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Sleepy Brits Are The Grumpiest ‘Morning People' In Europe. The majority of British people dread the alarm clock and hit the snooze button every morning, a study has discovered, making Brits the most grumpy morning people in Europe.

Sleepy Brits Are The Grumpiest ‘Morning People' In Europe

Apple Upgrades MacBook Pro with Faster Processors, More Storage. Apple has quietly upgraded its entire MacBook Pro lineup with faster processors and better internal storage without changing prices.

Apple Upgrades MacBook Pro with Faster Processors, More Storage

The upgrades come just in time to capitalize on the holiday buying season. The entry-level 13-inch MacBookPro comes in two versions, a $1,199 version that comes with a 2.4 Intel Core i5 processor, 500 Gb of storage space and 4Gb of RAM. The early 2011 versions that are being sold in stores right now only have a 2.3Ghz dual-core Intel Core i5, 4Gb of RAM, and 320 Gb of hard drive. The faster 13-inch MacBook Pro will still sell for $1,499 but instead will come with a newer 2.8Ghz dual core i7 processor up from the early 2011 version with 2.7 Ghz processor. It will also have a bigger hard drive capacity of 750Gb up from its previous 500Gb version. The Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch also has two versions available.

The high-end 17-inch MacBook Pro line also received an upgrade with a faster processor, 2.4Ghz from the previous 2.2Ghz version. Stéphane Marceau is the co-founder of OMsignal, a wearable tech innovator.

Back in 2008, my co-founder Frederic Chanay and I took our first stab at developing a rough prototype for a bracelet with an accelerometer and skin conductance sensor that connected to an iPhone via Bluetooth. We had the financial backing of a major global communications company, we had the motivation; but most importantly, we were committed to our unwavering conviction that wearables were the future of mobile health and wellness.

That prototype never made it to market.. Ophthalmologist Discovers Possible Side Effect In Macular Degeneration Drug. Link Discovered Between Exposure To Chemical BPA Before Birth And Behavioral, Emotional Difficulties In Girls. Light of Peace Mind Map. Discover the peace and beauty of light with the Light of Peace Mind Map.

Light of Peace Mind Map

The Light of Peace Mind Map will help you to appreciate the wonders of light all around us. The Mind Map breaks down sources of light and their warming and harmonious qualities, providing us with a backdrop of peace and beauty. In addition the mind map looks at how the light of peace caresses the planet, warming us and sustaining life, continuously. You will discover all this and more within the Light of Peace Mind Map. Handy Links. US research shows link between soft drink and violence - Health. Researchers in the United States say there's a 'shocking' association - if only a statistical one - between violence by teenagers and the amount of fizzy soft drink they drink.

US research shows link between soft drink and violence - Health

Physical fitness key to keeping your eyes healthy. Israel Herald (ANI) Tuesday 25th October, 2011 Maintaining an active lifestyle could be a new way to keep our eyes healthy and reduce glaucoma risk, a new study has suggested.

Physical fitness key to keeping your eyes healthy

It found that higher levels of physical exercise appear to have a long-term beneficial impact on low ocular perfusion pressure (OPP), an important risk factor for glaucoma. The study examined the relationship between physical activity and current OPP in 5,650 men and women aged 48 to 90 who live in the U.K. and were part of initial cohort from 1993 - 1997.

From 2006 to 2010, study participants were examined for eye pressure -medically termed intraocular pressure (IOP)- and systolic and diastolic blood pressure measurements. The results showed that moderate physical exercise performed approximately 15 years previously is associated with a 25percent reduced risk of low OPP. Divide over when to use in-depth cholesterol tests. For heart health, you're supposed to know your numbers: Total cholesterol, the bad LDL kind and the good HDL kind.

Divide over when to use in-depth cholesterol tests

But your next checkup might add a new number to the mix. More doctors are going beyond standard cholesterol counts, using another test to take a closer look at the bad fats - a count of particles that carry LDL through the blood. 2-week-old girl rescued from Turkey rubble - World news - Europe. Transcript of: Two-week-old baby girl rescued after Turkey earthquake BRIAN WILLIAMS, anchor:Now, we go overseas tonight.

