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Guild Wars 2

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Temples & Dungeons Status. Guild Wars 2 Resource Maps — BETA. Army of Albion. Guild Wars 2: The First Year. So much has happened in the past twelve months that sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that it was just one year ago today that we launched Guild Wars 2 in North America and Europe. Creating Guild Wars 2 was an enormous undertaking — two hundred developers working for five years — but releasing it was even more so. You may have heard it said that “building a successful MMO isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon.” I think that’s true – you have to adopt the long view – but sometimes the challenges after launch are so varied that it really feels more like a triathlon. Those first few months were a time we’ll never forget. The game sold so far beyond our expectations that we decided to stop selling it for a while to avoid overwhelming the servers.

“We’re now updating Guild Wars 2 about five times as often as the typical MMO.” But those first few months were only the start of the adventure. To plan how we’d evolve the world, we went back to our roots. Guild Wars 2 Looking for group. Group finding made easy. Guild Profile: [VMGR] Valar Morghulis GR | GW2 Guilds - An up to date list of guilds for Guild Wars 2. Καλώς ήρθατε στους Valar Morghulis GR [VMGR! Είμαστε μιο μικρή παρέα φίλων και λάτρεις των MMO! Αφού δοκιμάσαμε την τύχη μας σε διάφορα παιχνίδια στο περελθόν (όπως το DDO και το SW:ToR κ.α) αποφασίσαμε να στρέψουμε το ενδιαφέρον μας στον κόσμο της Tyria.

Περιμένουμε με ανυπομονησία εδώ και καιρό το παιχνίδι και ελπίζουμε να αποδειχτεί άξιο των προσδοκιών μας και ένα ενδιαφέρον ταξίδι! Είμαστε casual παίχτες, προσπαθούμε να παίζουμε όσο περισσότερο γίνεται με βάση τον ελεύθερο χρόνο που έχουμε. Προχωράμε χωρίς βιασύνη ώστε να απολαύσουμε όλα όσα έχει να προσφέρει το παιχνίδι. Το γεγονός ότι είμαστε casual παίχτες δεν σημαίνει ότι δεν θα δοκιμάσουμε όλα όσα προσφέρει το GW2! Σε αυτή τη φάση στρατολογούμε μέλη όλων των classes και levels μιας και είμαστε στην διαδικασία ολοκλήρωσης του roster. Σας ευχαριστούμε για τον χρόνο που διαθέσατε για να διαβάσετε για εμάς και φυσικά για το ενδιαφέρον σα! Θα σας δούμε όλους στην Tyria (@Far Shiverpeaks)!! [VMGR] is also the home of the Papari squad! Guild missions Archives. Guild missions/ GW2 dulfy 15 Comments GW2 Guild Puzzles Guild Missions guide with comprehensive written and video guides for each guild puzzle.

Read more dulfy 12 Comments A guide for GW2 Guild Challenge, part of Guild Missions introduced with the February update. Read more dulfy 8 Comments A comprehensive guide for GW2 Guild Rush, a component of the new Guild Missions introduced with the February update. Read more dulfy 174 Comments GW2 Guild Trek Guild Mission guide with detailed maps and screenshots.

Read more dulfy 149 Comments A guide to the GW2 Guild Bounty Guild Mission with maps for Guild Bounty NPCs. Pet Location Maps - Ranger. I put together the locations of all the known pets from the betas that will appear in all the 1 to 15 zones and 15 to 30 zones. This should help anyone wanting a specific pet, or anyone who wants to get all the pets in an area (go team beard!) I got most of my info from: wdgYcG84XvI 1 to 15 zonesQueensdale: River Drake Forest Spider Krytan Drakehound Pig Boar Caldeon Forest: Flamingo Jungle Spider Jungle Stalker Fern Hound Metrica Province: Jungle Spider Jaguar Marsh Drake Wayfarer Foothills: Raven Brown Bear Arctodus Ice Drake Snow Leopard Alpine Wolf Plains of Ashford: Hyena Black Bear Red Moa Whiptail Devourer 15 to 30 ZonesDiessa Plateau: Warthog Lashtail Devourer Brisban Wildlands: Murrello Siamoth Gendarran Fields: Brown Bear Eagle Snowden Drifts: Lynx White Moa Owl Kessex Hills: Shark Eagle River Drake CitiesLion's Arch: Blue Jellyfish Armorfish Pig Black Citidel: Lashtail Devourer Whiptail Devourer.

Jumping puzzle. Nav Page. This is a simple nav page, you should only be reaching it if you cannot use the nav bar. If you are translating this site please email me at with the source language and translation page used and I will try to fix it. HomeTotalsAbout Normal Guides CookingJewelcraftingArtificingHuntsmanWeaponcraftingArmorcraftingLeatherworkingTailoring Fast Guides CookingJewelcraftingArtificingHuntsmanWeaponcraftingArmorcraftingLeatherworkingTailoring Artificing Huntsman Weaponcrafting Language:English EnglishFrançaisDeutschEspañol. Build Editor :: Guild Wars 2 Skills. You must use the latest versions of Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome to be sure that build editor is working properly loading data...

Guild Wars 2 interactive Map - Guild Wars 2 cartographers. Welcome to the Guild Wars 2 Online Manual. Build Editor :: Guild Wars 2 Skills. Guild:Made in Greece. Timeo Danaos [EDF] - Portal. Spartians Gr - Guild website - Home. GW2 Frequently Asked Questions - READ BEFORE POSTING - Questions & Answers. Welcome to GW2Guru's GW2 FAQ thread. Before posting new threads, please use advanced search and take a look at the questions answered in this thread, to make sure your question hasn't already been answered. General Does GW2 have a subscription fee? Guild Wars 2 does not require a monthly subscription. You just buy the game and play it online. Does GW2 have micro-transactions? Note that you can also buy gems with in-game gold and trade in-game gold for gems. Is the game world persistent or instanced? Can I have characters on different servers? Can I switch to a different server? More info can be found here. What languages does GW2 support?

Is Guild Wars 2 available on Steam? Technical Questions What are the minimum system requirements for Guild Wars 2? Note: Due to potential changes, system requirements may change over time and you may be required to upgrade your current system (or obtain a new system) to continue to play the game. Want to know wheter your computer can run Guild Wars 2? PvE PvP. Main Page - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) Guild Wars 2 Forum.