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Gurugram Global Heights School

Gurugram Global Heights School is one of the best CBSE schools in Sector 102, Gurugram It has smart technology empowered classrooms for studying students.

Help Your Child Find Great Volunteer Opportunities — GGH School. All these attributes make human beings lookout for events wherein they can volunteer in projects within a collaborative spirit to make society a better place with every fresh sunrise.

Help Your Child Find Great Volunteer Opportunities — GGH School

As parents, elders & educators our role to ensure the facilitation of the children to gain great volunteer possibilities is manifold. I place ‘parents’ at the apex of this triangle as the primary education works at home & it is from home where we draw our nurture for all activities. Educators are vital stakeholders in this method and act as catalysts to that effect. Children are unique little artists.

There is no pre-set manual on encouraging children to pastors in projects as such. Help children create a group of somebody who has some common vision & mission and nudges them to use social networks to broadcast messages of diversity, inclusion, compassion, understanding and peace. Walk the talk. Take Care Of Your Child Vision Always. Vision is part of the 5 senses of each pose (sense of sight, smell, taste, touch & hearing).

Take Care Of Your Child Vision Always

While every sense is great vision is considered essential as the sense of sight helps a child see their surroundings. Weak eyesight can start to blur vision and cause further strain on the retina. Though today with technology, sight can be corrected, however, it is enough to train your child to take care of their eyes with simple actions they can follow in their daily routine, because as this is always said precaution is better than cure.

6 Tips On How To Study Smart?. An hour or two of daily studies is… An hour or two of daily studies is normally sufficient to make it through high school with decent marks.

6 Tips On How To Study Smart?. An hour or two of daily studies is…

But this isn’t the case for college students. In college, students are at a loss of time. They do not have sufficient time to juggle academic studies & preparing for entrance exams. They do not get enough hours to study. It becomes even worse for them if they do not know how to study smartly. Most of us tend to confuse studying hard with studying completely.

But studying hard does not automatically imply that you are studying well. The most powerful students are not necessarily the brightest ones. Now that we have established the significance of effective studying, we have a few tricks up our sleeves & we want to share them with you. Effective students study smart, they do not try to cram their study into one session. How To Choose The Right Board For Your Child. Five steps aren’t enough to explain which board is perfect for your child.

How To Choose The Right Board For Your Child

A whole book can be written on this subject plus that too by each parent separately. When we talk regarding the Indian education system, there are several loopholes plus problems at various levels of it, and as a parent, it happens naturally to you as a responsibility to know them and opt for the greatest possible scenario for their children. Understand Your Child’s Persona Before you get inside the chaos of all of this, first of all, try to know your child, each child is another in their way.

Still, most of the parents do not understand it notwithstanding forcing their belief system on their children; it is important to get to know your child else you will what you will decide for them that won’t provide you any return in the future. Is she an artist, or is man an academic genius? Is he or she good with language, or is he a Maths prodigy? Set A Collective Goal Opt The Right School. Mask Education: Benefits And Uses! GGH School. Step outside without a face mask nowadays, and you may well get a disapproving look.

Mask Education: Benefits And Uses! GGH School

With the directive arising from the government for all citizens to wear face masks when moving out; there was a critical shortage of those at every chemist store & retail shop. Some shops that had stocks available had raised the prices, making it unmanageable for many to buy. At Gurugram Global Heights School, Gurugram, our students learned about how people are facing difficulties to get face masks for themselves due to the lack of supply.

They were especially worried about the homeless and poor, who could not afford so high-priced masks. While masks are strongly helped to reduce the spread of COVID-19, CDC recognizes there are particular instances when wearing a mask may not be feasible. Amazing Benefits Of Reducing Screen Time. Screen time is the time we spend on endless scrolling & browsing through different apps, jumping around the device screens.

Amazing Benefits Of Reducing Screen Time

Since we are so engrossed in it we just think about the result it has on our personal life. We get to see a radical increase in the screen-time as we grow old; the technology we use, the lesser we concentrate on physical activities. You can always find a lounge potato in every family with each phone, laptop, or in presence of the television set. Digital consumption is endless. But we require to figure out a solution to this critical situation/problem.Undoubtedly, technology and the increased number of tubes have endless advantages.

As we now know that there are two sides to a coin, and things are both good and bad. Eye-sightYes, it’s true! FocusGadgets are a distraction. Gurugram Global Heights School.