not necessarily the best option. Using xmlrpc_client ... Update: Meerkat is down, we need another testserver. id. Ktuikit - Project Hosting on Google Code. WARNING: This version of the project is not compatible with the previous version.

ktuikit - Project Hosting on Google Code

If you need the source to the previous version, you can download it here. Also, if you already have a working copy of KTUIKit, I suggest deleting it and checking out a fresh copy. KTUIKit Interface Builder Plugin Layout Inspector Enhancements: Multiple selection working for all values Added auto alignment, placement Can edit the margin values inside the resizing control Live resizing works properly now - the resizing doesn't lag and mess up the layout.

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The PubSub Framework: Using RSS Feeds in your App. The Project Page for this articles project is on github at you can grab the source code with git by entering the following command in terminal.... git clone The PubSub Framework is one of those lesser known Frameworks that Apple introduced in Leopard.

The PubSub Framework: Using RSS Feeds in your App

It has the ability to parse RSS & ATOM feeds and automatically generate KVO compliant Objective-C objects which you can inspect & enumerate through in your Application. You can even get access to Safari's or Mail.apps RSS feeds and display them in your application. Recently on StackOverflow someone was complaining that there really wasn't an example project showing how you can use PubSub. The next obvious thing we need to do is add the PubSub framework to our app, so right click on Frameworks->Linked Frameworks and go to Add->Existing Frameworks.

The PSFeed *newsFeed; will both contain information about our RSS Feed and contain the RSS entries once we've started a refresh. Nearest Neighbor Image Unit. Description This is a plug-in for all applications that use Core Image (including Acorn, Pixelmator, and Opacity) to provide the ability to perform nearest-neighbor scaling. Example: This image is scaled to 10× its original size. Mercurial repository If you want to contribute bug-fixes or enhancements to the Nearest Neighbor Image Unit, the easiest way to do that is to clone the Mercurial repository for the Nearest Neighbor Image Unit. Hamster Emporium. Last week, Rick Ballard came by my office for a consult.

Hamster Emporium

He had caught Xcode at a crash in objc_msgSend(). The crash looked like an intermittent problem that had been plaguing Xcode for months. So he called the local expert on debugging objc_msgSend(). Dr. Gregory Parker, Department of Diagnostic Engineering. The good news was that Rick's crash was reliably reproducible. So you crashed in objc_msgSend(). The object pointer itself looked plausible. The object pointer was good, and the method cache was not: the failure was on the chain between them. The object's isa pointer was not so good. Go back to the board. Aha! Malloc_history works with a pointer to the middle of an allocation, too. But where was the buffer? Theory: the compiler or runtime had allocated too little memory for the instance of class DVTSourceModelItem, and ordinary ivar access had overrun that allocation.

We tested the overrun theory again. No more ideas. ShiVa 3D Game engine with development tools. Mattgemmell's MGTwitterEngine at master - GitHub.