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Global Healthcare Resource

Global Healthcare Resource is a full service healthcare solutions firm focused on maximizing return on investment, increasing revenues, decreasing readmissions and improving productivity for our valued clients. For More Information Visit :

Patient Engagement. Extending patient care, Globally.

Patient Engagement

Global Healthcare Resource’s Patient Engagement program provides your facility with a timely callback solution so patients receive follow-up calls within 48 hours after leaving your care. Our voice employees have extensive dialect training and knowledge of our culture and healthcare terminology. Our highly trained nurses from our secure contact centers in India and Philippines will survey patients to inquire about changes in their condition, confirm whether discharge instructions were understandable, discuss how they would rate personnel and overall experience, as well as other necessary questions to provide your staff with clinical feedback and follow-up.

All responses are sent to the designated provider. Responses collected during the Patient Engagement process can be aggregated, interpreted and made available in customizable reports depending on your facility’s software platform. Patient Self-Pay Collection. Patient Self-Pay Collection With 50 million Americans uninsured1 and over 11.4 million under HDHPs2, financial responsibility has shifted to the patient.

Patient Self-Pay Collection

Medical liabilities for self-pay patients are growing 19 percent per year3. The rise in patient liability and bad debt have caused healthcare providers to experience record revenue and margin pressure. Global Healthcare Resource understands that timely and consistent communication is key in order to optimize patient payment collections. Our Self-Pay service utilizes our highly trained collection specialists in our secure contact centers in India and Philippines to perform timely calls and surveys educating patients about their financial responsibilities: Inform about remaining balancesProcess medical paymentsDiscuss possible payment plansField billing questions.

What to look for while hiring a Medical Billing Company. When you are out shopping for a television, we search for the perfect resolution, size and budget depending in our individual needs.

What to look for while hiring a Medical Billing Company

The same works for hiring a Medical Billing company to meet our infrastructure needs. The merits of hiring a Medical Billing company and outsourcing your IT support has its fair share of calibre and advantages. The outsourced teams will let your staff focus on enhancing their time and skills rendering sufficient care to your patients while streamlining the process of collecting payment for services provided. While hiring a medical billing company, keep in mind that this firm will be the link between your hospital and your insurance partner. Complications in this process could cause financial problems. Here are some aspects you need to consider before hiring the company: HIPAA compliance approval Services that are tailor made to meet your needs Research deeper into the reputation of the medical billing company that you intend to hire.

Extras! Frequent Updates. 3 Major Impacts Of ICD 10 On Healthcare Industry. October, 2015 experienced a major drift in the Medical Coding Industry with the implementation of ICD-10.

3 Major Impacts Of ICD 10 On Healthcare Industry

The update in the system was renewed at the Health Care Institutions in US. The impact of ICD-10 has been a common topic of discussion. And through these analysis, it has been realized that the ICD-10 update has its impact even beyond coding. This blog reviews the change that implementation of ICD-10 has been able to bring in Health-care Industry. 1. The revenue cycle of an Health-care Industry involves a lot of operations and at multiple levels. To make sure that the operations are carried on without any problems, adequate trainings were imparted to coders and other staff members as well. 2.

Although, a rigorous training and preparation for the implementation of ICD 10 has been provided to the coders but it still experiences a rise in coding errors. Three reasons why you should outsource your medical billing services. Three reasons why you should outsource your medical billing services Hiring a company for all your medical billing services has many benefits.

Three reasons why you should outsource your medical billing services

It gives you an assurance of providing you systematic health care process with a consistent payment schedule. It frees you from collecting the fees from different patients and also reduces the stress. A medical billing company makes sure that all the billing process is completed within specified time, and you get the desired amount as soon as possible. Any delay in medical payments or services increases the stress on the person. To be honest, medical billing procedures are not that easy as they seem to be. Here are some of the reasons why you should outsource your medical billing services. 1 Minimal Errors: A medical billing company that has been in the market for a long time has a team of professionals and expert billers who takes charge of all the payments and billings and make sure that they are submitted to you on time. For more info visit: Medical Coding. Global’s dedicated team of medical coders review inpatient and outpatient records to ensure all diagnoses are coded according to strict CPT , ICD-10, HCPCS, and DRG guidelines.

Medical Coding

All coding is audited by both in-house and external compliance experts to maintain a 98% accuracy rate. Let Global’s coding specialists optimize your reimbursement and improve your bottom line. Global coding specialties include: AmbulatoryAnesthesiaCardiologyChiropracticDermatologyEmergencyFamily PracticeGastroenterologyGeneral SurgeryHematology Internal MedicineObstetrics GynecologyOncologyOrthopedicOtolaryngologyPediatricsPlastic SurgeryRadiologyRheumatologyUrology Our teams of HIPPA-compliant coding experts from our secure call centers in India and Philippines have extensive knowledge of the entire reimbursement cycle, as well as Medicare and Medicaid.Charts can be coded to meet specific payer and provider requirements at rapid turnaround times.

Global’s low-cost coding services will allow your organization to: