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The Seasoned Homemaker - Delightfully Domestic. How to Choose a Color Scheme. Apartment Living: Wall Decor. If you wish to pin one of the images below, please do so from their original source.

Apartment Living: Wall Decor

If you wish to pin this post directly, you can use the pin above. Thanks! Pst. If you missed the first couple posts of this series, you can find them here and here. One of the first things people generally do when they buy a house, before they move in even, is paint the walls. But what about those who rent our homes? Fortunately, there are a million other ways to decorate your walls if you are unable to paint and/or puncture your walls. Gallery Walls This is a great option for renters who can't paint their walls, but are allowed to make nail-holes. I love Young House Love's gallery wall (shown above) since they literally "wallpapered" their hallway with frames.

DIY Art While gallery walls are tons of fun, it wouldn't really make sense to plaster every inch of wall space with a picture frame (unless that's your thing). Paint a canvas. I made my own painted canvases which you can see here. Found Art.

Sustainable Living

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company - Welcome to our website ! Tiny House Designer. I moved into my first tiny house sixteen years ago.

Tiny House Designer

I’ve been making beautiful, functional, little dwellings for other folks to live in ever since. In 1999 I published my first article about the merits of simple living and began speaking out against the legislated ban on small homes in the US. I believe people should be allowed to live as simply as they choose. Since the recent housing bust, bank bailouts, and subsequent economic downturn, there has been increasing demand for well-designed, affordable homes, and more sensible laws. I’ve spent the past eighteen years refining my designs to produce some of the most high-functioning tiny homes available. Jay Shafer. Tiny houses open big doors for Wisconsin’s homeless. This week on Idealists in Action, we’re exploring the concept of Home.

Tiny houses open big doors for Wisconsin’s homeless

In October 2012, we were jazzed to write about the tiny houses movement, and have been excited to watch it gain traction since then. Here’s an update about a new use for tiny houses being developed in the Midwest. Homelessness is an unfortunate fact in our society, and one we consistently struggle to understand and address. In Madison, Wisconsin, a group called OM Build has a new take on the issue—and it happens to be tiny. Say hello to… Tiny houses! Too cute! These 99-square foot houses are built cheaply and without a need for serious, specialized construction skills. Based on a similar project in Portland, Oregon, these tiny houses (for now) must be moved every 48 hours to comply with a city ordinance. As Brenda Konkel of OM Build says, “We started out doing this for homeless folks, but our ultimate goal is an eco-village where there are equal amounts of people who are formerly homeless and not.” What makes it work? Couple in Colorado Decide to Build Their Own Tiny Dream Home Together.

Over the years, house sizes in the United States have been doubling.

Couple in Colorado Decide to Build Their Own Tiny Dream Home Together

However, couples like Christopher Smith and Merete Mueller have been realizing that size isn’t the most important thing about where you live. Instead, they, and others in the “small house movement,” know that efficiency and green living can be more important. Together, they decided to do something mind blowing – even though it is tiny. They built a house together. Christopher and Merete had no building experience, but they knew what their foundation would be… literally. Nonetheless, they decided to build their dream home. And it was going to be tiny. It look a lot of trial and error, but the couple kept an open mind. Their little house could go almost anywhere. TINY. Red 3-Piece Folding Metal Bistro Furniture Set. Shipping and Delivery estimates During Checkout and in your Order Acknowledgement Email you will see an estimated delivery date range.

Red 3-Piece Folding Metal Bistro Furniture Set

Estimated delivery date range is calculated by: Product Availability: This date range is listed on the left side of the main image on the item's detail page. If an item is listed as "In Stock," it will usually be ready to ship within 1-2 business days. Some "In Stock" items may have a longer lead time to prepare for shipment.Guest Location: Where your package is being delivered.Shipping Speed: The shipping method you selected during Checkout.

For certain items we offer special delivery services. Signature required On most items, provides the option to select a signature upon delivery during the checkout process. International shipping. Tiny home, tiny footprint - Your local online newspaper: News. Posted: Tuesday, July 3, 2012 3:45 pm | Updated: 2:01 pm, Tue Jul 10, 2012.

Tiny home, tiny footprint - Your local online newspaper: News

Tiny home, tiny footprint by Kristine Goodrich/Editor | WHITE BEAR TOWNSHIP — They’re on wheels and not much larger than a camper. But with a lofted bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and even a front porch, Jim Wilkins’ rolling residences have all the elements of a traditional home — all cozied into less than 350 square feet.