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Net Money Making - Learn How To Make Money Online. Tabbloid. TechCrunch Teardown: 13 Consumer Internet Business Models (Part II) « The World According To Carp. This is the second part of an analysis of different consumer Internet business models the originally ran on TechCrunch.

TechCrunch Teardown: 13 Consumer Internet Business Models (Part II) « The World According To Carp

It is suggested that you first read Part I. Most consumer Internet startups fall into a baker’s dozen of possible business models. In the first part of this post, I tried to lay out the three main buckets those business models fall into (media, paid service, and physical commerce) and then began to sketch out the first four business models (search, gaming, social networks, and new media). In my analysis, I include a rough financial model showing the key drivers necessary for each different type of business model to generate $10 million in annual revenues. In this post, I continue with the final nine business models (marketplace, video, commerce, retail, subscription, music, lead generation, hardware and payments). Type 5: Marketplace Key Drivers: ListingsListing FeeSalesCommission Type 6: Video Unique ViewersAd ImpressionsSellthrough RateCPM. TechCrunch Teardown: 13 Consumer Internet Business Models (Part I) « The World According To Carp.

This post originally ran on TechCrunch.

TechCrunch Teardown: 13 Consumer Internet Business Models (Part I) « The World According To Carp

You can check out my previous analyses of Groupon, Zynga, Chegg, Pandora and Etsy. And my interviews with Bambi Francisco on here and here. After last month’s TechCrunch Disrupt, and to provide a business companion to the popular “Lean Startup” customer development methodology, this TC Teardown focuses not on how one specific company makes money but rather seeks to provide a breakdown of the main general ways consumer Internet startups try to make money. Consider it a guide to Internet business models. If you are currently thinking about or are in the process of developing your own consumer startup idea, these key business models will help give you a working knowledge of what it takes to get to $10 million in revenues (assuming you have a good product that the market wants). (Before you post in the comments about how unique your startup is, this list is not meant to capture every consumer business permutation. 1. 2. 3.

Type 1: Search. Smart Idea Box.


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Dividi con tutto il mondo la tua passionesu ciò che conosci meglio! IsayBlog! User:Tomhanna/Adding Ads to Wordpress. User:Tomhanna/Adding Ads to Wordpress This article is a ROUGH DRAFT.

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The author is still working on this document, so please do not edit this without the author's permission. The content within this article may not yet be verified or valid. This information is subject to change. Once you have your WordPress site up, it is natural to want to have it "pay you back" and WordPress permits easy inclusion of advertising. Introduction to Website Advertising Your first step in adding Ads to your WordPress blog should be to familiarize yourself with the available advertising options. Context Sensitive Context Sensitive Ads index the individual pages of a website for keywords and then serve ads tailored to those keywords. Contextual Ads Contextual ads are similar to Context Sensitive ads but serve ads based on broad categories, usually chosen at the time of signup, rather than indexing the page for specific keywords.

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In questa puntata Italia StartUp, Microsoft, Oracle, Lenovo e Assitel le aziende intervistate. In questa edizione del TTG, il presidente di Italia StartUp Riccardo Donadon sottolinea l’importanza di investire sui giovani per far ripartire il Paese. Giovanni Ravasio, Country Leader di Oracle, illustra la svolta del colosso americano. Così come Silvia Candiani, Marketing Director di Microsoft, spiega come la svolta delle Pmi italiane sia guidata dagli strumenti digitali.Lenovo, racconta Giovanni Mosca, vuole invece diventare il numero uno del settore server.