2-week-old girl rescued from Turkey rubble - World news - Europe

In Turkey , the death toll hovering around 450. It's expected to go higher. So what happened there today, 48 hours after the earthquake, is being hailed by a lot of people as a miracle. News bites: Taxpayer funding for anti-abortion groups, CLASS Act's void, and more. New laws in North Carolina would direct taxpayer funds to anti-abortion centers that have been faulted for providing "false or misleading information" about health issues and for proselytizing to non-Christians, the Charlotte Observer reports.

News bites: Taxpayer funding for anti-abortion groups, CLASS Act's void, and more

The demise of the healthcare law's long-term-care CLASS Act program leaves a gaping hole, The Associated Press reports. Federal officials are considering immunizing children against anthrax, The Washington Post reports. Association Between Daily Smoking, Low Mastery And Repeat Episodes Of Depression. Most Powerful U.S. Nuclear Bomb Being Dismantled. This undated handout photo provided by the National Nuclear Security Administration shows the United States' last B53 nuclear bomb.

Most Powerful U.S. Nuclear Bomb Being Dismantled

The 10,000-pound bomb is scheduled to be dismantled Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011 at the Pantex Plant just outside Amarillo, Texas.AP AMARILLO, Texas – The last of the nation's most powerful nuclear bombs -- a weapon hundreds of times stronger than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima -- is being disassembled nearly half a century after it was put into service at the height of the Cold War. Gas Pump Handles Top Study Of Filthy Surfaces. Novartis to cut 2,000 jobs to save annual $200 million. ZURICH (Reuters) - Novartis AG is slashing 2,000 jobs in Switzerland and the United States to keep costs under control in the face of growing price pressures and the strong Swiss franc, the Swiss drugmaker said on Tuesday.

The Basel-based group has already cut thousands of jobs and shut several sites, notably in Britain. It has also shifted its focus to specialty medicines over the past year in a bid to boost profitability and protect its bottom line. The latest measures, which affect 1.7 percent of Novartis' global workforce and involve moving more commoditized business activities to less expensive countries, should allow the group to rake in annual savings of more than $200 million. Ancient supernova mystery solved. 25 October 2011Last updated at 12:45 The supernova grew to inexplicable size in a short period of time, starting nearly 2,000 years ago A mystery surrounding the first recorded supernova - seen by Chinese astronomers in AD185 - has been solved.

The supernova RCW 86 lit up the sky for eight months, documented at the time as a "guest star". In more recent times, astronomers have wondered how it grew so large, so fast. Legal highs need more controls, say drug council. 25 October 2011Last updated at 15:35 The government can ban the import of drugs as well as curb alternatives to legal highs The sale, supply and impact of so-called "legal highs" should be more controlled, the government's drugs advisers have recommended.

The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs said stricter laws, more research and awareness were needed to curb them. CDC could soon recommend boys receive HPV vaccine. CDC: Tests on thousands of people show "no serious safety concerns" The advisory committee votes to recommend males ages 11 to 21 be vaccinatedHPV is the number one sexually transmitted disease in the nation The HPV vaccine has been approved for males since 2009 Atlanta (CNN) -- A federal government advisory committee voted Tuesday to recommend that males ages 11 to 21 be vaccinated against the human papilloma virus, which is blamed for thousands of cases of cancer among women and men.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices said the vaccine series can be started as early as age 9. Grab your Coffee, I think this paper may depress you. (Source) A few weeks ago I saw this headline floating around the interwebs. COFFEE: NOW WITH ANTIDEPRESSANT EFFECTS!!! I obviously wanted to look into it. I mean, you’re talking about a girl with caffeine tattooed onto her flesh, here, I have a personal stake in this outcome. Ed and Deb Shapiro: What Does Meditation Mean to You? How I Use Mindmapping to Write. I use lots of tools for writing. American, Dane kidnapped in Somalia - World news - Africa - Somalia. NAIROBI, Kenya — Gunmen abducted a 32-year-old female American aid worker in northern Somalia on Tuesday along with a Danish and a Somali colleague as their convoy headed to the airport. DaVita says U.S. govt probes payment for infusion drugs.

Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:31am EDT (Reuters) - DaVita Inc, the biggest U.S. operator of dialysis clinics, said it is the subject of a government probe into payments for infusion drugs covered by the Medicaid health program for the poor in New York. Ben Greenfield: Can You 'Spot Reduce' Body Fat? WellPoint offers members cash incentives for using less expensive facilities. From 234 pounds to the Miss America pageant. Rehberg introduces healthcare law repeal legislation. Artificial intelligence community mourns John McCarthy. 25 October 2011Last updated at 18:45. Quarter of Scots 'obese', health survey says. Closing the Gap between Psychology and God. APHA: National Prescription Drug... Biogen multiple sclerosis drug works in second trial. Don’t lose the context! Response to: Are you maternal enough to be a woman?

5 Things You Should Know Before Giving Birth. Boeing's Dreamliner completes first commercial flight. October 26, 2011. Boeing Dreamliner's Inaugural Fight Lands In Hong Kong. Obama makes unscheduled stop at Roscoe's Chicken. Death toll from tainted cantaloupes hits 28. Insurers in 15 states could be subject to HHS appeals review. Insurers to Supreme Court: Other parts of health law depend on mandate. What Makes a Rabbit’s Foot Lucky? German Rosat spacecraft re-entered over Bay of Bengal. California bucks U.S. trend on teacher evaluations - X Prize contest seeks secrets in DNA of the elderly - Health - Aging. 10 red flags to identify crappy on-line health content. Quackwatch. Gun found at NC school, days after shooting - US news - Crime & courts. Warning over HIV home test kits. Exclusive: Medtronic probes insulin pump risks. Yemeni women burn veils to protest regime.

Seven big problems for 7 billion people - US news - Life. Study: Yaz Has Higher Risks of Blood Clots. Feds urged to ease up on medical pot. Ex-Goldman director arrested in trading case - Business - US business. Space Junk Crisis: Time to Bring in the Lasers. Using the Sun to Find the Angular Size of a Photo. Supreme Court to review health reform lawsuits next month. Bat killer cause confirmed as fungus. Self-Defense Or Cold-Blooded Murder? Trial Begins For Mom Charged With Killing Neighbor. Reused pacemakers safe option in poor nations.

Bold Stroke: New Font Helps Dyslexics Read [Slide Show] Remembers Dr. Franklin A. Neva, October 26. Will You Give Your Son the HPV Vaccine? Tim Hemmes Moves Robotic Arm With His Mind. Take 3 Steps Toward Preventing Infections - Home. APHA: CDC releases tools to prev... Perry Unveils New Economic Plan. Anastasia Rubis: Losing Steve Jobs to a Taboo Cancer. Insurers Weigh In on Health Care Law. Democrats push back against GOP calls to repeal aborted CLASS Act. MLB postpones Game 6 until Thursday due to expected rain. U.N. wants better life for world of 7 billion. Judith Johnson: The True Face of Prejudice. Repeat Bouts Of Depression Linked To Low Mastery And Smoking. House Democrats would reject deficit supercommittee Medicare benefit cuts. Gretchen Rubin: Quiz: Are You an "Energizer" or a "De-Energizer" at Work? The American Fascination With Zombies.

United Health/Oxford Stops Effort to Keep Rate-Increase Filings Secret. Snow blankets Denver area after 80-degree day - Weather. Breast cancer patient: I was over-treated for cancer. Matheson is first Dem to back CLASS repeal. Murder, suicide top medical deaths in pregnancy. Fruitwash Labels Dissolve Into Natural Produce Cleaner When Rinsed. Biological Changes Thwart Weight-Loss Efforts, Study Finds. After dieting, hormone changes may fuel weight regain. OVERNIGHT HEALTH: Democrats at odds over Medicare cuts. Water Bottle Lawsuit: California Attorney General Sues Companies Over False Biodegradable Claims.