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Viewing Entry - 'SOCIETY'. Sin titulo 1. Emotions III. Posters by Kazumasa Nagai. Here is a collection of posters by graphic artist Kazumasa Nagai from the 1960s and 1970s. Kōrakuen Jumbo Pool, 1973 Growth - Life Science Library, 1966 Toshiba IC, 1967 The Mind - Life Science Library, 1965 Expo '75 - International Ocean Exposition, 1975 The Cell - Life Science Library, 1966 [+] // Window 5 Exhibition, 1969 [+] We Clean Smokers (Poster for Prince Lighters), 1975 Kazumasa Nagai Exhibition, 1968 Asahi Steinie, 1965 Architecture as Space, 1966 [+] // Kazumasa Nagai Exhibition, 1973 [+] Cat and Mouse, 1969 We Clean Smokers (Poster for Prince Lighters), 1974 Graphic 4, 1974 gq, 1974 Lilycolor, 1974 Lilycolor, 1974 [+] // Lilycolor, 1974 [+] Kazumasa Nagai Exhibition, 1975 Identity, 1976 Persona, 1973 gq, 1973[+] // gq, 1974 [+] Adonis, 1976 Prince Lighters, 1974 No More War, 1970.

Just build them. _lythuzvuET1qz7lxdo1_500.jpg (500×602) Twinpeaks.jpg (445×700) Lisa Nilsson - Female Torso. A Fantastic Voyage Through Surreal Worlds. Jean “Moebius” Giraud has taken the world on a journey through his amazing mind using some of the most influential sci-fi films and comics. The futuristic surrealism that exists within this creator will remain in the memory of many: he’s worked as a leading artist and designer on such high profile films as the Fifth Element, 1982′s Tron, The Abyss and Willow. Jean Giraud’s visuals have a way of capturing the viewers interest and setting them into stone. Although the pieces presented here follow a stylistic theme, Giraud’s full collection of work is highly eclectic… something that has brought him praise as well as criticism. Nonetheless, this amazing artist (who has gone unrecognized for far too long) is finally gaining much deserved recognition for his fantastic works.

Via: _lxyo1dg18i1qbeej8o1_500.gif (450×326) 477733333.jpg (683×1024) 5475197178_c0f4150b88_o.jpg (700×1422) _lwv29npD2U1qceig0o1_500.gif (493×631) Jeff-bridges-12.jpg (409×516) 06_2large.jpg (750×1213) iEwo2.jpg (720×545) Bizarre-Comics-01.jpg (600×784) 1074226_460s.jpg (460×593) MansLife.jpg (917×800) A Halloween Treat from Brandon Bird. I must move, I must move <br /> And I can’t stand still. A long time ago something existed that was not defined by name or.

A long time ago something existed that was not defined by name or known in its form. It blocked the sky and the earth. Hindu architecture from India From the 1969 book Living Architecture: India by Andreas Volwahsen Will 50 Watts. Xrrnwmjx0ntmo3maakydvaruo1_500.jpg (413×582) 7001-1.jpg (600×430) 905080_700b.jpg (498×518) 4 Humours on the Behance Network. Infographics & Data Visualizations -

Tales_from_the_Crypt_24.jpg (400×576) Project Thirty-Three. The+isolator.jpg. Womansheart.jpg (1000×1489) Des sculptures en fils de fer. Gavin Worth réalise ces sculptures en tordant des fils de fer. _lowm5yz5bS1qf4hg2o1_500.jpg (425×520) The Thanatos Archive. Posters in Amsterdam: an initiative by Jarr Geerligs. _louiygnlIh1qzhokmo1_500.jpg (500×374) Rolling+Stone+Letter.JPG (Image JPEG, 541x843 pixels) 14551_199204176805_547076805_3543816_7896310_n.jpg (Image JPEG, 500x444 pixels) People of Clouds. In the Mixteca, one of the most impoverished regions in Mexico, migration to the United States has arrived like a storm. In a place so insular that pre-columbian languages like Mixteco, Trique, and Asmuzgos are still spoken more widely than Spanish, and where cars, electricity and indoor plumbing are recent introductions, if they exist at all, northern migration has emptied communities and transformed the lives of those left behind. Some villages have lost as much as 80% of their population to the north and have become little more than ghost towns, home to just a handful of old men, women and the left-behind children of migrants.

In San Miguel Cuevas -- or Nuyuco, Face of the Mountain, in Mixteco -- just 500 people out of 3000 remain. Its streets are largely empty, its fields stand deserted, its century-old way of life lies in shambles as families dissolve to the north, rending the social fabric of this traditional agrarian society. The-New-Yorker-Cover-08.gif (Image GIF, 1172x1600 pixels) 241543903. 2u9ldmg.gif (Image GIF, 500x276 pixels) 8dc232bf-7930-4c52-a617-b2e57f1f1441.jpg (Image JPEG, 1806x1598 pixels) 20567-1306622421-1.jpg (Image JPEG, 600x402 pixels) Man and His World. O him who in the love of Nature holds Communion with her visible forms.

O him who in the love of Nature holds Communion with her visible forms Paintings by Kwangho Lee Title: William Cullen Bryant Via Designboom Folkert.