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Brian Ghaphery is your local Personal Injury Attorney in Wheeling, WV. Our personal injury law firm represents victims of car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, dog bites, wrongful death and more. We provide high quality, personalized representation that wins cases. If you have been injured by the negligence of someone else, we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Our law firm really cares about you. Contact Ghaphery Law Offices, PLLC and call us today at (304) 230-6500.

Slip and Fall Injury Attorney in Wheeling, WV. Hire Auto Accident Attorneys in West Virginia - Ghaphery Law Offices. Wheeling Motorcycle Accident Attorney. What Can a Wheeling Personal Injury Lawyer Do For Me? If you or a loved one have ever been the victim of medical malpractice, received a dog bite, or been in a car accident, a personal injury lawyer can help.

What Can a Wheeling Personal Injury Lawyer Do For Me?

These things can cause traumatic or serious injury, and it would be unfair if you suffered because of others’ carelessness. A personal injury attorney is your legal representation if you get injured in an accident. Personal injury lawyers work in what’s known as “tort law.” It covers both intentional and neglectful acts. They can help you get fair compensation for damages that you’ve suffered as a result of the accident. Categories of Personal Injury Cases. Wheeling Truck Accident Attorney Ghaphery Law Offices, PLLC. Personal Injury Due to Aggressive Driving in West Virginia. Car accident cases (and the messy hit and run) happen due to several reasons.

Personal Injury Due to Aggressive Driving in West Virginia

These include driving while intoxicated (drunk driving), driving under the influence (DUI) of drug substances, negligence, reckless driving, disobeying traffic laws, texting while driving, and speeding over the limit, especially in a school zone or pedestrian lane. Similarly, automobile accidents can happen anywhere. Wheeling Car Accident Lawyer. What can you do for common workplace personal injury? Every employer has a responsibility to safeguard the workplace health and safety of employees.

What can you do for common workplace personal injury?

Unsafe working conditions can cause accidents, but it’s also possible to get injured on the job even after taking measures to ensure workers’ safety. Read on to learn more about common workplace injuries and what you can do to protect your rights. Common Workplace Injuries Slip and fall accidents make up a third of personal injury cases in the workplace, making it the main reason for workers’ compensation claims. This type of workplace injury covers back, head, and neck injuries along with broken bones, cuts, pulled muscles, and sprains.

Auto accidents are another common cause of workplace injuries. Personal Injury Lawyer Wheeling, WV. When Can an Accident Allegation Become a Case of Personal Injury. An automobile accident may refer to an instance when a vehicle crashes with another vehicle.

When Can an Accident Allegation Become a Case of Personal Injury

Wheeling WV Personal Injury Lawyers. Wrongful Death Attorney Wheeling. West Virginia law only gives family members two years in which to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Wrongful Death Attorney Wheeling

Our Wheeling wrongful death attorney understands that most people are still grieving a loved one after a tragic accident has claimed their life. This is especially true when your family was dependent on the love and support of the person killed in an accident. For many years, our Wheeling wrongful death attorney has taken care of the victims of accidents by seeking justice for those who no longer have a voice.

If someone you love has been killed in an accident in the Wheeling, WV area, calling us may be the best way to ensure that your family receives the compensation they need and your loved one receives the justice they deserve. Wheeling Slip and Fall Lawyers West Virginia. Wheeling Slip and Fall Attorney - West Virginia Slip and Fall Lawyer. While entering a Wheeling supermarket, you slip and fall on ice at the main entrance.

Wheeling Slip and Fall Attorney - West Virginia Slip and Fall Lawyer

You are crossing the parking lot of your local drug store and trip in a deteriorated section of the pavement. You are in your favorite Wheeling restaurant and slip and fall on a freshly mopped floor. Wheeling WV Wrongful Death Lawyers. Car Accident Victims Can Do During this Pandemic - Wheeling, WV. How can we improve driver safety and avoid car crashes amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?

Car Accident Victims Can Do During this Pandemic - Wheeling, WV

Sure, you would expect that fewer cars mean a lower number of reported personal injury cases; but this is not necessarily true. In fact, the notion that fewer people go outside increases the possibility of driver speeding and vehicular accidents. Below you will find helpful insights into car accident prevention, as well as how you can file personal injury claims for damages should you become injured or hurt in an automobile crash. Preventing Motor Vehicle Accidents Based on recent statistics, auto accidents have been increasing and have been linked to fatalities or having serious injuries. As some drivers have a higher tendency to manifest recklessness at this time, it is important to adhere to the following driving safety precautions: Personal Injury Basics - Ghaphery Law Offices, PLLC. Personal injury pertains to injuries acquired due to the wrongful, careless, or reckless acts of other people that may cause personal injury.

Personal Injury Basics - Ghaphery Law Offices, PLLC

Serious injuries can even result in months of treatment, surgeries, and rehabilitation that cost loads of money just from medical bills alone. Accidents are the most common source of physical injury due to the negligence that caused harm to another. Workers’ Compensation in West Virginia - Ghaphery Law Offices, PLLC. Almost all West Virginia employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance.

Workers’ Compensation in West Virginia - Ghaphery Law Offices, PLLC

Not only does the West Virginia workers’ compensation system benefits employees who obtained injury or illness from their work, but it also helps provide protection to the business from liability in work-related incidents. These days, employers can purchase workers’ comp insurance from private providers, but prior to 2006, employers had to get coverage through the state. Workers’ Comp Coverage and Requirements As mentioned, a workers’ comp policy is designed to protect both the business and its employees in case of work-related injury or illness, e.g. getting hurt from slipping on the wet office floor, suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome from years of computer work, or developing respiratory problems from working in poorly ventilated areas.

A certificate of insurance presents proof of coverage since West Virginia law requires that a business and its employees be covered by workers’ compensation. Motorcycle Accident Attorneys In West Virginia. Wrongful Death Claim: Documents To Prove It and Where to Get Them. Whenever vehicular accidents occur, either due to reckless driving or a faulty car wiring, it is almost certain that family members would demand the best medical care available for the victim, and file an accident lawsuit or personal injury claim against the party at fault.

Wrongful Death Claim: Documents To Prove It and Where to Get Them

In extreme cases, the car wreck may lead to permanent brain injury or disability and worst, to a fatality. When car or motor vehicle accidents lead to the victim’s death, family members have every right to go after the people liable for the tragedy and to file a wrongful death claim. Who will benefit from such claims would then depend on state laws. Although the surviving partner is usually the first priority in wrongful death claim cases, such as in West Virginia, other general beneficiaries include the deceased person’s parents, siblings, children or declared dependents. 1.

In rare cases, the death may come as a result of medical errors during a surgery. 2. 3. Personal Injury in West Virginia - Personal Injury Lawyer Wheeling. Personal Injury Law or Tort law is a branch of civil law that compensates victims in money for accidents or social wrongs as a result of a person’s negligence or harm. Such injuries can be physical, emotional or even metal. In cases where the accident resulted in wrongful death, the family of the deceased may represent him instead.

Workers’ compensation is also included in personal injury cases but it seldomly results in lawsuits. The amount of compensation for a personal injury case is dependent on the severity of the injury, serious injuries that cause pain and suffering usually receive the highest amount of settlement. The losses they may have incurred due to the accident are also included in the compensation.