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GIF Out Loud offers customize GIFs with sound technology to fulfill different purposes like brand activation, musical festivals, event marketing, experiential marketing, etc. We provide our services to clients across the world. To know more, visit or email

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6 Types of Viral Content For Email Marketing

Customize size Embed Code For hosted site: Click the code to copy. Amplify your Brand's Experience with GIF Out Loud Technology. Audio Branding - GIF Out Loud. I had the pleasure of conversing with Chynna Morgan, the Founder and CEO of GIF Out Loud, a innovative take on the gif image format.

Audio Branding - GIF Out Loud

Very quirky and full of energy, she was went over how she came up with this unique idea and her plans for it. How did you get into tech? My journey to tech was not intentional, in other words, I like to say, I did not choose tech, tech chose me. I had just enrolled myself into my Masters Program, studying to get my Masters in Healthcare Management when all of a sudden an idea just came to my head, what if people are able to communicate daily using GIFs and their voices.

The fact of the matter is that , in this day and time, we don’t talk on the phone anymore, our main way of communicating is via messaging and as a result, we have lost the power of communicating effectively because we are not hearing the other person’s voice or the emotions of the conversation. GIF Out Loud - Our Founder, Chynna M introducing GIF Out... GIF Out Loud - Dub your sound on a GIF and send it right from your keyboard. Event Marketing - Different Types Of Content To Make Event Marketing Viral. In this digital marketing era, to make your event marketing reach targeted audience in a quick time, you can use social media and email as the best practice.

Event Marketing - Different Types Of Content To Make Event Marketing Viral

Email and social media channels are widely used by event marketers to maximize your ROI. But there are several different contents that will make your event marketing go viral. Some of them are discussed below: 1. Blog Posts: It is one of the simplest and effective ways for event marketing purposes. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. So, the above-mentioned types of content can actually make your event marketing go viral. Gif Out Loud: The only Gif keyboard with your sound, your voice, your way.

Audio Marketing - GIF Out Loud. Event Marketing. SmallBizPages - GIF Out Loud. Interactive Experiences — 3 Reasons That Make People Like Interactive Experiences. With emerge of new technologies day by day, people also like new interactive experiences when it comes to interacting with a new brand/product.

Interactive Experiences — 3 Reasons That Make People Like Interactive Experiences

Companies need to use sophisticated marketing techniques to impress and engage with customers. Below mentioned are the three main reasons that make people prefer interactive experiences: 1. Sensory Thing: Interactive Experience creates a more powerful and lasting impression in people’s minds and thus can be effective in inspiring action.

If they like what they feel good via their senses, there are high chances that your brand will be in their mind for a longer period of time and can help you increase your customer count. 2. 3. So, the above-mentioned points clearly show why people prefer interactive experiences in their daily life while dealing with new brand/products they see. Experiential Marketing – 5 Qualities That Ensures Professional Experiential Marketing Agency. Experiential Marketing is an effective way to make people aware of your brand product/service.

Experiential Marketing – 5 Qualities That Ensures Professional Experiential Marketing Agency

It is an effective tool whether it is an established event or consistent presence in a venue that connects with the brand. It is very difficult to choose a professional experiential marketing agency among multiple agencies. One needs to be precise while hiring an agency as experiential marketing it directly connects the product to the consumers. GIF PhotoBooth. Business-Net: GIF Out Loud. Lien Design is an Award-Winning Branding and Graphics Design Company located at San Diego, CA.

Business-Net: GIF Out Loud

Our main specializations are Web Design, Packaging Design, Print Design, Marketing, Label Design, etc. 510 Upas St., Suite 5, San Diego, CA 92101 +1 (858) 000-0006 AMW Group - Award Winning PR and Marketing Group 8605 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, California, 90069, United States +1 (310) 295-4150 Designing brand experiences that delight and inspire everyday life. Willoughby is a brand strategy, design and communications firm. 25 Stillman St, Ste 100, San Francisco, CA, 94107, USA +1 (415) 834-5065. Qualities of Brand Activation Agency. FreeListingUSA - GIF Out Loud. Animated GIFs - GIF Out Loud. How GIF Out Loud Founder Chynna Morgan Added Sound To GIFs. Written by Ebony Grimsley-Vaz GIFs — they stand for graphical interchange format images — have come a long way since the dancing cha-cha baby of the ’90s, graduating to Drake shouting courtside and Tracy Morgan adamantly shaking his head “no.”

How GIF Out Loud Founder Chynna Morgan Added Sound To GIFs

Since the bitmap image format was developed in 1987, Giphy — a platform for creating and sharing GIFs across the internet and web applications — has grown to almost 300 million users a day sending 2 billion-plus GIFs through its service. In 2016, GIF Out Loud was launched by founder Chynna Morgan. Morgan had been studying for her master’s degree in healthcare. She lacked a tech background but wondered if it was possible to add sound to the 30-year-old-plus visual internet staple GIFs had become. Audio branding is something a lot of brands haven’t tapped into because they’re always focused on the digital element of marketing. Most marketing experts know the impact that colors, shapes and audio can have on a brand’s identity. Chynna Morgan: Yes.

CallUpContact - GIF Out Loud. Loud Music GIFs. 3 Reasons Why Music Artists Need GIF Out Loud. Fans are an essential piece of any artist’s story.

