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Ghosh Exports is a well-known manufacturer of leather gloves and protective gears 100% oriented towards export. We manufacture the products implementing high-end technology and modern equipment.

Types of PPE a Construction Worker Need. There are many potential hazards at the construction sites.

Types of PPE a Construction Worker Need

Hence, the safety of the workers is mandatory at such sites. Wearing PPE or personal protective equipment is the primary defence for them. The manufacturers’ design PPE to minimise the risk of accidents and damages caused in the event of a mishap. Do Your Kids Love Leisure Activities? Use Protective Equipment. Most children have a fascination for construction work, gardening, and other leisure activities.

Do Your Kids Love Leisure Activities? Use Protective Equipment

If you are undertaking some construction work at your home, you will notice that the children love spending time there. They are excited to watch the excavators and cranes. Even a small construction site has large equipment, and it is your responsibility to ensure their safety. The best you can do is to use protective equipment which is specially designed for children. You can allow them to try some minor construction work to prevent them from getting bored during the holidays. 5 Major Applications of PPE or Personal Protective Equipment. In this current time, PPE has become a familiar word for all of us.

5 Major Applications of PPE or Personal Protective Equipment

We all know that PPE can protect us from infections during this pandemic. However, apart from doctors and medical professionals, other workers from different industries can use PPE for their daily operations. PPE used in the medical industry is something different from that construction, and engineering workers use daily. There are several other industries where workers have to wear PPE or protective instruments to protect themselves from hazardous objects and ambiance. Few Reasons To Visit A Reputed Workwear Manufacturer. It is the responsibility of every company owner to supply well-fitted and quality workwear to their staff as it ensures their health and safety.

Few Reasons To Visit A Reputed Workwear Manufacturer

Instead of choosing products offered at the lowest price, consider the comfort of the wearer. You can choose high-quality products after considering the safety aspects of your staff if you visit a reputable manufacturer. Ghosh Exports Pvt. Ltd is a leading manufacturer of superior quality leather work gloves and leather protective clothing for 100% export orientation. Different Types of Leather Hand Gloves and Their Uses. We all know that hand gloves are an integral part of PPE kits.

Different Types of Leather Hand Gloves and Their Uses

Workers of different industries have to wear them to keep their hands safe and protected while working in a hazardous environment. Among all the materials used in making hand gloves, leather is the most popular ones. They have characteristics that make them one of the most favorites for workers in different industries. Why is Leather Protective Workwear Important at Workplace? Personal protective equipment (PPE) is common workwear equipment used in almost all industries, irrespective of the nature of work.

Why is Leather Protective Workwear Important at Workplace?

Whether it is a manufacturing concern, welding process, or medical concern, a PPE is essential to protect the employees against workplace safety. Starting from glasses to footwear, they include everything for every part of the body. 4 Benefits of Using Leather Hand Gloves in An Industrial Workplace. Though workers are now getting sophisticated workplaces, every industrial environment is prone to risks.

4 Benefits of Using Leather Hand Gloves in An Industrial Workplace

They might have to encounter severe health-hazardous due to a minor error. Since it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the well-being and safety of its workers, the demand for leather hand gloves is quite high. They should provide these gloves to everyone at the industrial workplace to protect their hands from injuries. Hand Gloves Prevent Needle Injuries If you think that you can keep your hands protected from injuries by wearing normal gloves instead of leather gloves, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Top Reasons to Consult the Professional Workwear Manufacturer. Employees working in hazardous industrial settings look for sturdy protective workwear and garments to stay safe and secure.

Top Reasons to Consult the Professional Workwear Manufacturer

It saves them from unfortunate accidents, eliminating the risk of a life-threatening injury. But with the number of manufacturers and suppliers in the market, it becomes challenging to choose the right one. You should consult a professional workwear manufacturer in India to get high-quality products at reasonable prices. 7 TYPES OF PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT TO GUARANTEE YOUR SAFETY. Workplaces like construction project sites, industries, mining sites, chemical laboratories are highly hazardous for the workers and operatives.


Hence to minimize life risk, the management should provide them with proper personal protective equipment and protective gear. Additionally, they should also incorporate safety measures and guidelines for greater effect. Causes of Workplace Accidents Lifting heavy machinerySharp objectsFalling debrisPoor lighting conditionsOperating heavy industrial machineryUnfortunate tripping or fallingLack of preparations, mental distractions. Know All About Cut Resistant Gloves Levels - Ghosh Exports. Hand injuries and or cuts are some of the most common types of fatalities faced by workers.

Know All About Cut Resistant Gloves Levels - Ghosh Exports

The BLS or The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that 41%of all the injuries are hand-cut injuries. Hence, we suggest the workers wear cut resistant gloves. However, the trick is knowing the right cut levels to ensure maximum protection and flexibility in work. Importance of Wearing Safety Equipment At Industrial Workplaces. Safety at work is one of the most significant and primary concerns in every industrial workplace scenario. With adequate safety equipment, the employees can guarantee complete protection for the workers, especially in this high-risk environment. Industrial workers undertake several tasks that pose a severe health hazard. This is where one must recognize the value of wearing protective gear and engineering strict safety control measures. Why Should Wear Safety Garments In Industrial Environments? It is important to assess the workplace hazards and available safety measures to ensure better safety conditions for the people entering an industrial environment and doing their jobs in the tough and perilous industrial setting.

However, some hazards can be avoided by the implementation of engineering safety measures. They can be eliminated by simply using safety garments like shop coats, high-visibility jackets, and coveralls. These garments and gears make the safety standard better if mechanical safety is not ideal or inadequate. Workplace Safety: Important Reasons To Wear Protective Workwear. Any good workplace should ensure proper safety measures for its employees. Evaluating all the hazards and defining strict safety rules is essential to perform their duties effectively. Especially in harsh industrial settings, this is a crucial requirement. The reliable workwear manufacturer can provide all the necessary safety protective equipment for all.

5 Common Mistakes While Choosing Work Safety Gloves - Ghosh Exports. No matter what industry you belong to, you cannot deny the significance of your hands. These are the body parts that remain involved in all types of works you typically carry on at your workplace. Hence, it is necessary to take special care of your hands with the right work safety gloves. However, the market of PPE offers many options to the buyers when they look for work safety gloves. How to Select the Right PPE for Machinists? With the easy availability of high-quality PPE products in the market, companies are becoming more and more interested in maintaining workplace safety. According to recent studies, injuries and death in workplaces in India can be significantly reduced with the help of top PPE or Personal Protective Equipment. Whether it is an engineering firm, a chemical factory or a machine manufacturing industry – the safety issue can be a major matter in determining the company’s reputation. Most Suitable Gloves in 2021 for Construction Workers.

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