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The Wool Goes 'Round. Twenty eleven.

The Wool Goes 'Round

Sounds so si-fi doesn’t it. To all the younger folks this is just how it is. But to the older generation, of whom I am one, this is soooo si-fi sounding. Let’s go back in time, maybe 30, 35 years. Imagine... having to find a telephone booth to make a call. Your guide to toe-up knit socks patterns online. For my lovely friend Kate – who recently knit me a pair of delicious ankle socks and who is sock addicted – here is a selection of toe-up sock patterns to test out. International Yarns and Latch Hook Kits. Learn to Knit Toe-Up Socks.

Knitting Daily. JG: You're Putting Me On Socks. By Judy Gibson, April 1, 1996 Revised May 29, 1999 [This is the original worsted-weight women's size version of this pattern.

JG: You're Putting Me On Socks

See the new Generic Version to make these socks in other yarns and/or sizes.] These are socks knitted from the toe up, with a standard turned heel (worked backwards). The pattern began as an April Fool's Day joke for the knitlist -- the joke being that when finished, they look exactly like the very plainest of socks. The name comes from this joke, plus the fact that you can try them on as you go to check the fit of the foot. The pattern has a couple of other advantages. Materials. Generic Toe-up Sock Pattern. Size: women's medium (large) Note: You can adjust this pattern for any size, any gauge.

Generic Toe-up Sock Pattern

Measure around the ball of your foot. Multiply the number of inches you get by the number of stitches you get per inch when you do a gauge swatch. The Joy of Toe-Up Socks. Classroom Observation Tips. Typically a student teacher spends the first few days observing his/her cooperating teacher before gradually assuming classroom responsibilities. Even as the student teacher assumes increasing responsibility for instruction, there are many occasions to study the mentor teacher. Free - Designs by Emily. Knitting Daily. Big knitting needles help finish projects quickly. Among the many pairs of knitting needles I've collected in anticipation of learning how to knit everything under the sun, I bought a pair of size 50, plastic needles.

Big knitting needles help finish projects quickly

They're fourteen inches long. Those are some big needles! Have you ever knitted with big knitting needles? Gone Loopy Boa. Beauty In Ashes. Spring is here and summer is fast approaching so I thought I'd work on something a little lighter than the thickest, warmest stuff I could possibly find (which is everything I've worked on this past 6 months or so.

Beauty In Ashes

Let's face it, the East coast is FREEZING!) I had one ball of Patons Lace yarn in my stash so I decided to try and come up with something to make out of it. The color is called "patina" and fades from charcoal to white and back to charcoal. With such variation in color I wanted the stitches to be very simple so the color and stitch work wouldn't be fighting to get your attention.

Flamboyant scarf. We´re still enjoying the yarn from Spinn-spinn.

Flamboyant scarf

This cool, bulky yarn is called Teater, and just looks like a super happy yarn. We´ve mixed it up with a multicoloured mohair yarn, and made an airy scarf with pointy ends and and pom-poms. If you want a similar scarf, we recommend that you buy the handspun yarn first, and then take it to your local yarn shop to find a yarn that works with it.Gauge4"=10 stitches What we used1 ball Teater1 ball Mohair LuxNeedles US 15 How we did itCast on 3 stitches using the Mohair Lux.Knit stripes using the bulky yarn where you feel like it. The scarf is made using nothing but knit stitches.Knit 1 row.On the next row and on every other row you´ll increase one stitch in the first and the last stitch on the row 14 times in total, making a v-shape.Knit back and forth untile the scarf is 51".Cast off one stitch in the beginning and the end of every second row 14 times in total.Cast off the rest of the stitches loosely. Free Dolls and Doll Clothes Knitting Pattern Link Directory.

Free Knitting Patterns For American Girl Dolls. Anne Campbell's Needlework. American Girl Cardigan or Pullover Sweater Knitting Pattern. Breezy baby blanket. A light cotton baby blanket is perfect for a summer baby.

Breezy baby blanket

This one is knitted in a light version of the sea foam pattern, wich makes it airy, stretchy and perfect for wrapping your baby. The blanket is knitted in Pickles Organic Cotton DK, wich is perfect for this tecnique, as it is spun from one thick and one very tin ply. Where other yarns would split in the loosely knitted parts, this yarn holds itself together and make the waves look fantastic! NeedlesUS 8 20" or longer circular needle Yarn300 g Pickles Organic Cotton DK.

Gauge4" = 14 stitches PatternCast on 96 stitches. Row 1: KnitRow 2: KnitRow 3: K6 *1 YO, K1, 2 YO´s, K1, 3 YO´s, K1, 2 YO´s, K1, 1 YO, k6* Row 4: Knit, dropping the YO´s off the needle.Switch colour if you like stripesRow 5: KnitRow 6: KnitRow 7: K1 *1 YO, K1, 2 YO´s, K1, 3 YO´s, K1, 2 YO´s, K1, 1 YO, K6* end last repeat K1 instead of 6.Row 8: Knit, dropping the YO´s off the needle.Switch colour.

Snowball Scarf. Snowball Scarf.

Snowball Scarf

Free Designer Dishtowel Knitting Pattern" Making dishcloths is a great way for a knitting novice to practice new stitch patterns.These projects are quick, fun to make, and useful.

Free Designer Dishtowel Knitting Pattern"

Try the three patterns shown here, and beware: They're habit-forming! Techniques. Free Hat Patterns. * Height given is measured BEFORE the brim is already folded up - from the base of the un-folded up brim to the center top of hat.

Free Hat Patterns

They can be made taller if you want a larger brim to fold up - I like the brim fold up over the ears for added warmth. Winter Patterns. Bev's Winter Gearfor ALLFree patterns for hats, mittens, scarves, socks, sweaters, shawls and more! Search Bev's Country Cottage coding: (C)= crochet (K)= knit (MK) Machine knit (S)=sewing (L) Round knitting loom. Not Your Ordinary Knitted Dishcloth. Cowl: made by me | Dress: Liberty of London for Target (thrifted) | Sweater: George (hand-me-down) I had some leftover yarn from my Cowardly Cowl, so I decided to make a matching cowl for Helen.

Major Knitter: How To Knit Tutorials. That's the song that comes to mind whenever I'm knitting one of my Wallabies.