3 Reasons Why Music Artists Need GIF Out Loud

They have the power to amplify your music, sell out your shows, and take your stardom to the next level. Knowing the power that your fans have, you should always create an experience that allows them to immerse themselves in your brand and share your music right away during your shows or events. The key here is to create an interactive experience during your events that allow your fans to create branded memories that include your music, this is the best type of promotion.

Fans love snapping memories during events! So, why not create an immersive experience? 3 Vital Reasons To Use Animated GIFs In Email Marketing. GIF is an image file type that is designed specifically for the web.

3 Vital Reasons To Use Animated GIFs In Email Marketing

It is mostly used because of its small size, but it can also be used to create animation in email while doing email marketing. Animated GIFs ensures you can see scrolling features, products in a different color or blinking call to action button without leaving the inbox to visit a website. iGlobal - GIF OUT LOUD. GIF PhotoBooth. GIF with audio. Music Marketing. "We Got The Answer, Okurrrr!" - GIF Out Loud. Every brand’s goal is to create a live experience that allows them to engage directly with consumers while simultaneously building a strong connection and loyalty to their brand.

"We Got The Answer, Okurrrr!" - GIF Out Loud

Finding creative ways to create unique experiences that consumers can engage with that also enforces your brand touchpoint is crucial in making sure that your brand is memorable. Brand activations are about making a connection with your consumers, showcasing your VIBE and showing them why they love you so much, it’s about forming a relationship. You can create these experiences by using experiential marketing (which is the art of creating engaging experiences that consumers will remember forever).

Unfortunately, sound is the one touchpoint that usually gets overlooked when brands are developing an idea for their brand activation. However, brands are starting to understand the importance of sound and how it is one of the most memorable aspects of a consumer’s experience. Wanna learn more? GIF Out Loud - When you want to remind your friends what... Audio Branding. Majority of brands usually put all of their focus on visual brandings, such as creating visual messages that will directly connect with their target market.

In fact, 83% of marketing is focused on the visual impact which is super important but the benefit of brands having their own sound has been far disregarded and undervalued. The psychology of sound is just now coming into the forefront and its impact is taking brands to unprecedented levels. We always hear brands talk about creating unique brand experiences, well how about implementing your brand sound into your experiences using music or your personalized sound. Creating a combination of a visual strategy and audio identity system is a benefit that will follow your brand in all its activities and activations. Let’s talk a little more about the importance of audio branding. GIF Brand Activation. Brand Activation using GIFs. Business over time has evolved beyond what we knew it to be and has kept on adopting new forms of marketing strategies in line with the dynamism of society.

You will agree that business which used to be just buying and selling or a simple exchange of goods and services at the inception has grown more complex in the modern world. Thus, smart brands who wish to keep at pace with the everyday changes that are inherent in the business world must be ready to embrace and implement new strategies as they come up by the day. Currently, the technology trend in the marketing world has become even more innovative with the use of GIF Out Loud. Our platform combines the simplicity of GIFs and audio marketing to create unique experiences, engage with potential customers and penetrate the market. 5 Reasons For The Use Of Animated GIFs. Brand Activation - About GIF Out Loud. 1. Music Marketing. Brand Activation — 3 Important Methods to Activate a Brand.

Brand Activation refers to the process of making people know your brand and increase awareness and engagement through some kind of experience. It helps to introduce a new brand or business to the relevant people and get customers. There are different methods available for brand activation, but the three most important methods to activate a brand effectively are as mentioned below: 1. Experiential Marketing: One of the best methods for brand activation is by making them experience your brand the very first time. Experiential Marketing has gained immense popularity in the last few years and it can be a strong mean to introduce your brand in front of people and remain in their minds without any difficulty. 2. 3. So, the above mentioned methods can help in brand activation by making people aware of your brand service or products in an effective way.

GIF Out Loud - Who’s watching the VMAS? How Hotel's can take their Music Experience to the Next Level - GIF Out Loud. When clients choose a hotel, they are basically selecting an experience based on something unique, something that others in the same business seem to neglect. Hotels are always looking for fresh and innovative ideas with which they can enhance their guest experience and become the talk of the town on social media. One way that they can do so is by promoting their brand’s voice by providing a spectacular service that no competitor can match. You do that and your clients will be forced to writing nothing but praise about your service all over social media.

Hotels have recently started to realize the importance of music for a better guest experience. Music has the power to completely uplift the ambiance of your hotel, thus enhancing the overall experience of your guests. 3 Different Ways to Make Animated GIF with Sound. Testimonials and App Download – GIF Out Loud. Event Marketing. Sound GIF. Experiential Marketing – 4 Major Benefits of Experiential Marketing in Brand Activation. Experiential Marketing is also known as Engagement Marketing is a trend to market a product/service via customers’ experiences and is a way for the companies to help stand out their product from their competitors.

Below mentioned are the four major benefits of this new approach in Brand Activation: 1. Effective and Result-Oriented: It is seen from the recent studies that experiential marketing gives results quickly whether you are looking for immediate sales, increase in awareness, increase customer perception or generate new queries. Due to its high result oriented approach, many marketers believe that experiential marketing is more effective than that of content, email, social media or traditional marketing. 2. 3. 4. Pinterest - GIF Out Loud. Instagram photos and videos. Brand Activation. Brand Activation - GIF Out Loud. Facebook - GIF Out Loud. Experiences - GIF Out Loud. GIF Out Loud (@GifOut) Contact Us – GIF Out Loud. Audio Branding. Brand Activation.