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We are a full-service advertising agency specializing in digital marketing, web design, and graphic design. Our services include Social Media Management, Website Design, Graphic Design, Corporate Branding, Print Marketing, Digital Advertising PPC & SEO, Video & Commercial Production, Traditional Advertising, Promotional Products, and Email Marketing in Laredo, Texas.

Website Design Corpus Christi. Keeping Your Website Clean and Contemporary. It is no secret that clean and contemporary sites with a minimalist feel appeal to a much larger range of end-users.

Keeping Your Website Clean and Contemporary

The clean look puts users at ease and provides a classic look and feel they can relate to. The lack of clutter also gives your users the ability to find what they need, get the information or product they came for and move on with their busy lives. A common question I get is how do I make my website look clean. A very important question with a number of solutions. Here are a few simple concepts to get you the clean, minimal site you desire. ‘Whitespace’ is Critical to Clean Web Design ‘Whitespace’ is the empty space around the photos and text that make up your website. Think of ‘whitespace’ as giving your content room to breathe.

Be Sparse with Your Content While many clients rarely can put together a few sentences about their business, some will provide you with pages and pages of copy that they think is critical to their website. Plan Your Site Out and Plan it Out Again. Typography & Iconography, Text Harmony Study. There are studies that can make your icon, letters, or anything related in this topic such as logos.

Typography & Iconography, Text Harmony Study

Google helps me as a designer to grasp fundamentals. I love the Google apps designs for applications, I like to express the g-mail design on its simplicity but impactful mark. They take a four step process on achieving their final design. Google designers made a physical prototype where they will get the inital study for the concept of the app. Following with the shadow theory of the the icon applied from a forty five angle at the top left. At the end of the day it may sound like it is simple, but takes time and effort to polish a logo/icon for any website design we make at Gibson Design. As for typography, there is a difference and I’ll call them in this journal serifs and scripts.

There are other ways to harmony for text as we do in color. Flutter, Mobile Development for Laredo. Well, Flutter is a big deal because any developer ( or anyone who wants to learn mobile development ) can now build Native Android and iOS apps with one codebase ONLY!

Flutter, Mobile Development for Laredo

Which means, instead to having to learn Objective-C or Swift to build iOS apps, and Java, or Kotlin to build Android apps, you can now use Flutter Mobile Development Framework to build apps that run Natively on both iOS and Android devices using Dart. Lets take a look at these two applications, TAMIU Mobile and LCC Mobile as they serve as a framework. Texas A&M International University & Laredo College built the application using two languages Swift and Java. A flutter developer can take the application and compose it for both platforms using a single language called Dart another project language by Google. We’re introducing easy to build apps using widgets, amazing documentation, and backend compatibility with Firebase.

In our opinion, Flutter has many more advantages for business and development teams than risks. Understanding Social Media Management. Gone are the days where you can get by with a yellow pages ad and a television commercial.

Understanding Social Media Management

In an ever-changing world, social media presence has become a critical part of online and measurable success. As a vital component in your overall marketing plan, social media allows you to connect with your customers in a way that no other media format can offer. In our experience, most people are busy running their business and rarely have time to write, much less think about social media posts. For those people social media management is a necessity. We work with you at your convenience to come up with a creative content calendar, and then we create interesting, shareable, and actionable posts. Which social media platform is best for me? While a wide variety of social media outlets exist, it is critical that you pick the ones that most of your target consumers are using.

By Gibson Design — Advertising & Web Design Agency. It is no secret that clean and contemporary sites with a minimalist feel appeal to a much larger range of end-users.

by Gibson Design — Advertising & Web Design Agency

Commercial Production, Video Production. Gibson Design - Website Design. Social Media Management Services Laredo, Corpus Christi. Logos, Branding, & Graphic Design Services in Laredo, Texas. Print Design Laredo. Print Marketing High Quality Print at Affordable Prices Offering only the highest quality paper stocks and printing products, Gibson Design can take care of any print job you need.

Print Design Laredo

From business cards and brochures to postcards and pocket folders, we’ve got you covered. Gibson Design - Responsive Website Design - Laredo, Texas. Responsive Web Design Do's and Don'ts. Blog Post Responsive Web Design Do’s and Don’ts by Sourced Article April 18,2019 Graphic Design, Marketing, Web Design Don’t ClutterDo Keep UX in MindDon’t Use Small LinksDo Go Mobile FirstDo Optimize PluginsDo Use Responsive Web DesignDon’t Hide Content for MobileDon’t Neglect Touch-ScreensDo Use Fluid LayoutsDo Use Large, Readable FontsDo Understand UIDo Plan Your LayoutDo Test 3rd Party Plugins Article Credit: Share FacebookTwitterEmailPinterest Related Posts Understanding Social Media Management Marketing, Social Media Flutter, Mobile Development for Laredo.

Responsive Web Design Do's and Don'ts