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Ristoranti a Km 0 in Calabria

Ristorante Km Zero Di Vitaliano Lamonica, Via Sant'Elena, 40, 88100 Catanzaro CZ. (Translated by Google) beautiful and well-kept local. Conveniently located in Jovinus area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLido neighborhood.Good variety on the menu, especially if one takes into account that most of the raw materials are derived from the local catch.The only drawback: the wait to order, while the dishes came to the table fairly soon, by the order.Fair wine list, almost exclusively dedicated to the Calabrian wine companies.The quality of the food ...... excellent, really nothing to say.Prices average, if one takes into account that you are having dinner at a seafood restaurant and not a trattoria.

(Original)Locale bello e ben curato. Km Zero, Via delle Filande, 10, 89018 Villa San Giovanni RC. (Translated by Google) We have just completed a seafood dinner at this place. Apart from the characteristic setting, we were greeted by cheerful staff and enthusiastic about his work. The kitchen has a great respect for the excellent raw materials chosen with care, and the name perfectly reflects your choices. The proposed fish, declined with respect and competence, brings to the table the great passion of this group of young people. The final price of the dinner is perfectly adequate to what is offered. (Original)Abbiamo appena concluso una cena di pesce in questo locale.