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Four tips to keep your car ready. 1.

Four tips to keep your car ready

Lighting The headlights of your vehicle allow you to see ... and be seen. It is no longer mandatory to carry spare lamps in the car (due to the difficulty of its assembly and even the electrical hazards that the change operation can involve in certain vehicles), we must not forget that it is mandatory to maintain the system of lighting and signaling in optimal conditions. To do this, it is advisable to check the proper functioning of all lights monthly (position, crossing, road, brake, reverse, turn signals and fog lights) and keep its exterior surface free of mud and dirt. Likewise, whenever an irregularity is detected (a decrease in intensity, for example), a specialist should be consulted. 2. Exhaust systems have a double mission in caring for the environment: they must reduce pollutant emissions and gas noise when leaving the engine.

The catalysts cease to cover their protective function of the environment at 80,000 kmpor that is worth checking them from 60,000 kilometers. 4 tips for car. If the rest of the filters that are mounted on a vehicle are intended to ensure the health of the car's engine, the passenger compartment takes care of the health of its occupants.

4 tips for car

As it does? "Catching" dust particles and pollen grains that are suspended in the environment. They prevent, therefore, that they enter the vehicle and reduce their negative incidence especially in the allergic ones, in addition to providing a feeling of cleanliness and well-being inside the cabin. Important especially when traveling with an allergic person. 4 Tips to Maintain your car – Car window tinting Montreal. 1.

4 Tips to Maintain your car – Car window tinting Montreal

Shock absorbers The shock absorbers provide driving comfort and represent a safety guarantee as they help control the vehicle at high speeds and in risky situations. In fact, it is considered one of the three essential components of the so-called “safety triangle”, together with tires and brakes. The proper functioning of a shock absorber depends on various factors, such as road conditions, vehicle load, mileage and wear effects such as cold, heat and humidity. My Fav Articles for car maintenance. This is my fav article for car maintenance..

My Fav Articles for car maintenance

Six tips to keep your car paint the first day. Although we always want to keep our car paint as the first day we bought it, the environmental conditions and everyday use end up damaging the good condition and appearance of the paint.

Six tips to keep your car paint the first day

If you want to keep the paint in good condition, check out these six tips. Do not use dry cloths. Having little time, and with the desire to clean your car, it is common that you have used dry cloths to remove dirt; However, this practice ends up being harmful, since it creates small scratches in the paint. Untitled — Oil Change And Engine’s Life. The content reader for power users who want to save time. English The content reader for power users who want to save time.

The content reader for power users who want to save time.

Discover, share and read the best on the web. Inoreader is not just another RSS reader - it's a vibrant community of content curators. Your next favorite piece of content is just around the corner and you're sure to find it with Discovery mode, user-generated subscription bundles or broadcasting channels. Save time with automation. You can now beat information overload once and for all - and spend more time enjoying quality content. Search in your own subscriptions for FREE. All the news and content you wish to find is right at your fingertips. Never miss an article with a full RSS archive. Forget about limited time archives - all your content is safe with us for viewing later, so you can access that long forgotten blog post you liked so much whenever you feel like it.

Get access to all the features you'll need straight away. You can try out Inoreader's arsenal of power user features straight after signing up. Tips About Tire Maintenance. Maintain the correct tire pressure Tire salesmen love under-inflated tires.

Tips About Tire Maintenance

A poorly inflated tire experiences excessive heat and stress that can cause it to fail. If you want that your tire run for long then you need a pressure gauge, Check your tire pressure once in a month and also before going for a trip. For accurate reading, check the tires when they are cold - they must have driven less than a mile. Beware of wet tips. Art. Tape to repair broken traffic lights If you do not quickly repair a broken rear light or a cracked flashing cover, you may see water seep into the light compartment and cause serious damage.


Applying adhesive tape to the crack is a good short-term solution. Use red or orange tape designed for this purpose. 3 Tips To extend Your Car's Life. Be patient during break-in You bought the car of your dreams and you want it to stay in perfect shape as long as possible.

3 Tips To extend Your Car's Life

Here are some tips to remember as soon as you leave the dealer: • During the break-in period, usually the first 1,600 kilometers, do not exceed 90 km / h or the speed recommended by your car manufacturer. • Avoid heavy loads on the driveline (trailers, caravan) and heavy construction materials on the roof or in the trunk. Collection Car: How to take care of it? - Ghandi Kamel Al Deen - Medium. Caring for a vintage car is different from a new car. old cars need a lot of care and love in order to maintain their vintage appeal.

Collection Car: How to take care of it? - Ghandi Kamel Al Deen - Medium

It takes a lot of effort to prevent corrosion. But as any car owner knows, caring for them is part of the fun. During the winter months, many owners “hibernate” their collector car to protect it from the elements. This is recommended for most vintage cars as they must avoid winter wet roads. Tips To Maintain The Car – Grand Auto Car Wash. Go easy when you’re bogged down Trying to get out of the mud too quickly or the snow where you are bogged down could cost you a lot. 1. Start by moving forward and back slowly to create a slight rocking motion and attempt to release your vehicle. 2. If it does not move, do not insist. 5 reasons to shine your car in a car wash. 5 reasons to shine your car in a car wash If you do not see the point of having your car washed regularly, think again. Here are five reasons for regular use of an automatic car wash. Take care of your belongings You have your oil and filter change montreal, your tires rotated, your brakes inspected and your car serviced on a regular basis, as well as a light weekly cleaning at home.